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Iribia, Linia and Porcia, the Blackcaster mage trio, in front of the body of a Foundation Stone Atronach in Balamath

The Blackcaster Mages Guild is a group of mages residing in the city of Elinhir. They are led by Archmage Yamanu-ko.

Historically, they were charged with the city's protection, with the city guard taking a backseat following the arrangement made with the guild's original leader. However, the power-hungry Archmage of current times made a deal with and became corrupted by the Serpent's influence, which led the guild to betray their charge and tear the city apart on the hunt for magicka to steal from the residents.

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Named Members
Archmage Yamanu-ko (Leader)
Avys Areleth
Fire Mage Linia
Frost Mage Porcia
Leta Doniticus
Minerva Lauzon (Formerly)
Storm Mage Iribia
Generic Members:
Blackcaster Battlemage
Blackcaster Cryomancer
Blackcaster Illusionist
Blackcaster Invoker
Blackcaster Mender
Blackcaster Storm Mage


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