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Bakh gro-Sham (bakh gro-sham)
Location Mournhold, The Winged Guar
Race Orc Gender Male
Level 35 Class Agent
Training Acrobatics (86)
Light Armor (86)
Sneak (86)
Other Information
Health 221 Magicka 134
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Bakh gro-Sham

Bakh gro-Sham is an Orc agent who can be found at The Winged Guar in Godsreach. He's working undercover in the employment of King Hlaalu Helseth, and it appears that he has gathered some information about an assassination attempt on Barenziah, King Helseth's mother. He is the only trainer in Tribunal, offering major training in Acrobatics, Light Armor, and Sneak.

He wears a common shirt, with matching pants, shoes, and gloves. Like all Orcs, he has a natural resistance to magicka, and can boost his health, fatigue and attack for short periods, at the cost of agility; otherwise he knows no spells.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

An Assassination Attempt[edit]

uncle's farm
"Yeah, I get it. Code words. Whatever. Here's what you should know."
what you should know
"Our king is a paranoid. I know, I's treason to even think that sort of stuff, but it's true. He always thinks someone is out to get him. The man's had me checking into a different conspiracy every week for the last month. I keep telling him, "You're king. You're gonna have enemies!" Does he listen? Psssh. This time, though, there might be something to it. I've found some disturbing information."
disturbing information
"My sources tell me that there's a plot, but not against the king. From what I've been able to gather, there will be an attempt made on the Queen Mother's life. I'm not sure who would want to target her--from what I know, she has no enemies in Mournhold--but that's what my sources are telling me."

You can ask him about the topics again:

disturbing information
"That's all I know. Do with the information what you will. And tell the big guy hello for me."
uncle's farm
"There's nothing more to say about that."

"I heard that was all taken care of."