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Niluva Hlaalu
(RefID: 00019DE0)
Home City Riften
Location Haelga's Bunkhouse
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 6 Class Citizen
RefID 00019DE0 BaseID 0001336E
Other Information
Health 91 Magicka 67
Stamina 67
Primary Skills Alchemy, Destruction
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type FemaleDarkElf
Faction(s) Black Briar Meadery Faction; CrimeFactionRift; Riften Haelga's Bunkhouse Faction; TownRiftenFaction
Niluva Hlaalu

Niluva Hlaalu is a Dark Elf citizen who works at Black-Briar Meadery but is struggling to pay her rent and is worried Indaryn will fire her for being a skooma addict.

She starts her day early, waking at 4am. The next hour she will spend eating her breakfast before going to work at the meadery. At midday, she has lunch for an hour before resuming work for another 5 hours. At 6pm, she quits working and goes to Haelga's Bunkhouse for 4 hours of relaxation before heading to bed there early at 10pm.

Niluva wears a set of farm clothes and a pair of boots. She is equipped with a leveled dagger which can be up to elven quality, and carries a selection of common loot and gold.


"Hey, don't look at me that way! Who are you to judge me?"
"So what if I have a problem? I know how to deal with it!"
"If Indaryn finds out, he'll have me thrown out of the Meadery for certain. So don't breathe a word of it to him. Not a word!"
"Oh what am I going do? I can barely afford to stay at the Bunkhouse."
"I'm going to stop. That's what I'm going to do! Then everyone will see that I'm not as useless as they think."
"Maramal thinks he's so smart; tells me that Mara will cleanse the filth from my blood. Ha! What does he know?" (If Maramal is alive.)
"My n'wah of a father thought he could pull my strings... "continue the Hlaalu tradition." Bah! I left all that nonsense behind."

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Spread the Love[edit]

During the quest, you may give her a pamphlet, though she won't be appreciative:

Here, sister. Blessings of Mara upon you.
"Mara only helps those who can afford her tithes. This is nonsense."

Supply and Demand[edit]

Despite playing no actual role in the quest itself, Niluva will get some new lines during it.

Before you have gone to Cragslane Cavern, she may greet you with:

"You looking for something?"

After you have visited the place, but have not yet cleared out all the brigands, she will instead say:

"I told you everything I know. What else did you want?"
"I think I've said enough. Now leave me alone."

These lines, along with the lines used by Wujeeta during the quest, imply that this quest originally progressed differently. It seems that Wujeeta would've given you information about Niluva, with you then being sent to extract the location of Cragslane Cavern from her.


At the bunkhouse Tythis Ulen may talk to her concerning loaned money:

Tythis: "Niluva, you promised me you'd pay me back yesterday. So what's the story?"
Niluva: "Just give me a few more days and I promise I'll come up with it."
Tythis: "If you'd stop wasting your coin on that skooma, you'd have enough gold to live on."
Niluva: "Sorry, Tythis. I'll get it to you somehow."

While at the meadery, her fellow worker Romlyn Dreth will be more understanding:

Niluva: "Do you know what Indaryn told me? He said if I'm late one more time he'll kick me right out the door!"
Romlyn: "That s'wit. One day, he'll regret pushing all of us around."
Niluva: "What do you mean?"
Romlyn: "All I'm saying is Indaryn's going to push someone too far one day and they're going to push back... hard."

Lastly, at the bunkhouse, Haelga can be heard yelling at her niece about Niluva's late rent:

Haelga: "Svana! Has that skooma-addled idiot Niluva paid us her rent yet? Or does she have more excuses?"
Svana: "She said she'll have it soon. She still has her job at the meadery for now, so she'll be able to pay us."
Haelga: "Why do you insist on defending that woman? All she does with her money is spend it on that Dark Elf garbage!"
Svana: "Just be patient, aunt. She'll have it, I promise."