Skyrim:Sea of Ghosts

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Body of Water:
Sea of Ghosts
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Haafingar, The Pale, Winterhold
Northern Skyrim
The Sea of Ghosts along the northern coast of Skyrim

The Sea of Ghosts is a vast ocean along the northern coast of Skyrim.

The Sea of Ghosts, also known as the Ghost Sea, is the name for the waters to the north and northeast of Tamriel. The Sea of Ghosts is part of the Padomaic Ocean; it meets the Abecean Sea off the coast of northwestern High Rock, and the Inner Sea along the shores of northern Morrowind. Some exploration of the sea has yet to be completed, and icebergs are a common sight in its cold, misty waters. The island of Solstheim is located in the Sea of Ghosts, and the island's Harstrad, Iggnir, and Isild rivers flow into it. The Nedic people sailed from the northern continent Atmora to Tamriel across this sea.