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The Katariah
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# of Zones 2
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 6
Important Treasure
Console Location Code(s)
Katariah01, KatariahExterior01, KatariahExterior02, KatariahExterior03, KatariahExterior04
East of Solitude
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 1
# of Forges/Anvils 1
# of Grindstones 1
# of Workbenches 1
The Katariah

The Katariah is the personal transport vessel of the Emperor, Titus Mede II.

The ship has an exterior (the deck) and two interior zones: The Katariah and the Emperor's Quarters.

It only appears after the Dark Brotherhood quest Hail Sithis! has been started, anchored off-shore in the mouth of the Karth River near Solitude.


Passengers & Crew
Captain Avidius
Emperor Titus Mede II *
Lieutenant Salvarus
Penitus Oculatus Agents

* This person dies upon the completion of Hail Sithis!

Related Quests[edit]



The figurehead of Katariah
Throne area

The main exterior area for the ship is the deck area which can only be accessed from the interior. The initial access point to the ship is via the anchor chain at the stern of the ship leading through the hull into a storeroom in the lower hold. Access to the deck can be made through two exits, one from a ladder near the captain's quarters and one through a door opposite the emperor's quarters. The former of these opens a trapdoor under the forecastle on the main deck and gives the best concealment upon exiting, while the latter leads out onto the main deck beside the stairs leading up to the quarterdeck.

Under the forecastle beside the trapdoor is a long wooden table with a salmon steak, a seared slaughterfish steak and several pieces of cheese on top. The decks have many stacks of crates, barrels and sacks containing provisions. There is a sailor and five Penitus Oculatus agents on deck, the sailor and one agent are on the main deck, one agent is on the forecastle, two are on the quarterdeck and one is on the poop deck. There are stairs leading up to the forecastle both to the port and starboard of the ship. On the forecastle, on the starboard side is a rowboat provisioned and containing an open crate containing a random potion of healing, a random potion of stamina, a bottle of alto wine, four bottles of ale and two bottles of Nord mead—these are all owned and taking them is considered stealing. At the end of the bowsprit is a unique scimitar called Windshear. (See the bugs section on that page if it's not there.) The figurehead on the front of the ship appears to be that of an elven maiden.

The main deck has a novice-locked chest beside some crates, two long wooden tables and benches and two rowboats, one provisioned and one empty. The quarter deck has another rowboat that is provisioned and also holds an owned satchel. Beside this rowboat is a table and chairs with a bottle of alto wine, a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread on top. The poop deck is where the ship's wheel is located and has a throne for the Emperor with a small table beside it, with a copy of the Two-handed skill book King, a bottle of wine and three gold coins on top.

The Katariah[edit]


Entrance to the Katariah is made via the anchor chain that takes you into a large storeroom containing many crates, barrels containing ingredients, food sacks and an apprentice-locked chest. Upon entering there is a sailor just leaving the room. Among the crates on the floor, on the port side is a medium coin purse and to the starboard, is a random potion of light feet hidden behind a lit lantern, on a barrel. Any noise can alert several sailors and a Penitus Oculatus agent. There are crates, sacks and barrels containing provision throughout the interior. Stairs to the south lead into a wide corridor with a bedroom on the right containing a sailor, three single beds, a table and chairs, a wooden bench and a small bookcase holding five common books and a gourd. On the table is another common book, a steel dagger, a small coin purse and four gold coins. Leaning against the south wall, next to the wooden bench is an Imperial sword. All the beds onboard are unowned. You can hear someone ahead working metal on an anvil.

To the east is another open door to a bedroom containing three more single beds, a small table and chair, a wooden bench and a dresser, which has an Imperial helmet on top and an Imperial sword on the floor in front of it. The corridor is staggered to the south passing a table and a couple of chairs. Ahead is yet another open door, with a set of shelves before it on the right holding seven common books, a bottle of alto wine and two bottles of wine. As you approach the end of the corridor there is an opening on the right into a dining room containing two sailors and an agent, the room is double height with a balcony around the upper area. Any noise when dealing with these sailors and agent can bring several agents and sailors to investigate. The room at the end of the corridor is another bedroom which contains five single beds, two dressers, a wardrobe, an end table, a table built around a support pillar and a couple of chairs. To the left of the first dresser is a pair of Imperial boots, with some cheese on the second. The wardrobe and dressers all contain common clothes, while on the end table is a gold ring and a silver ring and on one of the beds in the southeastern corner is a random battleaxe.

