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iPhone app for calculating enchantment formulas[edit]

I'm an iPhone app developer, mostly as a hobby, and I was wondering how useful people would find an app that can automate all the formulas found on this page. Essentially a user would enter their levels and select enchantments and the maximum magnitude and uses etc. Most likely I'd include many other formulas around, such as max equipment tampering and armor rating. I just wanna know if people would find this useful and maybe be willing to spend a dollar or two, I don't want to spend time making something if nobody would use it! I'd love to offer it for free but unfortunately I don't have too much time and am strapped for cash with school and stuff. Let me know what you guys think, there's tons of formulas that could be simplified around here! — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 06:28 on 18 August 2013

Here's a suggestion: you could add tick boxes for Enchanting bonuses like Seeker of Sorcery (which makes enchantments 10% stronger, I believe), Soul Gem type, any Enchanting perks, and somewhere the user can add Fortify Enchanting bonuses via potions. It would save a lot of time calculating the enchantment magnitude. Anyway, good luck with your app! :) —<({Quill-Tail>> 06:54, 18 August 2013 (GMT)
There may be people that would find it useful, but we wouldn't be able to advertise it on the article if it isn't free. Sorry. If it was free, however, we would probably do something similar to the this section on the Alchemy page for External Resources- users wishing to add their personal apps/sites/tools to the list must post on the discussion page and enough editors would have to agree to allow it on the page. If enough editors do not agree, it cannot be added to the article. — ABCface 21:57, 20 August 2013 (GMT)
Sorry, it seemed as though you said advertising shareware apps is impossible on the website, however the section you provided contains a link for an iPhone app that costs $1.99, literally the first one. Maybe I misunderstood, it would be allowed with enough support? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 08:01 on 27 August 2013
Hmm, I didn't even realize those weren't free. Apparently, the community discussion regarding that section on the Alchemy page ended with the consensus that one phone app per platform was allowed on that particular page. If you're interested in adding such a section to this page, it may be best to start a new discussion on the Community Portal about it. — ABCface 21:34, 27 August 2013 (GMT)

Cap on magical damage enchantment effects?[edit]

I recently replaced an old enchanted dragonbone dagger with one made of stalhrim. Both were enchanted with a chaos enchantment; the first also had a fear enchantment, the second a frost enchantment. I was surprised to note that they both had the same magnitude of 259 for the chaos enchant, is this a maximum that I have yet to hear about? I do know for a fact that the Stahlrim increased the magnitude of the second chaos enchantment, as the first required the addition of the fear enchantment in order to achieve this assumed maximum; and no increase was noted when I applied the fear enchantment to the stalhrim dagger, hence the frost enchantment to maximize damage. I achieved these values legitimately with an enchanter's elixer, full enchantment tree, the fear perk for which the title eludes me, and all three elemental damage perks at maximum. Another question, although less important to me... Why did the fear enchant add additional magnitude to the first chaos damage? Does chaos lack the fear element associated with other fire effects, or did the added fear effect stack an additional 10 points to chaos' base magnitude? Edit: I forgot to note that I also wear Zahkriisos for an additional 25% to shock damage, I'm a vampire, and have the necromage perk; although the game doesn't indicate whether or not I receive a further increase in shock damage by being undead. 05:28, 6 October 2013 (GMT)

Takemaru: It is a glitch, the perks directly multiply the shown number, so the shown damage quickly increase to ridiculous numbers. The damage for the enchant should be:
Base damage * salthrim wpn mod * destruction perks mod * enchant perks mod * skillup effects mod= 26,7 * 1,25 * 1,5 * 1,25 * (~)1,33= ~83
So, it is around 83 damage per element. But don't forget, that there are a lot of other things, which can modify your damage: necromage perk, magic resistances, special items (like the Zahkriisos mask) etc. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 20:23 on 18 December 2014


