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The fanfictions here are stories and poems that take place in the world of the Elder Scrolls. They are all written by fans of the franchise.

To write your own fanfiction to be posted here, you'll first need to create an account. While logged in, follow the link at the top of the page, to the left of "my talk", to your user page. In the address bar, add to the end of the URL /My_Fanfiction to create a story titled "My Fanfiction". When your story has been written, return to this page and add a link to your story in the appropriate section. The format is as follows:

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Morrowind Fan Fiction[edit]

Journal of a Tamrielan experiencing Akavir, the journal hints that the traveller might be the Nerevarine (The fanfic mentions events from TES3 and TES3:Tribunal, read at your own risk).
Introduces Jannessa Ar-Tivalen via diary entries.
The pre-story to the Sixth House Base Quest.
What might have really happened at the Battle of Red Mountain through the eyes of Dumac Dwarfking.
Alegna's first adventure finds her joining a network of spies, the Editors.
A pair of best friends gets lost on Vvardenfell, become heroes, and then later butchers a God. How joyful?
A Telvanni Mage, quite pleased after hiring a sage, seeks travel to Balmora.
Alegna's sent to Balmora to meet the Thieves Guild's own Knight and ask them to become an editor.
The Nerevarine talks over the future of Tamriel with Orvas Dren.
A new fic in the Editorverse, detailing an attack on the Pages.
The sequel to Diary of Jannessa Ar-Tivalen. Please note that some rather large liberties have been taken with the lore.
Not so much a sequel to A Dance in Fire as a story in its own right. Scotti wants to return to Silvenar to oversee the construction of Valenwood, but Lord Vanech would rather have him out of the way--permanently.
I made this anthology to unclutter this list.
An ill-conceived vendetta between archeologists and the finding of a meteorite inspire a huge voyage of discovery of a new continent. (The prequel, "The Library of Bethamez", can be found in "The Kaleidoscope" directly above.)
A number of things happen here: Yumiya learns of her past and finds a brother; Cosades has to answer for some shady shenanigans involving a certain Decumus Scotti, and Yumiya is finally forced to act against Dagoth Ur.
After being expelled from the Mage's Guild, Sarvil, a promising mage, remembers how much magic means to him.
I made this anthology to unclutter this list by bringing together several hard-to-categorize items.
This anthology is overflow from "The Kaleidoscope".

Tribunal Fan Fiction[edit]

Something lurks in the sewers, weeping at night.

Oblivion Fan Fiction[edit]

