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(RefID: 000198ED)
Home City Markarth
Store Silver-Blood Inn
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 6 Class Food Vendor
RefID 000198ED BaseID 00013398
Merchant §
Gold 100
Sells See Silver-Blood Inn
Buys Innkeeper (Food, Raw Food)
Other Information
Health 91 Magicka 67
Stamina 67
Primary Skills Speech, One-handed, Pickpocket, Two-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Faction(s) CrimeFactionReach; MS02VictimsFaction; MarkarthKlepprFrabbiFaction; MarkarthNaiveFaction; MarkarthSilverBloodInnFaction; MarkarthSilverBloodInnWorkerFaction; ServicesMarkarthSilverFishInn; TownMarkarthFaction

Frabbi is a Nord food vendor who works in the Silver-Blood Inn in the city of Markarth. Her husband is Kleppr and they have a daughter, Hroki, and a son, Hreinn. She has an acerbic relationship with her husband, though she will dislike you if you kill him. She is also available for information during The Forsworn Conspiracy. If Kleppr dies, Frabbi will take over all innkeeper services at the Silver-Blood Inn, including renting out beds and giving rumors.

She was supposed to sleep from midnight to 8am, but a bug prevents her from doing so. She spends the rest of the day working in the inn. She can be found leaning on the wall, sweeping the floor, as well as warming herself near the hearth.

Frabbi wears a set of barkeep clothes and shoes, and carries an iron dagger, some common items and gold, and the key to Margret's room.

While in the Silver-Blood Inn, she will greet you with "Now you just tell me if you need something." and "You come right to me if you find an unwashed floor or lumpy bed." If Kleppr is alive, she will openly insult him by making comments such as "Unlike my husband Kleppr, I watch after our guests.", "I'll bend Kleppr's ear if there's anything wrong with a room you rent." and "Isn't my son Hreinn such a good worker? Not like his father at all...." Even if Kleppr dies, she will continue to insult him, saying things like "My worthless husband is gone, so I run the inn now." and "I can't believe the mess Kleppr left things in. I have twice the work with him gone." When you part ways with her, she will say, "I should remind Kleppr to clean this place up." if Kleppr is alive, or "Bye, now."

Likewise, her husband Kleppr also disparages her: "If I can't get you something, I'm sure my wife will bellow at me until I can." If you fail to intimidate him in The Forsworn Conspiracy, he will retort, "Are you serious? I hear more threatening words from my wife." If Frabbi dies, he will remark, "Things are so much quieter with my darling Frabbi dead." Their children are aware of this as well, as Hreinn will tell you, "My mother and father yell a lot. Always have." while Hroki will try to excuse them: "Don't mind the yelling. My parents are always going at each other."

When asked about where you can learn more about magic, she will be dismissive: "Magic? Got no good use for that here. Mages keep to their College in Winterhold. Go bother them. Wish the Jarl's wizard would up and leave with ya."

As innkeeper, she will offer you some rumors as well: "Degaine the beggar got himself kicked out the Temple of Dibella. Caused quite the ruckus." if you are in Markarth and have not accepted Degaine's offer, "They say that something happened in the Hall of the Dead. Brother Verulus has the whole place closed.", or "A witchhunter from the Priesthood of Stendarr is in town. He's asking a lot of questions about that old abandoned house."

During The Forsworn Conspiracy, you are to find out why a woman named Margret was attacked in the local marketplace. You are told that she stayed in the Silver-Blood Inn, where either Kleppr or Frabbi can be of help in the investigation. Should you ask Frabbi if Margret stayed in the inn, she will answer, "Ah, yes. Rented the nicest room we had for a whole month." If Margret survived the attack, Frabbi will continue, "I think she's sitting by the fire. Poor girl." If not, she will instead say, "Best we all forget about her. Bad luck to talk about the dead in Markarth." If asked, she will confirm that she has the key to Margret's room, but will not give it to you: "Of course. But I can't just hand that over. Privacy, after all." She can be persuaded:

"I won't tell anyone. Promise." (Persuade)
"Well, you seem like the honest sort. Here you are." (Passed)
"Right. You adventuring types would never go into a room just to steal everything." (Failed)
"Maybe I could rent the room?" (Bribe)
"Well, I guess Margret isn't around to complain. It's yours." (Passed)
"Sorry. Margret might be dead, but the room's rented." (Failed)
"Hand the key over. Now." (Intimidate)
"All right. I don't want any trouble. It's yours." (Passed)
"Are you serious? I say more threatening words to my husband." (Failed)
"Never mind, then."
"Did you need anything else?"

Related Quests[edit]

  • Note: This NPC is one of many potential quest givers or quest targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on this page.


Even while they're working, Frabbi and Kleppr's exchanges are rife with sarcasm and hostility. One case is when he overhears her telling you, "Unlike my husband Kleppr, I watch after our guests.", as he will yell, "What was that you said, venomous wife of mine?" She will yell back, "Nothing, you pig-headed oaf!" Similarly, when you enter the kitchen or take a seat, Kleppr will call her to serve you a drink: "Frabbi, a customer needs a drink!" She will approach you to offer you a beverage, but not before she snaps at him: "Too lazy to give him [sic] a drink yourself? Oaf." At other times, they will throw snide remarks at each other:

Frabbi: "All the wood furniture in this inn is rotting to the core. Do you know why that is, Kleppr?"
Kleppr: "I don't know, my darling wife. I assume you're going to tell me?"
Frabbi: "It's rotten because the wood is cheap and its [sic] soaked with ale! Now we'll have to replace all the furniture before bugs set in."
Kleppr: "Don't worry, my love. Just show the bugs your adoring face, and they'll scurry away in complete fear in no time."
Frabbi: "You're an idiot, Kleppr. Why did I ever marry you?"
Kleppr: "Not a day goes by I don't ask that question myself, my dear."

Kleppr: "Frabbi, my dear loving wife, could you please clean out our guest rooms?"
Frabbi: "Clean the rooms yourself Kleppr. It's not like you do anything important around here."
Kleppr: "No, just check in the guests and manage the coin and keep a roof over your head. No, nothing important"

Frabbi: "Kleppr, you idiot! Can't you do anything right?"
Kleppr: "What? What did I do this time? I was just standing here!"
Frabbi: "You were just standing there when you were supposed to be serving drinks to our customers!"
Kleppr: "Shouldn't you be helping me then, wife of mine? Sharing my problems? Being my better half?"
Frabbi: "I am your better half. And your better half is telling you to stop being an idiot and serve the customers their drinks!"

However, she is much more amicable towards her son Hreinn, doting on him:

Frabbi: "How are your chores coming, son?"
Hreinn: "I've been cleaning up spills and there is fresh linen for the rooms."
Frabbi: "Aren't you wonderful! Why can't your father be more like you and your sister?"
Hreinn: "Are you going to walk over to father and start hitting him again?"
Frabbi: "No, not right now. Maybe later, if I'm still upset."

Meanwhile, Kleppr denies that they bicker so often:

Hreinn: "Father, why do you and mother fight so much?"
Kleppr: "We don't fight, son. We, um, talk. Loudly."
Hreinn: "Will I need to talk so loudly with my wife when I get married?"
Kleppr: "Dibella's Heart, son, I hope not."


  • If both Kleppr and Frabbi die, Hreinn was supposed to take over as innkeeper. If Hreinn were to die, Hroki would take over as innkeeper. Surprisingly, if they all died, Rhiada will take over the Silver-Blood Inn, though she will remain in the Treasury House.


  • According to her packages, Frabbi was meant to sleep from midnight to 8am in the inn, but she will not.[verification needed — Why doesn't the package activate?] ?