I'm just preparing a list of these for my own use, and I'm noticing that some of the names we use on this page aren't the same as the ones found in game. For example, "Fortify Healing Rate" and "Notched Pickaxe" (in game) vs. "Fortify → Regen Health" and "Smithing Expertise" (on the article). The latter two are the names of the relevant effects that we link to, but since this page is about Enchanting Effects, I'm wondering if it would make more sense to use the terms found in game on the Enchanting menu. If there's broad agreement, I can make the necessary changes in the next day or so, but I wanted to check first, in case there's a good reason to keep them this way that I'm not thinking of. Robin Hood  (talk) 05:51, 28 October 2013 (GMT)

Base Cost[edit]

The base cost values given here seem to be the "Enchantment Cost" values found in the CK. But for Fortify Smithing the CK shows 236 for EnchArmorFortifySmithingBase (not 231). Is that a typo? --Alfwyn (talk) 17:21, 5 January 2014 (GMT)

Alchemy/Enchanting Exploit[edit]

I've reverted the change for the time being, as I tested this exploit a while back, and I was never able to get beyond a certain point. They seem to use a diminishing returns formula that always hits a (more or less reasonable) limit. I'm not saying it's not possible—I'm not terribly creative as a player—but if it is possible, we'll need to know details of how this exploit is accomplished before we consider putting it on the page. Robin Hood  (talk) 19:01, 12 February 2014 (GMT)

As an exploit it won't be put on the page. It is a diminishing return formulae, but the exploit breaks it at a certain point, which is well documented on the Glitches page. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 19:05, 12 February 2014 (GMT)
I couldn't remember our policy on "doable" exploits. Thanks for pointing me to the right page; I'll have a look for it. Robin Hood  (talk) 21:45, 12 February 2014 (GMT)

Unofficial Patch Removes Exploit[edit]

This site effectively endorses the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, which in my opinion is a reasonable policy. However, we only make notes about changes that the patch makes if there is a specific bug associated with that change. The result of this is that some information given on the page is accurate for the base game but NOT accurate for a game using the Unofficial Patch. Specifically, the patch removes the associated magic skill from base enchantments, meaning that Fortify X enchantments are no longer improved by Fortify Restoration potions (eliminating exploits). This seems like something that ought to be noted. Thoughts? Lofgren (talk) 23:06, 20 March 2014 (GMT)

USKP Fortify Enchanting Potions Change[edit]

v2.0.1 of the USKP changed fortify enchanting potions so that they now directly improve the quality of enchants as opposed to simply improving the player's enchanting skill.

See bug #14174 at [Link removed to stop UESP crying at me, search for "uskp changes"]

Should this be mentioned in the bugs/notes section on this page (as well as the main Enchanting article)? Wanted to make sure before adding. 15:50, 31 March 2014 (GMT)

I would like to second adding this information to the page. I play Skyrim on the PS3, meaning no USKP for me. I spent nearly 3 days confused as to why my enchantment numbers aren't matching my calculations, before I finally found this bit of information on this page. This was extremely frustrating. I understand that using the USKP is the recommended way to play, but many of us don't have that option at all. So not even providing that crucial bit of information seems to me to be a major oversight, especially considering that the provided information isn't even the official information. If anything, I would expect the official information to be provided, with a note indicating how the USKP changed it, not the other way around. 19:16, 5 November 2019 (GMT)
The information on any page of the wiki should be accurate to the game without the USKP installed (unless specifically noted otherwise, since there are times when we track both due to important differences). Where were you running into info that didn't match the official game? It's possible that the information is simply out of date or wrong rather than being USKP-specific. Robin Hood  (talk) 21:20, 5 November 2019 (GMT)

Maximum multiplier with potions.[edit]

The page says "Maximum possible natural (without potions) multiplier with 100 Enchanting, 5 levels in Enchanter, appropriate +25% perk and Grand soul is 3.125x. With potions (without exploiting fortify restoration effect) the maximum is 4.21875x."

My question is, how is this 4.21875 multiplier achieved? It should allow for 33% spell cost reduction on an item. Yet not matter how many times I do the math, using alchemy gear to make enchanting potions and repeating, I cap out at 29%, or a 3.625 multiplier. If the enchanting potions worked as advertised (modifying the enchantment strength instead of just your skill), then you could get to 33%.

