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Dirge Truptor
Location Dragonguard Sanctum (after The Dragon's Lair)
Ship The Perfect Pounce
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dragonguard
Dirge Truptor

Dirge Truptor is an Imperial member of The Perfect Pounce's crew who later joins the reformed Dragonguard and takes on the role of a daily quest giver.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Dragon's Lair[edit]

Speak to him on board before leaving for Tideholm and he'll say:

"Guess the captain got the Pounce back. He always does. Not the first time he's lost it, you know."
What do you do for Captain Za'ji?
"Practically everything. If it weren't for old Dirge, the whole ship would sink under the weight of the grime and barnacles. Not that any of these louts would notice.
Enough jawing! I got to see what condition the Pounce's come back in."


You must ask him to join the Dragonguard.

"Yeah? Can't you see I'm reading? Trying to read. What letter does that look like to you?"
Looks like that's Akaviri.
"Oh. Thought it might have been some sort of code ….
Well, guess I'm free now. What do you want?"
Za'ji said you could help us rebuild the Dragonguard.
"Captain says a lot of things, like 'more riches than we can count' and 'easy as a spring breeze.' Now here we are, hunting Dragons like they're some kind of sky-whales. You are anyway. I got books to research. Who thought reading could be so handy?"
What sort of research are you doing?
"Anything Dragonguard. Books on killing Dragons without getting eaten, I hope. When I scare up some leads, I could use your help retrieving them.
I hear anything about those New Moon fanatics while I'm at it, I'll let you know."
I'll leave you to it then.

Speaking to him again:

"Come on now. I'm never going to get through these if you keep interrupting me. If you're feeling chatty, go bother Chizbari."

Daily Quests[edit]

He greets you:

"Still kicking, Dragonguard? Got another lead, if you're interested."
"If you're tired of Dragons breathing down your neck, I got something for you to do with a slimmer chance of death."
"Hey, hey, I need you to do something for me. For the guild, I mean."

When you have one of his quests in your journal:

"Back to the Annals of the Reman Dynasty, part … whatever. Where's another sordid handmaiden's diary when you need one?"
"And bring me some rum while you're out. I get bleary after a while and a tipple helps clear the fog."
"Well, go on. We both got things to be doing."
"You're, uh, still standing here … you waiting for me to say "dismissed" or something? Kinda like that.
Dismissed, recruit!"

After you accept a quest from him, you can ask him a little bit about himself.

How long have you been with Za'ji's crew?
"I don't know. Years. Too long to still be the ship's Cabin Man, I can tell you that much. Ought to be First Mate, as much as I do for him."
What all did you do for Za'ji?
"Well, I swabbed the decks. Cleaned the galley. Did the laundry … and I provisioned the ship! And that's just a start, mind you. Point is, just cause I'm no sailor don't mean I'm not important.
Sai saw that, so I'm not just some Cabin Man anymore."
"Cabin Man?"
"Yeah, Cabin Man. Like Cabin Boy, but I'm a man. You daft? Perfect Pounce would fall apart without me keeping things in order. You think Captain Za'ji runs a tight ship? No, sir. Don't care how good a sailor he is, won't get far with torn sails."

When you return from finishing an objective:

"Finally. Hope you've brought me good news."
"What took you? Feels like I been [sic] sitting here forever."
"Hmm? Sorry, was actually reading something interesting for once."
"Hey, don't go putting off my duties. I'm providing a vital service for the Dragonguard."

Speaking to him after turning in his quest for the day:

"You done good, which is more than I ever hear from Za'ji, but I've got nothing else for you today. Next time you want to look busy, drag it out longer."
"Going to take some time to chase down another lead. Go hunt some Dragons or something."
"Shove off now, I got reading to catch up on. Was just getting to the good bits."

File Under D[edit]

When you approach, he says:

"A little help over here."

Speaking to him:

"Got a beauty of a lead, if I say so myself. Picked up the trail of a Dragonguard leader who trained new recruits to the old order. He's long gone, of course, but there were rumors he took scrolls on the art of Dragon hunting when the order disbanded."
Sounds promising.
"Don't it? From what I gathered, our Dragonguard scrollbearer went to Grahtwood. Left behind a letter in code. I'm guessing for folk like us to recover the scrolls when needed.
He hid them in the Hall of Might in the ruins of the Reliquary of Stars."
I'll head there and retrieve them.

You can then ask him more about the task.

Anything you can tell me about this Reliquary of Stars?
"Some ancient Wild Elf ruin, flowing with magic like they do. Heard the Mages Guild's been poking around there recently. Probably aren't looking for the same thing we are, but they get grabby with any reading material left lying around. Best hurry."

Returning from the quest:

I recovered the Dragonguard scrolls from the Reliquary of Stars.
"Haha! Earned our pay with this one! Would you look at that? Even got pictures. The old beard is gonna love it.
Go on and take your pay. I need to show Sai all the important work I—we—been doing."

Sticks and Bones[edit]

When you approach, he says:

"Time to earn your keep, Dragonguard."

Speaking to him:

What do you need me to do?
"One of my snitches in Grahtwood told me the New Moon is looking for a necromancer named Ethruin. Stinks of an unholy scheme to me, and I know trouble when I smell it, always followed Za'ji like a bad cologne.
Need you to go break up their meeting."
Is Ethruin that big a threat to us?
"Rumor is, Ethruin's been looking to raise an army of giant skeletons from under an even more giant tree called the Barrowbough. Head to the Barrowbough in the Bone Orchard of Grahtwood and break up their parley by killing the New Moon ambassador."
I'll stop the New Moon's plans at Barrowbough.

You can then ask him more about the task.

