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Skyrim:The Rising Dead

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A group of Necromancers plan to summon an army of zombies.
Quest Giver: Anonymous Letter
Location(s): Ritual site north of Southfringe Sanctum (map)
Reward: Spell Tome: Conjure Zombie (x2),
Spell Tome: Conjure Foul Zombie
ID: ccBGSSSE003_ZombieQuestStartEncounter
Required Level: 5
Added by: Plague of the Dead
An ancient evil has been summoned to Skyrim

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Reach level 5 and read the anonymous letter.
  2. Travel to the ritual site north of Southfringe Sanctum.
  3. Find and read the Necromancer's Journal to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Ritual Site

After reaching level 5, a courier will approach you and deliver an anonymous letter. Read the letter to learn that a group of Necromancers plan to perform an ancient, dangerous summoning ritual to conjure an army of zombies. The ritual site is located high in the mountains southeast of Helgen, just north of Southfringe Sanctum (map).

Once you arrive at the ritual site, you will find a group of decomposing zombies standing over the bodies of the slain Necromancers. Clearly the ritual was successful, but the Necromancers lost control of their summoned undead. Defeat the zombies and approach the body of the Necromancer marked by the quest marker. He will be holding Spell Tome: Conjure Foul Zombie as well as a journal. Read the journal to complete the quest and learn of the consequences of the ritual. You can also loot the area for two copies of Spell Tome: Conjure Zombie.

Following the conclusion of the quest, you will have a chance to encounter zombie horde world interactions randomly in the wilderness.


  • At release, this quest had no level requirement and the anonymous letter would be automatically added to your inventory upon installation. This was changed in Patch 1.6 with the release of the Anniversary Edition.
  • The unmarked location "The Headless Skeleton" can also be found here, with it being next to the pine tree.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Rising Dead (ccBGSSSE003_ZombieQuestStartEncounter)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I've found an urgent anonymous letter. I should read it and see what it's regarding.
Objective : Read the Anonymous Letter
20 I've received an anonymous letter asking me to help stop a group of Necromancers who are planning to raise an army of Zombies. I should investigate the ritual site.
Objective : Investigate the Ritual Site
30 Read the Necromancer's Journal
Objective : Read the Necromancer's Journal
40 Finishes quest☑ I found the Necromancer's ritual site, but it's too late. I also found a journal detailing what transpired here. They appear to have already conjured the risen dead, possibly across all of Skyrim. I'll need to be vigilant, especially during the late night hours.
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