I understand the unofficial patch modifies the enchanting potions to work as described, but if that's the case, then a clarification needs to be added so that people playing on consoles or without the patch know what they're really capable of getting.

Note that I was able to get to 33% by adding in Ahzidal's Genius to push it up to 30% AND Seeker of sorcery for the extra 3%. But if the max with potions is including those, then the max without potions should include them as well, which would get up to 28%, or a 3.5 multiplier.

I'm not 100% sure on the math, but it looks like the max with potions either needs to specify multipliers with and without the unofficial patch, or instead of "with potions" it needs to say "with fortifications" so as to encompass Ahzidal's Genius and Seeker of sorcery. -- 20:41, 20 April 2014 (GMT)

I was able to get 33% without exploit or glitch (SLE with uop) by starting with the 3 peerless alchemy items and muiri's ring and on second iteration had 33% for fortifies and 35% enchanting potion. Not sure if this matters, but i was wearing glass armor of extreme restoration. I am not a vampire and haven't done any Dragonborn content yet.

Shadowthrive, Shadowstrength, etc. value?[edit]

(There may be some other unique effects which can be disenchanted, but these were the only I could think of). Anyway, as mentioned on their respective pages, all parts of Linwe's armor set can be disenchanted, but the learned effects cannot be placed on any item. However, experience is gained for disenchanting them, and, according to Skyrim:Enchanting#Gaining_Skill_XP, the experience gained from disenchanting an item is related to the value of the enchantment. I have looked for a while throughout the wiki, as well as several other sources (forums, etc.), but have been so far unsuccessful in searching for the values of the Linwe enchantments (alas, I do not have access to the CK). I feel that this information should be mentioned on the Skyrim:Enchanting_Effects page as a footnote, and should at the very least be included on the pages for the items which have these unique disenchantable effects. -- 22:51, 19 November 2014 (GMT)Sampi5287

Base costs[edit]

Right now the table has all the Fortify (Magic School) & Magicka Regen enchantments put together with a range of base costs. Would it be possible to break that down to show the different costs for the different effects? If someone can define the process for figuring it out, I'd happily do the numbers myself. Matt Deres (talk) 16:00, 30 January 2015 (GMT)

That's entirely possible, and I'm surprised we haven't done it before. Thanks for the offer of doing it yourself, but there's actually a lot of stuff that needs re-jigged as a result (some info already on the page is wrong), so it's easier if I do it myself as I go through everything. Should be up shortly. Robin Hood  (talk) 21:07, 30 January 2015 (GMT)
Well, that was quick. :) Thanks! Matt Deres (talk) 14:45, 31 January 2015 (GMT)

Archmage Boots[edit]

Should the Boots that you find in the Archmage's Quarters be added into the section of items that you can disenchant in order to learn the Resist Shock enchantment? MidbossVyers (talk) 23:03, 16 March 2015 (GMT)

Resist Magic odd magnitude or perk issue?[edit]

The magnitude listed on the enchantment effects page for Resist Magic (not the solitude shield version) shows 8%. This does not seem to be correct with in-game results. Scenario:

Base game, no mods, DG/DB/HF installed, official patches only (fully patched). Enchanting 100, 5/5 perks, all perks in enchanting tree purchased. Grand soul gem. No bonuses such as seeker of sorcery, etc. and no potions.

Comparison: Fortify Illusion - magnitude is 8 (according to Enchanting Effects page) Resist Magic - magnitude is 8 (according to Enchanting Effects page)

Expected: Fortify Illusion - 25% reduction in spell cost. Resist Magic - 25% magic resist.

Actual result: Fortify Illusion - 25% reduction in spell cost. Resist Magic - 20% magic resist.

Question: Is this an issue with the listed magnitude not being correct? (Not sure about this as the correct magnitude would be a really odd value like 6.4 or 6.5). OR Is this an enchantment that is not affected by Insightful Enchanter/Corpus Enchanter perks? (If so, the page should be updated with a note indicating this, as it may cause confusion for others.)

