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This page serves as a continuation/organization of the discussion started here.

Core Aims[edit]

  • Ease of Navigation: Modspace names should be logical, not technical, and easy for users and editors alike
  • Consistency of Structure: Page names and categories should follow a logical hierarchy that works for all mods
  • Disambiguation: Unambiguous guidelines should be created on when mods do and don't get pseudospaces and/or full namespaces


A namespace is the prefix of a page that is shown before the colon in a page title. On this page, "UESPWiki" is the namespace. We use these namespaces to divide and organize the content of our site. See Namespaces for more details.
Also called a subspace (a portmanteau of "subpage" and "namespace"), a pseudospace is a "fake" namespace that is defined at MediaWiki:Uespnamespacelist using a full page title as a prefix. All the subpages of that page function similarly to standard pages in a true namespace.
Subpages are the pages after a slash in the page title; here, "Namespace Overhaul" is a subpage.

Discussion Points[edit]

  • See the talk page. Individual points are organized from the top down by the bearing they have on other decisions.


  • Mod "umbrella" projects will be getting their own namespaces.
  • TES___Mod spaces will become Game Mod. TESOtherMod will become simply Mod.
  • NS_NAMEs will serve to be a more prose-y description of their content, fitting the phrasing: "the NS_NAME article".
  • Every mod gets a pseudospace, regardless of size.

Initial Moves[edit]

Current Name New Name New NS_ID New Category Prefix New
Tes1Mod Arena Mod ARMOD Arena Mod Mod / Arena: Arena Mod
Tes2Mod Daggerfall Mod DFMOD Daggerfall Mod Mod / Daggerfall: Daggerfall Mod
Tes2Mod:Daggerfall Unity Daggerfall Mod:Unity DFU Daggerfall Mod-Daggerfall Unity Mod / Daggerfall: Daggerfall Mod: Unity
Tes3Mod Morrowind Mod MWMOD Morrowind Mod Mod / Morrowind: Morrowind Mod
Tes3Mod:Morrowind Rebirth Morrowind Rebirth MR3 Morrowind Rebirth Mod / Morrowind: Morrowind Rebirth
Tes3Mod:Province: Cyrodiil Project Tamriel:Cyrodiil PC3 Project Tamriel-Cyrodiil Mod / Morrowind: Project Tamriel: Province: Cyrodiil
Tes3Mod:Skyrim: Home of the Nords Project Tamriel:Skyrim SHOTN Project Tamriel-Skyrim Mod / Morrowind: Project Tamriel: Skyrim: Home of the Nords
Tes3Mod:Tamriel Data Tamriel Data TD3 Tamriel Data Mod / Morrowind: Tamriel Data
Tes3Mod:Tamriel Rebuilt Tamriel Rebuilt TR3 Tamriel Rebuilt Mod / Morrowind: Tamriel Rebuilt
Tes4Mod Oblivion Mod OBMOD Oblivion Mod Mod / Oblivion: Oblivion Mod
Tes4Mod:Better Cities Better Cities BC4 Better Cities Mod / Oblivion: Better Cities
Tes4Mod:Stirk Oblivion Mod:Stirk TR4 Oblivion Mod-Stirk Mod / Oblivion: Stirk
Tes5Mod Skyrim Mod SRMOD Skyrim Mod Mod / Skyrim: Skyrim Mod
Tes5Mod:Beyond Skyrim Beyond Skyrim:Wares of Tamriel BS5WOT Beyond Skyrim-Wares Mod / Skyrim: Beyond Skyrim: Wares of Tamriel
Tes5Mod:Beyond Skyrim: BSAssets Beyond Skyrim BS5 Beyond Skyrim Mod / Skyrim: Beyond Skyrim
Tes5Mod:Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil Beyond Skyrim:Cyrodiil BS5C Beyond Skyrim-Cyrodiil Mod / Skyrim: Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil
ESOMod ESO Mod ESOMOD ESO Mod Mod / Online: ESO Mod
TesOtherMod Mod MOD Mod Mod


  1. Outline the intended usage of each of NS_BASE, NS_ID, NS_PARENT, NS_NAME, NS_MAINPAGE, NS_CATEGORY and NS_TRAIL on Help:Magic Words.
  2. Update LocalSettings.php to add or change namespaces as outlined in the table above. New namespace indices will be as follows:
    168=Tamriel Data, 170=Tamriel Rebuilt, 172=Project Tamriel, 174=Better Cities, 176=Morrowind Rebirth, 178=Beyond Skyrim (add one for talk spaces).
  3. Update MediaWiki:Uespnamespacelist. See the dev wiki version.
  4. Move all mod pages that are getting separate namespaces into their new namespaces and move all related categories without leaving redirects (bot).
  5. Modify templates to use the new categories/names/IDs (can be done concurrently with bot job).
    1. Move any categories affected by the above, leaving redirects (bot).
  6. Rename all mod pages that are staying put to use the new names (bot).
  7. Subst out Mod:Main Page into Mods.
  8. Delete Mod:Main Page and move Mods to Mod:Main Page.
  9. Create pseudospaces for all our existing mods that don't already have them:
    1. Identify all existing mods.
    2. Add pseudospace definitions to Uespnamespacelist.
    3. Move all pages for each mod into subpages.
  10. Update UESPWiki:Namespaces to reflect these changes.