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Find some books about Illusion magic to further your Illusion skills.
Quest Giver: Drevis Neloren
Location(s): College of Winterhold
Reward: Hysteria spell tome, ability to purchase Master level Illusion spells
ID: MGRitual02
Prerequisites: Level 100 Illusion (see bugs)
Suggested Level: 6
One of the four Master Illusion Texts

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Drevis Neloren.
  2. Find the book in the Arcanaeum.
  3. Find the book in Hall of Attainment.
  4. Find the book in Hall of Countenance.
  5. Find the book in The Midden.
  6. Return to Drevis Neloren.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

First Steps[edit]

Once you have level 100 (see bugs) in the Illusion skill, travel to the College of Winterhold. Once there, find Drevis Neloren. Ask him if you can learn anything more about Illusion magic. He will give you a spell, Vision of the Tenth Eye, and ask you to find four Master Illusion texts. You can only see these books for a thirty second period each time you cast the vision spell.

Hidden Books[edit]

  1. The first book is on a table in the Arcanaeum. It is in the west on the outer ring. It appears on the same table as the book The Legend of Red Eagle.
  2. The second book can be found in the Hall of Attainment. On the landing of the upper level, at the top of the stairs, it lies under a bench.
  3. The third book is on a barrel in the upstairs storeroom of the Hall of Countenance. This is the room opposite of the room with the Arcane Enchanter.
  4. The last book is down in The Midden, on a table next to the Atronach Forge.

Return to Drevis Neloren[edit]

Give all the books to Drevis Neloren and he will give you the master-level Illusion spell tome Hysteria. You can then also buy the other three master-level tomes from him: Call to Arms, Harmony, and Mayhem.


  • The quest only requires a skill level of 90, but Drevis's opening dialogue has a requirement of level 100, which is inconsistent with the quest and the other master level quests.
  • Sometimes the Master of Illusion Text books are not where they are indicated above (though they should be nearby). This is usually caused by using a spell near the location before the quest starts.
  • Sometimes one of the Master of Illusion Text books will be marked as stolen in your inventory, making it impossible to give the books to Drevis and complete the quest. ?
  • The illusion book in any of the locations might not appear when casting Vision of the Tenth Eye, most commonly the books at the Atronach Forge and in the Arcanaeum.

Quest Stages[edit]

Illusion Ritual Spell (MGRitual02)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Drevis Neloren has told me that there are books hidden throughout the College of Winterhold that contain information about powerful Illusion spells. I need to use the spell he's given me, Vision of the Tenth Eye, to find them.
Objective 10: Bring the Four Master Illusion texts to Drevis Neloren
200 Finishes quest☑ I have found the Master Illusion Texts hidden throughout the College and delivered them to Drevis Neloren. In return, he has given me one of the Master Illusion spells.
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