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SR-icon-spell-Illusion Light.png Harmony
School Illusion Difficulty Master
Type Defensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Self Equip Both Hands
Spell ID 0007e8db Editor ID Harmony
Base Cost 1220 Charge Time 3.0 sec
Duration 60 sec Range 0
Magnitude 25 Area 250 ft
Tome ID 000a271a Tome Value 1052
Purchase from (after Illusion Ritual Spell)
Creatures and people up to level 25 nearby won't fight for 60 seconds.

Harmony is a master level Illusion spell that causes hostile creatures and people up to level 25 within 250 ft of the caster to stop fighting for 60 seconds.


  • Harmony, 25 pts for 60 secs in 250 ft


Note that most of these perks will stack, so the overall effective values for the spell with perks are as follows:

Max Lvl
Default 25
Animage 33
Hypnotic Gaze 33
Kindred Mage 35
Animage + Hypnotic Gaze 41
Kindred Mage + Hypnotic Gaze 43

Master of the Mind will not stack with Kindred Mage or Animage, which is primarily of interest when attempting to cast spells on vampires, when it will come up that Kindred Mage does not apply, even though vampires have black souls. Death Hounds are not affected by Animage, but they are not animals to begin with; more generally, the perks will not combine when fighting people or animals raised by necromancers.


  • Harmony will cause targets to "forget" that they have been pickpocketed recently.
  • Harmony is by far the most effective spell for leveling your Illusion skill, as it gives nearly six times the amount of experience of the next most useful leveling spell in the base game, Muffle, even against a single target, though it requires two targets to be more cost and time effective. It provides slightly better than triple the experience of Frenzy RuneDB, the next most useful leveling spell with expansions installed. Since those two spells can be cast with a single hand, the comparison is not necessarily intuitive. An exact comparison:
Spell Name Experience Per Second Experience Per Magicka
Harmony 280.33 0.8
Harmony, 2 targets 560.67 1.6
Harmony, 3 targets 841 2.4
Harmony, 4 targets 1121.3 3.2
Frenzy RuneDB 556 1.0
Muffle 288 1.0
Muffle and Frenzy Rune, cast simultaneously 844 1.0
  • With the Mage Stone and the Lover's Comfort perk, when cast in the middle of Windhelm at certain times of day, Harmony will hit enough targets to bring your Illusion skill from 15 to 100 in 5-6 casts. By repeatedly making the skill Legendary, and using Fortify Illusion enchantments to decrease the casting cost of Illusion spells to 0, you can level from 15 to 100 and reset to 15 in 25-30 seconds, making it possible to reach level 1000 in less than 24 hours without exploits.

Remember that like Harmony, Frenzy Rune needs a target to provide any experience.