The story of an argonian merchant from Liilmoth that turned into a legend from the Oblivion Crisis only to be forgotten
Two young necromancers sort things out after a "field trip".
The sequel to Whodunit? twist, Phintias undertakes a new mission.
A story about a mage/alchemist who is exiled, but regains his place in civilization.
Two brothers fight against each other for the chance to be Emperor. Will the gods make them reunite, or will they choose a darker path?
Events in the life of an Assassin who kills people for money and for fun.
As the Empire struggles to recover from the Oblivion Crisis, a new enemy plots to usurp the throne: Kalis Agea, the last of ancient Ayleid Lords, and ruler of the great city Mallarisel. With the aid of the Thalmor (and others) Kalis only has one thing standing in his way: the Divine Crusader.
The first story about the oblivion invasion; What really happened at Bruma during the first oblivion attack (on Bruma)?
Two brothers, a continuation that neatly wraps up Hinder's story and starts another one.
A group of adventurers hunts down a master necromancer.
Vicente Valtieri hasn't seen his friend Rosanne since she went to the Shivering Isles. 150 yrs later he finally gets to see her again, but not the way he would he would prefer it..
The second story about the oblivion invasion; What really happened when the mysterious champion of Cyrodiil gathered Allies for Bruma?
When Caius Luco was sent on a Fighters' Guild mission to deal with some thieves, robing a local Anvil store blind. But when his human -- or is it inhuman? -- impulses turn him into the criminal, his whole world is turned upside down.
Gathering of Mages Guild. Contains spoilers for the Mages Guild questline.
The Diary of Stan, an Imperial...
A story about Hinder, a ninja.
Ophelia merely wanted to sleep in someone else's house without getting recruited into the Dark Brotherhood and being attacked by vengeful ghosts. Was that too much to ask?
Disgusted by the biased and negative views in Alessia Ottus's famous Guides, an Altmer citizen of the Imperial City responds with her own review of the City's inns.
The biography of the Champion of Cyrodiil.
War has broken out in Cyrodiil. Morrowind and Black Marsh have become allies, and are attacking Cyrodiil from the east. It is time for 2 heroes to arise, one that is already know as a hero, and one who is known as exactly the opposite...
War breaks out in Cyrodiil, and it is up to the few competent people remaining to fight off those responsible-- the Bretons of High Rock and the Nords of Skyrim, who have allied themselves with one goal in mind: to conquer Cyrodiil. Featuring some favorite Cyrodilic guards.
The life of a Fighters Guild Member.
Three Mages Guild members venture into the mountains to discover a powerful spell...
A story about a poor boy who got angry with his father and killed him.
Commander Vartus' life is turned upside down as he uncovers a secret group of law-breakers making a fortune dealing in Bravil.
A story of the Dark Brotherhood.
A bounty hunting team who gets Nerastarel, the lost necromancer from Skingrad, as a mark. Part one.
The team finally encounters Nerastarel, but a bounty hunter dies; S'arad and Dha'rahsa aren't what they seem.
The personal thoughts of Raminus Polus throughout the events of Oblivion.
A boy sets out on his greatest journey, setting in motion a series of events that could change the future of Tamriel forever...
An alternate history on the fall of Kvatch.
What may have happened to the Adoring Fan when he was trapped in Oblivion.
Rekkeju, a poor Argonian, who by fate must save the Dark Brotherhood from internal destruction.
My adaption of the Main Quest and more featuring a female protagonist. Planned for weekly updates
A story of a Breton Assassin.
Ever wonder what the Mages Guild Heads say about you in their recommendations for you? Well, they have to say something...
A journal that was found in the former Ayleid capital of Miscarcand, describing the adventure of 4 adventurers who wanted the Great Welkynd Stone...
The histories of the Order and its relationship with the rest of Tamriel.
The very beginning of the game through the eyes of the prisoner Edrich.
The story about a prisoner who awoke in a dark cell and saved the world from the Oblivion invasion.
A twist on the quest "Imperial Corruption" through the eyes of Audens Avidius.
More than 1,000 years after the Oblivion crisis, the new Emperor outlaws Altmer and throws Summerset Isle out of the empire. King Areldir crusades to depose the human races and assassins are sent for him.
Areldir begins his conquest in Skyrim, revisiting his dark past. He learns why the four assassins were sent for him.
Areldir's conquest of Skyrim continues, and his brother, Direnil, is introduced.
Emperor Areldir of Alinor has concluded his conquest of northern Tamriel, and he declares 4E 1071 the last year of the fourth era, ushering in the fifth. Areldir is assassinated in 5E 26 and his only son, Carandial Gaieitrius, must ascend to the throne of Tamriel.
An Account of the Second Battle of Kvatch Given by Captain Savlian Mattius.
a group of soldiers who discover a secret and then quit their jobs and become a wanted raid group known as the Bloody Skarr Group.
Set of vignettes chronicling a multi-character excursion into Oblivion.
A story about the life of Junsten the Imperial
A retelling of the events of Oblivion, based on the author's gameplay, as well as a lengthy original backstory.
A story dealing with Porkchop, completely isolated from the main quest and side quests.
Life just hasn't been the same since…
This is a story of the rise of an unexpected champion who hid his true nature and power from the beginning, a new war, and a fate that will change Cyrodiil forever.
Speculative origins of the many Unique Items of Oblivion.
A twist on the infamous Dark Brotherhood quest. Contains minor DB spoilers.
An old Redguard sets out on a quest to avenge the deaths of his family at the hands of a vampire.

Shivering Isles Fan Fiction[edit]

The story of Sheogorath's champion who chooses sides at Cylarne.
A hastily scrawled collection of limericks about traveling in the Shivering Isles, where beauty is always 'hidden' in plain sight. By the Cyrodiil Poetry Club.
2 Poems written by a madman clearly...
Jaden Rosh is only allowed to step into Tamriel for one month a year due to a curse set upon him by his father, in an attempt to prevent Sheogorath's prediction from becoming reality.
The poem about the death of Vitharn, where the end of the battle was never reached, and where secrets are still commonly overlooked. By the Cyrodiil Poetry Club.

