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SR-icon-spell-Banish.png Banish
School Conjuration
Type Defensive
ID 000acbb5
Base Cost 9
Items Weapons
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Enchanting description: Summoned Daedra up to level <mag> are sent back to Oblivion.

Banish sends conjured daedra back to Oblivion. Simply put, it makes them disappear. Therefore, it either pushes the daedra back or results in a one hit kill.


The following items use this effect. You can learn how to enchant custom items with Banish if you find one of the following items and disenchant it:

  • All weapons of Annihilating
  • All weapons of Banishing
  • All weapons of Expelling


The following spells use the Banish group of effects. Following each spell is the specific variant of the effect that it uses:


  • This effect is automatically added to all Bound Weapons if the Oblivion Binding perk has been unlocked.
  • For enchanting purposes this effect will yield the most profitable items. It is possible to make an iron dagger with a value greater than 2000 gold with just a petty soul gem and banish.
  • Finding merchants that sell items with this effect for disenchantment purposes is only possible when you are level 22 or higher.
  • Dremora are not considered daedra and are thus not affected by Banish spells.
    • Only the three elemental atronachs are considered daedra. The three levels of Banish that are buyable as spells and appear on non-custom enchantments are suited to those three daedra; the weakest spell/enchantments can only banish flame atronachs; the middle-tier spell/enchantments can banish flame and frost atronachs, and the strongest can banish all three atronachs.
  • All conjured creatures (except Ash Guardians) are banished when struck by a banish effect, including Dremora Lords and familiars.
  • While a weak spell won't remove higher level daedra, it will briefly stun them and make them walk backwards.
  • Only summoned daedra are affected by this effect. Daedra which appear naturally as regular enemies (which can be corpse-looted after death) cannot be banished, only killed.