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Brother Verulus
(RefID: 0001BB8F)
Home City Markarth
Location Hall of the Dead (Initially Understone Keep)
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 6 Class Priest
RefID 0001BB8F BaseID 0001338C
Other Information
Health 92 Magicka 50
Stamina 83
Primary Skills Restoration
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes, until the final part of The Taste of Death
Voice Type MaleYoungEager
Faction(s) CrimeFactionReach; DA11VerulusAllyFaction; DA11VerulusFaction; MarkarthHallofDeadFaction; MarkarthKeepFaction; Thieves Guild No Pickpocketing Faction; TownMarkarthFaction
Brother Verulus

Brother Verulus is an Imperial priest residing in the Hall of the Dead in Markarth. He can initially be found outside of the hall in Understone Keep, having an argument with Thongvor Silver-Blood.

He wears a set of hooded monk robes along with a pair of boots. He carries the key to the Hall of the Dead along with a selection of common loot and gold. In combat, he relies on an iron dagger or a staff of frostbite. Being a priest he knows a decent set of spells. From the school of Alteration, he knows Oakflesh and Stoneflesh. From the school of Destruction, he knows Lightning Bolt and Sparks. From the school of Restoration, he knows Healing, Grand Healing, Lesser Ward, Turn Undead, Fast Healing, and Turn Lesser Undead.

He starts his day within Understone Keep at 8am, and will wander around the Keep for the entire day, eating at noon and at 6pm, before going to sleep at midnight.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]

Upon entering Understone Keep for the first time, you will witness a heated argument between Brother Verulus and Thongvor Silver-Blood:

Thongvor: "What are you hiding, priest?"
Verulus: "I'm not hiding anything. It's closed for a reason."
Thongvor: "Typical Imperial lies. First you take away Talos, now you're keeping us from seeing our honored dead? You and the Jarl will answer for any desecration of my ancestors' bodies."
Verulus: "That's enough, Thongvor. We're done."

You can ask him some questions if you talk to him:

What's the Hall of the Dead?
"New to Skyrim? I was confused at first, too. The Nords call their mausoleums the Hall of the Dead. It's where people in the city are buried. Fathers. Forefathers. Mothers. Foremothers."
Who's Arkay?
"Arkay. One of the Eight Divines. God of the Cycle of Birth and Death. It is his shrine people pray to when they visit the Hall. That his divinity will watch over their ancestors on the way to the next life."

After the conversation with Thongvor, walking up to Verulus and engaging him in conversation will make him immediately say:

"If it's about the Hall of the Dead, no, you can't go in there."
Why not?
"I can't talk about it. Rest assured, the Jarl hears everyone's concerns. You will be able to visit the dead again soon."

Then, you have several options:

Option Dialogue
I could help if you tell me. (Persuade) Passed: "All right. I was going to suggest the Jarl hire someone to sort this mess out, anyway."
Would some coin help? (Bribe) Passed: "Well, the Priesthood of Arkay always accepts generous donations."
Failed: "That's not going to work."
I don't like being ignored. (Intimidate) Failed: "Then my answer is the Hall of the Dead is closed. By order of the Jarl. Understand?"
I'll come back later, then. "Arkay keep you and protect you."

Succeeding in convincing him to tell you will trigger the quest The Taste of Death. He will explain further what is going on:

"We've discovered that some of the dead have been... eaten. Flesh has been chewed off, bones were snapped to get at the marrow inside. We haven't caught anyone or anything yet. It's like it knows when I'm there. If you can get to the bottom of this, the Priesthood of Arkay will reward you. Take my key, and be careful."

Once you have returned to him, tasked from Eola to lure him into her trap, he will anxiously say:

"You've returned. What happened in the Hall of the Dead?"
The Hall of the Dead is safe now.
"Divines preserve you, you're a hero. We'll re-open the Hall right away."

If you chose to kill Eola, you have an option to say:

Your cannibal has been taken care of.
"I don't need to know the details. Blessings of Arkay to you for your help. Here. Take my amulet as a reward."

If instead you chose to spare Eola, you will need to speak to Brother Verulus again:

I have need of a priest in my travels.
"You are looking for Arkay's protection while you delve some dank tomb, I take it? My duties keep me busy in Markarth. I don't know if I can help you."

At this point, you have several options:

Option Dialogue
There would be treasure to share... (Persuade) Passed: "Treasure, you say? I suppose the Jarl won't mind if I'm gone for a little while. Lead on.
Failed: You know, in the Priesthood of Arkay, we have a joke about an empty pocket being better than a full grave."
I'm willing to pay. (Bribe) Passed: "That's no small amount of coin, friend. I suppose I can come with you for a short venture. Lead on.
Failed: I'm just not up for it, sorry. I'd rather stay here, have a glass of wine, and perform my rites to Arkay in peace."
You're coming with me. Now. (Intimidate) Failed: "I think you need to calm down before I summon the guards."
Never mind, then. "Arkay watch over you."
The perfect feast

While following you during the quest, he may occasionally say one of the following:

"Don't worry, Arkay's protection is absolute."
"Don't worry, the Eight are watching over us. I hope."

Upon successfully luring him to the chamber where he is to be sacrificed, he will be hypnotized by Eola:

Verulus: "Who... who are you? What's going on?"
Eola: "Priest of Arkay. I'm your friend."
Verulus: "You're my... friend...."
Eola: "Yes. I'm your friend, and I've invited you to dinner."
Verulus: "I've been invited to dinner.... I'm so hungry...."
Eola: "Why don't you lay down and rest, while we get the meal ready?"
Verulus: "I need to lay down. I'll just be a minute...."

If you make Brother Verulus sleep and then decide to kill everyone in the room, he will wake up in a daze.

"What... what happened?"
It doesn't matter. You're safe.
"Thank you. I don't know what's going on, but I think I owe you my life."
You were this close to being food.
"Sweet Breath of Arkay, were these the cannibals that were plaguing the Hall of the Dead?"

Regardless of your choice, he will then say:

"I need to get back to Markarth. Here, take this. It's the least I can do for saving my life."

Or, simply:

"I must return to Markarth."

If you see him later after the quest, he will occasionally say:

"Thanks again for saving my life. I think I'm done with venturing outside of Markarth, though."


  • While on the quest The Taste of Death, and having asked him to accompany you to Reachcliff Cave, Brother Verulus will follow you everywhere until he is brought to Eola. Thus, he may be used as a powerful follower in addition to any follower you may already have if you postpone returning to Reachcliff Cave, although it might be important to note that you cannot access Brother Verulus' inventory, and thus cannot enhance his abilities during their time together.