Skyrim:Nightingale Hood

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Leveled Item: Nightingale Hood (000fcc12)
(All statistics are for level 32+ version)
Type Light Armor
Editor ID ArmorNightingaleHelmetPlayer03
Rating Rating 15
Rating Rating 15 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 2 Value Value 969
Tempering Void Salts
Tempering Void Salts Perk None
Illusion spells cost 17% less to cast:
Nightingale Hood

The Nightingale Hood is part of a set of armor given to you for joining the Nightingales. Its enchantment grants a Fortify Illusion effect, which decreases the cost on your magicka to cast Illusion spells. Tempering the Nightingale Hood requires void salts and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

The full set of Nightingale equipment also includes armor, boots, and gloves.

Related Quests[edit]

Leveled Statistics[edit]

Level Weight Value Rating Enchantment Object ID Editor ID
1-18 2 804 15 Illusion spells cost 12% less to cast: 0005db88 ArmorNightingaleHelmetPlayer01
19-31 2 902 15 Illusion spells cost 15% less to cast: 000fcc13 ArmorNightingaleHelmetPlayer02
32+ 2 969 15 Illusion spells cost 17% less to cast: 000fcc12 ArmorNightingaleHelmetPlayer03