The dining room contains many tables and to the north is a counter with a sideboard behind, these hold an iron dagger, a total of six bulbs of garlic, many pieces of cheese, several loaves of bread, a gourd, four portions of grilled leeks, four honey nut treats and a flute. On the west wall are two shield plaques each holding an Imperial shield and two crossed Imperial swords. To the south is a doorway into another storeroom with a pair of bookcases flanking it. These hold a total of sixteen common books and a random potion of healing. Inside the room are two sideboards and a cupboard. On the sideboards are many more pieces of cheese, a bulb of garlic, a portion of grilled leeks, an apothecary's satchel, a leg of goat, a fillet of horker meat, a copy of Uncommon Taste and a couple of loaves of bread. On the floor to the right of the cupboard is a medium coin purse.

The cells

In the dining room, stairs leading up to the balcony overhead are in the northwest corner. There is an expert-locked door near the top of the stairs, with a dresser and chair to the right and to the south is the balcony seen from below with two agents sat on the far side of it facing away from you. Along the west wall are a row of three unlocked cells each containing an unowned bed roll and little else of interest. There is an unlocked door on the north wall that leads into a bedroom containing a sailor as well as a dead sailor and agent. There are four single beds, an alchemy lab, an end table, a long wooden table and several chairs. Behind the lab, on a crate is a random potion of invisibility, while on the long table is an apothecary's satchel, a random filled soul gem, a portion of grilled leeks, a sprig of elves ear, a loaf of bread, some cheese and leaning against a chair against the west wall is a lute.

Another unlocked door is in the middle of the east wall, the sounds of someone hammering on an anvil appear to be coming from this room. In the room is an agent either using the anvil or a workbench with a grindstone beside these. On the workbench is a random greatsword and on the wall are a total of eight weapon racks holding four Imperial swords and a random sword. At the northern end of the room is a sideboard with a set of Imperial armor, a pair of Imperial bracers and an iron mace on top, a pair of Imperial light boots on the floor beside it. To the right are shelves holding an Imperial helmet and a quiver of iron arrows, with an Imperial shield and a random bow on a couple of crates.

On the southern side of the balcony are two tables, where the two agents were sitting, a corridor with cupboards flanking it, the one to the southeast holds a baked potato and a bunch of lavender. The short corridor to the south leads into another storage area with a ladder leading up to the deck of the ship directly in front of you and a door to the right. Around against the north wall is a table with a satchel on top, there is nothing else of interest apart from a few more barrels of ingredients in this area. The door to the right is unlocked and opens into Captain Avidius' room.

Captain Avidius' room

The room contains a double bed in the southwest corner, with a small table beside it and a dresser at the foot of the bed with a pair of random gauntlets and a random potion of regeneration on top, with a lute leaning against the side of it. In front of the dresser, against the south wall is a master-locked chest, while against the north wall is a long wooden table with flute, a small coin purse and three gold coins on top and to the right is a set of shelves holding a random mace, a random potion of healing, a drum and a flute. Further to the right of these is a wardrobe containing random clothing and a wooden bench. Finally beside the door as you leave are two hooks with a copy of Katariah master key, which opens any and all doors on the ship including the door to the Emperor's quarters. Copies of this key are also carried by Captain Avidius, Lieutenant Salvarus and Emperor Titus Mede II himself.

Beyond the expert-locked door is another corridor with a bedroom on the immediate left containing an agent sat in a chair, three single beds, a bookcase holding three common books, a drum and a row of mountain flowers including five blue, five purple and one red, a wardrobe and in a small area to the northeast is a set of shelves holding a medium coin purse with a random warhammer in front.

Opposite this room is an area with a wooden bench, a dresser and chair with an open door beside them. This leads into another bedroom containing two more agents, one of which is normally sleeping. There are four more single beds, an end table, a wardrobe, a dresser, a cupboard holding an iron mace, and a table and chairs in the room. The corridor continues to the north, where there is a door and two corridors heading east and west. Both of these lead around to stairs leading up to another room above. The door opens into a library, Lieutenant Salvarus is standing right behind the door and will spot and attack as soon as you enter. In the middle of the room is a table covered with a tactical map of Skyrim, an iron dagger and a copy of Mixed Unit Tactics. There are a total of six bookcases along the rear wall containing many common books, a random helmet, a random empty soul gem, a satchel and an iron dagger, with a pair of leather boots on the floor to the right of them.