Note: Fortify Carry Weight, Fortify Unarmed, Resist Disease, and Resist Poison all appear to suffer the same issue in tests and may need the same note.

Powzzz (talk) 06:13, 14 July 2015 (UTC)

Base magnitude of 8 is correct. As noted in their descriptions, Insightful Enchanter only affects skill enchantments and Corpus Enchanter only affects health/magicka/stamina enchantments. Resist Magic is none of those things. — Lid-Mop (talk) 14:03, 14 July 2015 (UTC)


I thought I remembered that the vampire's +25% bonus to illusion allowed for a weapon's fear effect to be boosted (?). I don't have a vampire character available for quick checking. anyone want to verify that? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 15:10 on 24 October 2015 (GMT)

Revised Weapon Formula[edit]

After some experimenting, I was able to come up with a better formula that gives the magnitude of one or two enchantments put on a weapon. my formula is floor(destruction multiplier * floor(base magnitude * skill multiplier * enchanter multiplier * specific enchanting perk * potion multiplier)) where floor(x) means round x down. Also, even though the formula for the skill multiplier says that potions affect skill in that formula directly, I found that the formula for weapons would only work if potions were calculated separately. I was not able to come up with a better formula for charges, though, and so i was wondering if anyone else could. — Unsigned comment by Crazybob2k (talkcontribs) at 02:50 on 2 February 2017

Some stuff I could be wrong about:[edit]

1. I'm seeing a mistake of calculating skill set perks outside of potion strength enhancing perks and enchanting perks as a factor in enchantment strength. That's not a thing. Perks such as augmented shock and augmented frost only change the effect of the spell, not the enchantment strength. I'm not seeing a differentiation between skill multipliers and enchantment strength enhancers.

Example: If you enchant a sword for shock damage then get the augmented shock perk, the shock damage of that sword deals will go up. The shock damage the sword is enchanted for is the same, your multiplier just increased.

Getting that shock damage perk does not increase your enchanting strength or ability, just the effect of the already applied shock damage enchantment. Zakhriisos does the same, applying the 25% extra to the damage dealt by the enchantment, not the base enchanted item. These are both easily demonstrated. Just look at the enchantment damage done while wearing the item vs not wearing the item, or the damage value of an enchantment before vs after acquiring the perk. This is what I've seen. If there's hard game code that says I'm wrong or if someone tries this and it doesn't work, I'll be the first to say I'm an idiot.

2.Perks that enhance the strength of the base enchanted item are found through the enchantment tree, potion of enchanting strength, Ahzidal's Genius, and seeker of sorcery (in two ways, increases enchantment strength when enchanting base weapon and then after as a multiplier similar to the skill related perk. This multiplier bonus, but not the enchantment strength bonus, goes away if you switch to seeker of might)If I'm missing something that factors into this, please tell me so my dull old blade can cut more than butter.

3. Enchantments come in schools of magic, and in some cases elemental types. Effects that influence these schools influence associated enchanted items. This explains a number of factors addressed above. Chaos Damage benefits from all destruction school elemental bonuses. Stat damage and absorption effects are also destruction effects, and as I understand it benefit initially from enchantment tree bonuses and then later from destruction tree bonuses as after enchantment multipliers. Destruction skill also factors into "charge cost" of using the item in the same way that magicka costs do. More skill/cost reducing bonuses means more uses of the item. I'm 70% sure this also applies when you're initially enchanting the item. 90+% of armor enchantments are in the restoration school, and seemingly benefit from restoration boosting effects via potions. What I've found is that although it shows bigger numbers in the enchanter, the bonus is actually only a multiplier and does not effect the actual effect of the enchanted item, disappearing once the potion wears off. What I'm not sure about is if restoration potions boost the enchantment effect of the item in a tangible way for the player or if it's just a number on the screen. For example, if you use a restoration boosting potion your fortify magicka enchantment on any one item gets a noticeable multiplier. Is that just in the menu or does my guy get an extra 100 points to drop more T-bolts? I'm probably going to try this out when I get home tonight.

