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Unused Content is content that is unreleased, scrapped, or unavailable to the player through normal gameplay.


The following lists Unused Creatures for Shadowkey.








  • Khajiit npcs do not appear in the game. Khajiit are playable however, but lack a tail and digitigrade legs. An unused Khajiit model with digitigrade legs exists in the files.



There is an unused level called "menu" in the files, this was most likely going to be used as a moving background for Shadowkey's main menu.


Name Skill Damage Buy Value Sell Value Magic Effect Acquisition
SK-icon-weapon-Dagger.png Neb's Talon Dagger 35-45 20000 1000 +25 Attack
+10 Resist Magic
Cut Content
SK-icon-weapon-Dagger.png Shard of Vehemence Shortblade 38-40 20000 1000 +15 Health
+5 Lethal Strike
+5 Strength
Cut Content


  • Before its release, Shadowkey's first press release trailer advertised a feature of unlocking new areas, and downloading weapons and spells via the N-gage arena. The N-gage arena integration for the game was reported to be scrapped, and many of the Items, Spells, etc with no documented location may have been intended to originate from there.
  • Shadowkey would have originally had four player multiplayer, more character art, and a few more large levels.

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