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Skyrim Mod:Echoes of the Vale

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Echoes of the Vale
Original Release February 15, 2024
Latest Release March 4, 2024
Size 15.04 MB (PC) / 15.39 MB (Xbox) / 11.9 MB (PlayStation)
Version 1.2
PC (Special Edition) Available from
Xbox One Available from
PS4 Available from
Official Content Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn, Fishing
Echoes of the Vale banner

Echoes of the Vale is a lore-friendly Verified Creation for the Special Edition by EasierRider. It is available for 800 credits on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Explore the dramatically expanded Forgotten Vale in EasierRider’s new Verified Creation "Echos of the Vale."
With the addition of a smaller player camp; rest, recharge, and dive into new dungeons as you discover stunning views tucked away in Skyrim.
Official Summary

Official Description

New areas filled with colorful subterranean mushrooms, spider dens, spectral entities wandering ruins, unfold in the expanded Forgotten Vale region of Skyrim. This new verified creation "Echos of the Vale" comes from creator EasierRider, and is available on PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

Expands the Forgotten Vale by adding new caves, dungeons, and areas to explore independently from the Dawnguard questline.

Have you ever wished that there was more of the Forgotten Vale to explore? Now there is! This Creation nearly doubles the size of the Forgotten Vale by adding new dungeons and landscapes that are lore-friendly and visually similar to the base game. Most importantly, it elevates the Forgotten Vale from a linear, quest-based experience into a larger world all its own. A new player home, Initiate’s Rest, serves as a base camp from which you can discover the wonders of this lost world. By liberating the Forgotten Vale from the Dawnguard questline, this Creation aims to make it a place that the player can enter, and return to, when and how they choose. In order to maximize compatibility and immersion, this Creation does not alter existing quests, character, and locations of the Forgotten Vale. No new quests, voiced characters, or scripts have been added. Instead, players are encouraged to venture off the beaten path and explore these new areas organically, seeking adventure as they see fit.


  • Access the Forgotten Vale via Darkfall Cave without needing to start the Dawnguard Questline
  • Claim a unique player home / campsite, "Initiate’s Rest," complete with all the usual amenities
  • Explore 23 [sic] new areas throughout the Forgotten Vale for the player to explore, including standalone dungeons and exterior landscapes
  • Discover new weapons and armor to wield against powerful foes

Starting your journey

If you have not started the Dawnguard Questline, or the quest Touching the Sky, simply travel to Darkfall Cave north of Markarth. Within it, you will find a new passageway to the right of Gelebor's Wayshrine that will lead you to "Darkfall Delve." This new area will allow you to access the Forgotten Vale and Darkfall Passage directly without Gelebor’s help. While you are free to explore these areas in their entirety, both the Inner Sanctum and the wayshrines will remain closed until you are ready to start Touching the Sky.

If you have started, or completed, Touching the Sky, then the passageway to Darkfall Delve will be closed to you, and you must follow the Initiate’s Path to the Forgotten Vale through the wayshrine that Gelebor opens.


This creation should be compatible with almost anything, but may cause conflicts with mods or Creations that add, or alter, areas of the Forgotten Vale or parts of the Quest, Touching the Sky.


  • Homes
  • Immersion
  • Lore Friendly
  • Quests
  • World




Creatures and NPCs





  • This Creation was originally published to the website on June 22, 2023, but it was hidden until its official release. It received three updates on July 12, 2023, and February 5 & 8, 2024 during this period.
  • When first released, the Skyrim Updates menu blurb was updated to say Expand your game with new releases from our Verified Creators. "Echoes of the Vale." Adds numerous new dungeons to explore in the Forgotten Vale, as well as a small player camp. "Morthal" adds a stablemaster and new buildings in this hold.