What should I do about Ethruin?
"If you want to kill him, nobody's gonna stop you. But kicking his Worm Cult out of the Bone Orchard is the least of our problems.
I'm hoping that making an example of the New Moon's flunky will encourage Ethruin to stay out of our business."

Returning from the quest:

I dealt with the New Moon's representative in the Bone Orchard.
"Now we're talking. I mean, it's an expression. I'm not just narrating what's hap—forget it. If we're lucky, these papers will tell us what the New Moons are planning.
I'm giving you this gold for a job well done. Dammit."

Rude Awakening[edit]

When you approach, he says:

"New Moon, new problems."
What needs doing?
"The New Moon's recruiting again. Poaching from another cult, actually. Guess they figure Daedra worshiping suckers are easier to sway than sensible Divine worshiping folk. I have it on good word that there's a recruiter in Stormhaven right now."
Whose cult are they trying to poach from?
"Some outfit called the Supernal Dreamers—whatever that means. Devotees of Vaermina. I hear they got a camp northwest of Koeglin Village.
Head out and put the New Moon's recruiter to sleep for good. Bring any notes you find back with you."
I'll take care of the New Moon recruiter in Stormhaven.

You can then ask him more about the task.

Are the Supernal Dreamers a threat?
"They're Daedra worshipers.
Word is these Super-whatevers are causing a lot of trouble for the Lion Guard, so I wouldn't take them lightly. Even if they do have a stupid name."

Returning from the quest:

I got rid of the New Moon's recruiter at the Supernal Dreamers' camp.
"Really? Was it half as boring as it sounds? Can't be more boring than going through these manifests you brought. What if they put me to sleep and Vaermina comes for me? Nah, nah, that's crazy …. Uh, here's your gold. I'm gonna go switch to coffee."

Taking Them to Tusk[edit]

Approaching him:

"Dragonguard, come here! Need your beating skills."

Speaking to him:

What do you need me for?
"Got tipped off on some New Moon plotting in Deshaan. One of their couriers paid a visit to a nasty clan of Orcs in the mountains Southwest of Narsis. Word is they're still in the area.
Catch up to the courier and see what sort of deal they cut."
And if they aren't feeling talkative?
"Brain them. Actually, brain them anyway. One less cultist to give us trouble. Take any messages you find and bring them to me. But be discreet. The Orcs in Malak's Maw aren't friendly. Less so if they're working with the New Moon now."
I'll deal with the courier before they leave Malak's Maw.

You can then ask him more about the task.

You think these Orcs will join the Order of the New Moon?
"I think they'll take gold for any cause that'll pay them, and this clan don't need much encouragement to pick a fight. Dragonguard's got enough problems dealing with actual Dragons. Don't need more toadies getting in the way, too."
How does killing this courier help if they've already cut a deal?
"They aren't talking about the weather. Maybe we'll see what they're up to. Better yet, we learn what they're offering the Orcs and do them one better.
Now get moving. Won't learn a thing if that courier takes off while we're jawing."

Returning from the quest:

Here's what the courier in Malak's Maw was carrying.
"That's more like it. Has to be far more interesting than interpreting fifty-six poses of katana kata. Next time bring a katana. Least then I can try them out.
Here's your pay."

Digging Up the Garden[edit]

When you approach, he says:

"Hey, Dragonguard. Need you for a spot of looting."
What needs doing?
"Yours truly dug up a bit of dirt on a grave in Deshaan. Turns out there's an Akaviri soldier buried in the Siltreen Sanitary Mortuary. Not sure what they did to earn a place in a Dark Elf crypt. Being Dragonguard, it was probably something big."
How do you know they were Dragonguard?
"Name matches a Dragonguard roster we got. Can't be that many Akaviri stuffed in the Corpse Garden, right? How about you see if those Dark Elves buried them with honors? Bring any Dragonguard relics you find back here."
I'll see what I can find.

You can then ask him more about the task.

Anything else you can tell me about the place this Akaviri soldier was buried?
"Place used to be a respectable ancestor tomb for Dark Elf houses, but something took a turn for the worse in recent years because it's abandoned and crawling with the undead.
Now locals just call it the Corpse Garden. Cheery, right?"
Any idea as to the cause?
"You know how maudlin Dark Elves get. One of them is probably using it to practice their necromancy. Nothing a Dragonguard ought to have trouble with.
You find that Akaviri kicking around again, try not to bang up the goods."

Returning from the quest:

I was able to recover this from the Corpse Garden.
"Phew. Guess the Dark Elves did bury them with it. You just been lugging it around like that? You're as bad as Za'ji.
I won't dock you anything for leaving it for me to clean up, just this once. Here's your pay."

A Lonely Grave[edit]

When you approach, he says:

"Get over here, got a errand for you."

Speaking to him:

What do you need me for?
"Bit of treasure hunting. There's a little snippet in this book about the terms of the Akaviri surrender at Pale Pass. One of the concessions was offering the Akaviri war dead proper burial. Problem is, by that time there were a lot of hasty graves."
And you found some?
"Eh, sort of. Stormhaven seems to be full of them but we got no way to find them, except one. There was a group of bandits who used to run an operation out of Windridge Cave. Got a map that belonged to them pointing to an Akaviri grave. Find it."
All right, I'll search the Windridge Cave.

You can ask him more about the task.

What if the bandits already looted the grave?
"Then we look elsewhere, but I figure that's not likely. These bandits were operating out of Windridge Cave. Wouldn't need a map for something they already looted. Way I see it, it's either an old stash or a landmark.
Either way, it's all we got."

Returning after the quest:

I found this shield at the Akaviri grave in Windridge Cave.
"That's a shield? Hmm, hand it over. Hey, this didn't hold up so bad. Yeah, there's Akaviri engravings on it. Bet it'll clean up real good.
Here's your gold. I'll yell when I got more work for you."