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Daedric Artifact: Sanguine Rose (0001cb36)
(lore page)
Type Staff
Editor ID DA14SanguineRose
Weight Weight 10 Value Value 2087
Summons a Dremora for 60 seconds
Charge/Cost = Uses 3000/215=13
Sanguine Rose

Sanguine Rose is a staff received after winning a drinking contest with Sam Guevenne in A Night To Remember, or at least after you put together what happened the night before and find him again. It will summon a Dremora to aid in your fights for 60 seconds.

Related Quests[edit]


Level Dremora Summoned
1 Dremora Churl
12 Dremora Caitiff
19 Dremora Kynval
27 Dremora Kynreeve
36 Dremora Markynaz
46 Dremora Valynaz
  • If you kill the Dremora it will not drop a Daedra Heart.
  • If you've given the staff to a follower, they may use it. However, if you accidentally attack the summoned Dremora, it will retaliate unless you sheathe your weapon.
  • The Dremora summoned is leveled according to the chart at the right.
  • As of version 1.5, the staff now benefits fully from Conjuration perks (but only the ones that also affect conjured Dremora Lords).
  • Myrwatch's galleryCC contains a special holder for this item.