Skyrim Fan Fiction[edit]

The experiences of a young wizard working for a notorious murderer and thief.
The Story of Soldin Athin
In which an unlikely group of fateful heroes meet.
The recovered journal of Jo'Kar the Mage, a Khajiit from Mithral adventuring in Skyrim in his quest for knowledge.
The sequel to Reaper of Souls, with the new hero a Dunmer Nightingale, fighting the Stormcloaks and their unknown puppetmaster.
Tales of one Nordic hero who was two Septims short of a pint of mead.
The tale of a master archer, a Khajiit Dragonborn, who held the fate of all Skyrim in her paws and used her powers to outsmart an army of bandits.
The tale of Sílva Garethi, a Bosmer Battlemage, who lived through the Oblivion Crisis and retained her sanity during a jaunt through the Shivering Isles, then made it to Skyrim in time to train the Dragonborn.
The tale of an Imperial warrior, a descendant of Pelinal Whitestrake and the Divine Crusader. Who fights to free his parents from the Lord of Souls, Molag Bal.
A prequel to meridia's quest
Whispers and Lies, Betrayal and Deceit. These are what destroy Empires.
A member of the Dark Brotherhood in Black Marsh is given a contract by the Thalmor for Ulfric Stormcloak, but first he must act as a spy for the Thalmor and get close to Ulfric.
After a tragedy has brought out the worst in you, how do you be the best you can be again?

Tamriel Fan Fiction[edit]


An Altmer guidebook outlining the correct social protocols when dealing with the Sea Elves
A treatise on facial hair styles throughout Tamriel's history


A couple of short stupid tales about food.
Songs sung by bards in inns and taverns across Skyrim. May also be sung by traveling bards.


The life story of a shadowscale. Go to my page to see the progress on the next chapter!!
A Blade operative uncovers the beginnings to the end of his beloved Empire. (In progress)
She was once the greatest of Heroes. Now she is something else. A snapshot of the Nerevarine, from her fulfilled destiny to her inevitable downfall, and beyond. Crosses time periods.


Research notes on goblin tribes.
A Story about a group of Legionares who fight in the Great War.
A random collection of ideas of character (WARNING SOME MAY BE BLAND).
The secret diary of a Redguard warlord
A history of Skyrim's early High Kings
The tales of an old Breton family, down through the ages of Tamriel. Each volume will be from the viewpoint of one of the Gaersmith patriarchs, and how they react to — or are involved in — the events of their times.
PrologueChapter 1
A collection of brief tales which may or may not be directly or indirectly related to the main storyline of The Gaersmith Legacy. The first is a tale of how Nocturnal convinced Hermaeus Mora to curse the Gray Cowl so that it hides the wearer from history and from mortal memory.
A comprehensive description of the city of Winterhold
A comprehensive description of the city of Orsinium


A poem describing the fall of Morrowind, and the time of calm just after a battle.
A selection of (almost) clean limericks.
A tale of Umaril, in verse.
A sonnet concerning the folly of the Tribunal.
A Dunmer Writes his pains of Vvardenfell's destruction.
Draconic epic regarding Hermaeus Mora and Xarxes the sage.
When the dark dragon Alduin returned to the land of Tamriel, a man wrote a poem on him imagining him destroying a village.
The epic poem of Aranak the Hunter, last of the Chimer and hero of the Ashlanders.


At the frontline of the Empire's advance across Tamriel, officers struggle to maintain order in the ranks.
The diary of a Dunmer assassin.
An incomplete journal of a Breton adventurer.
A tale of love between a noble girl, and a soldier.
The ending of the story unravels.
A Nord warrior fights the armies of the Empire as they spread across the continent.
The tale of a Dunmer and Imperial out for revenge against the darkness.
Sequel to The Armour of Contempt. The Daedra halt Tiber Septim's conquests.
A Redguard Spellsword hunts a monster ravaging the Hammerfell countryside.
When House Redoran is forced to make changes, all others must change too...
A long-running epic about the final resting of the Dwemer.
Rise and fall of the Stormrider kingdom and the accounts of Exil Stormrider, last of the blood-line.
The Lord of the Rift has returned home, with the empire crumbling he is tempted to conquer the lands he once sought.
An epistolary tale about the unfortunate adventures of this unlucky Breton.
A scholar gives his statement regarding the dark events which occurred during a visit to his sister's home in the woods outside Whiterun, written as an homage to the style of H. P. Lovecraft.
A short tale of a First-era necromancer, written as an homage to the style of Clark Ashton Smith.

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