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Ki'ki Character sheet (WIP)[edit]

"The phase of the moon that results in a Dagi."
Location Lots of places all through out Tamriel.
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level There is no level! Only Ability. Class Monk
RefID N/A BaseID N/A
Other Information
Health 295 Magicka 90
Faction(s) UESP User, Renrijra Krin

Basic Information[edit]

  • Species: Dagi-Kajiit
  • Birth Sign: The Steed
  • Class: Monk
  • Sex: Female
  • Hight: Approximately 3 feet
  • Age: 19 years
  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • Occupation: Treasure-hunter

Clothing and Equipment[edit]

  • Usual Outfit:
At home casual clothing: Green robe (minor shield enchantment), Pig skin shoes, Elemental Bands (Hand to hand upgrade), Tan hood.
Traveling gear: Padded white robe and hood with a red sash and wide brown belt, leather boots and gloves, dull red leather back pack.
  • Usual weapons: Fists, silver dagger, hidden blade, Silver Bow, assorted arrows.
  • Other: Full set of apprentice and novice alchemical equipment, assorted ingredients, lockpicks, Welkand Stones.


  • Open Very Easy Lock
  • Eye of Night
  • Eye of Fear
  • Flare
  • Water Breathing
  • Turn Undead
  • Heal Minor Wounds
  • Heal Major Wounds
  • Minor Shield

History of Her Name[edit]

Ki is the Ta'agra equivalent of the English sound po (p-oh). This makes her name Popo in English. While it means absolutely nothing unlike the vast majority of other Khajiiti names it serves as a flawless symbol of her identity and history. See Biography for more details. (Note: her name also happens to be the Name of the Ancient Language from the far of land of Algasia, though this has no impact on her at all, its just a fact for your amusement.)


(Note: some of this description is not in game, but rather my imagination, because I ave not yet found mods fr some items/appearances)

Ki'ki is a typical tan furred Dagi, lean and lithe as much as any other Khajiit. She has many scars covering her body, including a rather prominent one from her left ear, over the eye and onto her nose. She has no mane, though the fur where one would be is thicker and slightly darker. Her eyes are the typical blue color with slit pupils, however, there is a visible scar accost her left eye its self, which appears as a dull white line. The scar dose not impede her vision.

She is most commonly dressed in a green robe with a brown belt and a tan colored hood, and sporting simple shoes and bracers which cover the backs of her hands. Sometimes as circumstances dictate she has been known to buckle on the nearest set of armor. Her goal in life is to be able to make a living from alchemy, as the ever present shoulder-bag full of ingredients for potions and alchemical equipment announces quite well.

Known to more then a few people around Bruma and Anvil as "The Playful Kitten" Ki'ki has earned that nickname with a combination of appearance and behavior. the latter of which consists of things like, chasing dogs, pretending to sneak around in plane sight of everyone, hiding in barrels, running along wall tops, and just generally having a good time. Despite her child like sense of fun Ki'ki can be most serious when it involves money and her next meal, so much so that some people think that she has a twin.

While Ki'ki wants desperately to be an alchemist, with a shop of her own her current job is as a Treasure-hunter. Mapping and looting ruins, caves and any place that seems likely to have any sort of treasure unowned and not to seriously guarded will doubtlessly be entered and plundered buy Ki'ki at some point. He most famous exploit to date is the recovery of the Honor Blade of Chorral. Followed closely by the recovery of the "Ten Ancestors" from their respective ruins.

She has a house in Bruma, but her busy schedule and dislike of cold weather keeps her away most of the time. However, once or twice a week she can be found making as hot a fire possible, cooking some meat, drinking whatever she has at hand and wishing she could find some moonsugar. The house is fully furnished, though most of the shelves are bare, something that is being remedied one book at a time. A few trophies lay around on various tables, shelves and even a bench at would never get any use anyways.


Ki'ki was born in the province of Elsweyr 19 years prior to the Oblivion Crisis. SHe was orphened at birth thanks to a raiding party of Argonians, who pillaged the small settlement her parents had stopped to have her and her litter-mates in. Out of the nine others in her litter only Ki'ki survived. The Leader of the raiders decided to keep her. Thus her life as a slave began.
Her master, who never tolled her any name, and thus to her remains "The Master," named her Ki'ki as an insult knowing full well how meaningless of a name it is for a Khajiit. Ki'ki served The Master untill she was 13 earning and receiving many whippings, beatings and other more distasteful "punishments". However shortly after her 13th birthday an Argonain alchemist named Leaf-Mixer from Bravil came into the Black March to try and create a triad rout. Finding a freshly abused Ki'ki hiding in a barrel, Leaf-Mixer slipped her a healing potion to fix most of her cuts and sores and promised to get her out on her way back.
Leaf-Mixer was true to his word and on the way back he spirited her off in the night and took her to Border Watch. There Ki'ki finally met members of her own race and learned about her culture. S'thasa adopted her, though Leaf-Mixer occasionally brought her a treat, and showed her the basics of alchemy. While she was living in Border Watch Ki'ki joined the Renrijra Krin and even was a part of the group who wrote the book "Ahzirr Traajijazeri" and is responsible for the "Go now" bit.
This leads to her incarceration in the Imperial City at the age of 17. Ki'ki, being fed up with the slow approach to retaking the land which had been snatched from her people decided to go and leave a threat in the White Gold Tower its self. Being unprepared for such a feet of stealth as to avoid the highly trained palace guards, she was caught attempting to pic the lock to get to the second story of the tower and promptly thrown into prison.
That night, after accepting an offer of a rat in the cell accost from hers, she was allowed to leave as the Blades escorted the Emperor from the palace. After witnessing the death of the Emperor, and feeling some debt to him for her freedom, Ki'ki found she couldn't go back to her home. However she didn't want to aid the Empire that stole her people's land either, so she wandered, becoming what she is today, and only now thinking about taking a certain amulet to a monk who's name she cant remember.


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