The corridor to the west has a small table with a bottle of alto wine on top beside a wooden bench. The room at the top has two doors, one master-locked leading to the Emperor's quarters and the other leading outside. There are long end tables on either side of the Emperor's door, one of which has a couple of candlesticks and a bowl on top, while the other has a common book and goblet on top. To the right of the door leading outside is a long wooden table with an empty random soul gem, three common books and an apothecary's satchel on top, with two bunches of dried elves ear and a bunch of dried frost mirriam hanging from the ceiling above. To the right is a cupboard and a set of shelves holding a jug and three more common books and to the left of the door outside is another cupboard this one holds four bottles of alto wine, five bottles of wine, a flute and a drum.

Emperor's Quarters[edit]

First room

These consist of two rooms, the first is the Emperor's office and dining area while the second is up a few stairs to the west and are his sleeping quarters. The office is lavishly appointed with several richly woven rugs, many banners hanging from the walls and between the stained glass rear windows and many fancy plates, goblets, bowls, etc around the room. A desk, at which the Emperor himself can be found sat during the quest Hail Sithis!, is opposite the door with a tactical map of Skyrim on top along with a bottle of wine, several common books and a copy of Brothers of Darkness. To the left as you enter the room is a small unit holding two bottles of alto wine, two of wine and two of Nord mead. Next to this is a small table and chair with a common book on the table. Opposite is a small sideboard with a bowl containing red apples and in front a low table with a honey nut treat and sweet roll on top. To the east is a dining table laid for one, with a cooked beef steak, two portions of grilled leeks, a bowl of tomato soup, a seared slaughterfish steak, a baked potato, two loaves of bread, a bulb of garlic, a sprig of snowberries, and a piece of cheese on top.

Dining area

Around the dining table is a sideboard, a set of shelves holding two bottles of alto wine and one of wine, a narrow table holding two sprigs of snowberries, a bunch of lavender, a red mountain flower and an expert-locked display case containing a steel mace, with a weapon plaque hanging on the wall above holding a steel greatsword. Next to this is a bookcase with eleven common books and copies of The Dragon War, The Adabal-a and On Oblivion on the shelves. Behind the desk along the stern wall are a pair of small wardrobes containing fine clothes, with an adept-locked display case on top containing a random war axe and a pair of random boots on the floor to the left, a sideboard with a copy of The Rise and Fall of the Blades on top and a small unit with several more common books and a bottle of wine on the shelves. Against the west wall to the right of the sleeping quarters is a giant map of Skyrim with a wall shelf above a sideboard with rolls of paper on top holding three common books. An adept-locked door in the port side bulkhead provides access to a narrow outdoor balcony, that makes for a quick getaway after you pay your respects to the Emperor.

Sleeping quarters

The door to the sleeping quarters is expert-locked. The room contains a four-poster double bed coming out of the south wall, with an end table with a copy of Lost Legends on top to the left and a sideboard at the foot of the bed with a set of Emperor's robes, a gold ruby necklace, a small coin purse, five gold coins and an open crate containing two gold rings, silver ring and a flawless ruby on top. To the left of the bed is a wash basin and sideboard with a pair of fine boots beside it, while to the right is a tall wardrobe containing fine clothes, and a sideboard with an apothecary's satchel, a leveled potion of glibness, a leveled potion of healing, a flute and a copy of Glories and Laments on top. Against the northwest wall is a small wardrobe with a random pair of gauntlets on top and a lute leaning against it, with a long unlocked chest to the right and further to the right of this is a bookcase with a satchel, a unique pair of gilded wristguards, a random helmet, a couple of candlesticks, six common books and a copy of Sovngarde: A Reexamination on the shelves. Behind the door is a corner shelf with several common books and a random filled soul gem in a holder.



  • The Katariah is erroneously flagged as a dungeon; radiant quests choosing it as a target location require the completion of the Dark Brotherhood questline to retrieve the target object.
  • The Katariah may partially despawn as you move away from it. This results in shipboard objects apparently floating in midair, and NPCs falling into the water.
  • You may find Lisette in the ship's mess hall or dead on the deck after Hail Sithis!.