Weapon Charges Formula?[edit]

After testing for a while, i found that the formula for the charges for weapon enchantments is COMPLETELY inaccurate. The only thing I could figure out is that the formula is not based on enchanting or other magic school skill. If anyone can figure what the formula is I would be grateful. — Unsigned comment by Crazybob2k (talkcontribs) at 01:54 on 17 May 2017

I did some testing myself, the formula does work. However, some enchantments are bugged, so it doesn't work for them.
I tested things with a petty soul (so changes in charge costs were more noticable), an enchantment skill of 160 and an enchantment skill of 15 (using the Player.SetAv command) and used absorb health, fire, shock and frost.
With absorb health, fire and shock the charge costs were far lower with the higher skill, which not only showed up in the enchanting UI, but also worked correctly in fights. Using fire and Shock together with full strength at 160 enchanting resulted in ~22 uses as opposed to ~3-4 with 15 enchanting. Also, enchanting a weapon with 160 skill and afterwards reducing the skill to 15 didn't change the charge cost, indicating that the skill level when enchanting is relevant, not the skill level when swinging the weapon.
Using the frost enchant however, the amount of uses actually achieved was far lower than what the enchanting UI suggested(3-4 instead of the ~50 I should have gotten), indicating that the charge cost reduction from having a higher enchanting skill doesn't work for this enchantment. Moreover, if frost is combined with another enchantment for which the charge cost reduction does work, the charge cost redustion stops working for both, resulting in 1-2 uses for the weapon before it is empty.
I don't know for all effects whether the charge cost reduction through highter enchanting skill works for them or not, some more testing has to be done for that. But I can say that it works for Fire, Shock, and Absorb Health, as well as I can say that it seems to be bugged for Frost. 13:53, 23 June 2018 (UTC)McKay

Max %'s when enchanting for each type?[edit]

From the article I guess the max. % for fortify skill enchantments would be 40%, for a total of 160% on 4 pieces and 47%, if drinking a "+32% Fortify Enchanting", for a total of 188% on 4 pieces, right?

How about a section that states this using tables, somewhat like that:

Apparel Highest Value Base[1] Highest Value Potion[2]
Fortify Skill 40% 47%
Fortify Attribute x% y%
Fortify Other x% y%
Resist x% y%
Other x% y%
  1. ^ Level 100 alchemy with all alchemy perks maxed
  2. ^ additional use of a "+32% Fortify Enchanting" potion
Weapons Highest Value Base[1] Highest Value Potion[2]
Absorb x% y%
Damage x% y%
Repel x% y%
Apply Effect x% y%
Special x% y%
  1. ^ Level 100 alchemy with all alchemy perks maxed
  2. ^ additional use of a "+32% Fortify Enchanting" potion

Could someone look into the total highest possible numbers for all categories and add them to the main article?

You can copy&paste and modify the tables I used here for that.

Also, if there is a limit to the total % other than how many pieces you can enchant and wear with it, mention that too in an additional column, maybe call it "Capped at" with another ref for each % value explaining stuff. 21:41, 22 August 2017 (UTC)

Draugr drain weapon confusion[edit]

Okay, perhaps someone can help me puzzle this out. I've been poking around in the Creation Kit and the Drainspell Bow (MG07DraugrMagicBow) and Drainblood Battleaxe (MG07DraugrMagicAxe) have alternate Drain Magicka and Drain Health enchantments (EnchWeaponDraugrMagicBow and EnchWeaponDraugrMagicAxe, respectively) that call custom damage effects (DraugrMagicBowStreak and DraugrMagicAxeStreak, respectively). The side effect is that each of them can be disenchanted for an alternate version of their magical effects.

The issue I'm having is that the the Drainheart Sword also seems to have a similar enchantment chain (EnchWeaponDraugrMagicSword and DraugrMagicSwordStreak), but despite my expectations, the in-game experimentation shows the sword does not disenchant a different Drain Stamina effect than the generic one. I can't figure out why and it's driving me nuts.

