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A Mudcrab

Mudcrabs are small hostile creatures primarily found near water. Their corpses may be looted for Mudcrab Chitin, Mudcrab LegsHF, and Crab MeatCC. Skyrim mudcrabs are hardier than their Cyrodilic cousins, having nearly triple their health. Furthermore, they are larger, and capable of camouflaging themselves as small rocks, resembling their Vvardenfell cousins. They are poor swimmers, which results in their being swept down swift rivers, and prevents them from properly attacking and defending themselves against slaughterfish, their natural enemies.

Juvenile Mudcrabs can sometimes be caught while fishingCC.

Creature (ID) Lvl Health Magicka Sta. Soul
1 5 4 25 Petty
2 35 30
3 55 35

Named Mudcrabs[edit]

There are several named mudcrabs in the game:


The Hearthfire add-on lets you build a mudcrab statue on a small base in the trophy room addition of any homestead. The materials needed are:




  • Mudcrab legsHF have a duplication bug. The model of the single item in your inventory is displayed as a pair of legs, and if you drop a single instance of the item in your inventory, the legs will be dropped as two separated legs instead of a single paired item. If one leg is picked up, you will receive another pair of mudcrab legs that can be dropped again to become two legs. ?
  • Sometimes, mudcrab bodies will sink below the surface of the ground after you've killed them, with only their pincers stuck above ground. ?