I'm not sure what conditions are required to be considered a different enchantment, but I've noticed that the DraugrMagicBowStreak and DraugrMagicAxeStreak effects have a number differences from their base effects of EnchAbsorbMagickaFFContact and EnchAbsorbHealthFFContact, such as missing a check to prevent them from working on Dwarven constructs, having a different Menu Display Object, and missing a script called magicAbsorbFXScript that I can't make heads or tails of. If that's sufficient to make the game consider them different enchantments, then I'd have to say that that definitely looks like a bug and they need to be changed to match their base enchantments.

I'm not sure that was entirely coherent, but if anyone's managed to follow me this far, any thoughts? -Caraamon (talk) 22:52, 14 April 2018 (UTC)

More than one source of magicka regen, does it stack or is it highest only?[edit]

Question as in title. Suppose one has the "Extra Effect" perk, and wants to stack TWO "Fortify (spell school) & Magicka Regen" effects on the same piece of body armour - or indeed one of the fortify+regen effects with standard Magicka Regen - then the Magicka Regen effects are listed separately on the item, but do they stack or is one of them redundant? JLE (talk) 05:03, 5 June 2018 (UTC)

Speaking from observation, they stack. From the technical point, they are different effects, not the same ones with different names, so they should stack. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 18:14, 5 June 2018 (UTC)

How is type determined?[edit]

Does the item type (and thus what enchantments it can accept) get set by the slot, or by the keywords (e.g. ArmorCuirass)? 15:16, 5 September 2018 (UTC)

It is set by keyword. So, should a mod or creation add some new base armor or jewelry, they only need to add the keyword and any enchantment that can be applied to that keyword will work. You would need to alter the FLST records which have names all in the type EnchantmentEffect (where Effect is the name of the enchantment). Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 15:38, 5 September 2018 (UTC)

Determining Gold Cost for Custom Enchants[edit]

Many have tried to calculate this and have given up because there are hidden factors that seemingly can't be figured out. I've attempted this several times for a few years, and this was all with some basic math and algebra. While I can't figure it out with my level of math, I've determined a few things through listing a ton of data across 100 skill levels and manipulating enchantment magnitudes/costs.
1. Soul Gems are part of the equation, but the standard 0.12 * capacity is not used.
2. Already known, but I'll repeat: Gold value scales down with skill level. The higher the skill, the lower the value.
3. Effect base/cost is part of the equation. I cannot say for sure if it is using the "effect base * (mag * dur / 10)^1.1" formula.
4. The base gold value cannot be 0.(will test again later to make sure)
5. These settings all affect the gold value: fEnchantingSkillCostScale(0.5), fEnchantingCostExponent(1.1), fEnchantingSkillCostMult(3.0)

The Enchanting magnitude formula is wrong[edit]

The formula implies that a potion of fortify enchanting, adds an additional multiplier while in fact, all such a potion does is factor into the "skillfactor" part of the formula. Using an Enchanters Philter, that will give "fortify enchanting" 20%, will not actually make enchantments 20% stronger as the formula on this page does imply. In fact, the game will just act as if your enchanting skill was 20% higher than it currently is. Making the effect way less significant. Especially on lower enchanting skill levels, potions wont do anything. A master of enchanting, using an enchanters philter, will have around a 10% magitude increase instead of a 20% increase since the game assumes enchanting skill is now 120. The way the formula on this page describes it, there would be an additional 1.2 mulitplier which is not the case. For example, with 100 enchaning and all perks, a "fortify smithing" enchantment will have base 25%. Drinking an enchanters philter with "fortify enchanintg" 20%, will only increase this to 27%, not to 30% as the formula for "net magnitude" on this site incorrectly states.

EDIT: ok, nvm this anymore, I fixed the formula accordingly.

The Bond of Matrimony[edit]

The Ring seems to have a separate Fortify Restoration enchantment to that learnt by disenchanting other items, similar to the Shield of Solitude and resist magic which is listed. This needs adding in the relevant table entry and I don't want to mess anything up by doing it myself. If someone who's better with the coding/spacing could add this I'd much appreciate it. Thank you. Biffa (talk) 16:47, 15 December 2019 (GMT)