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Location Twilight Temple
Fearfrost Caverns
Type Goblin
Other Information
Level 4 XP 200
Health 30 Armor 2
Attack 4 Defense 4
Magic Resistance 6 Spellcasting 0
Damage 3-8
Ivgrizt is searching for his tribe's lost headdress

Ivgrizt is found in Twilight Temple, one of the last remaining goblins after the rest fled to their base in Fearfrost Caverns following Pergan Asuul's invasion. During the attack, the Shaman Headdress of the goblin tribe was stolen and Ivgrizt is desperate for its return.

To gain supplies for his campaign, Ivgrizt stole a pack from a traveling merchant. He will return it to you if you find the missing headdress.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Goblin Rescue 2[edit]

When first spoken to:

(A thin goblin looks excited to see you, and shouts.)
"You stink!
Ah… I mean you stink because you live, not rot. Pardons, I am Ivgrizt."
How do you do?
"Not well, but better than most of my band. The shadow master of this temple took our headdress."
"He came in with vermin, but we and our wolves drove him off. But he took our shaman's ritual headdress. Now we have no shaman."
Go on.
"We know the headdress is in the shadow rooms, near the Room of Midnight. But the room is locked.
To open that door you must first open the doors in the Twilight Chamber which lead to the Rooms of Dusk and Dawn.
You need the Scrolls of Dusk and Dawn to open these doors."
Where are the scrolls?
"There are small rooms near the entrance, but we could not defeat the dead crawlers. Get the scrolls, open the doors.
Then open the Midnight Door and find the headdress. Deal?"
Sure, I'd like a challenge.
Too much for me.

When spoken to again before finding the headdress:

"Yes, breaching the Midnight Door is hard, but you must do it."
I won't fail.

Once you have recovered the headdress:

"Most brave, most brilliant, you are a feared hero!"
(Ivgrizt takes the shaman headdress from you, and does a clumsy bow.)
"The merchant pack is in our caverns, northwest in Snowline.
If you come to retrieve it, I will have it for you."
(Ivgrizt slowly saunters toward the outside world.)

Trailslag's Goods[edit]

If helped in the Twilight Temple:

(A goblin steps forward. It's Ivgrizt, the goblin you helped in Twilight Temple.)
"I have the Orc's pack, as I said. Take it with my best wishes. But I must warn you…
The headdress failed to give hero Tirasch the powers of shaman. His anger still grows. I stay away.
He is still looking for blood. Yours would satisfy him."
Take pack.
Look through pack.
"Trailslag's pack has several sealed compartments which look trapped, but there is a note from a General Duvais you can reach."
Close pack.
Read note.
"Scout Dragonstar, deliver the map to our agents in Earthtear Caverns. A third of the payment accompanies this note. The rest shall be paid in full by our agents."

If spoken to after taking the pack:

"Be careful. Not all goblins are as friendly as I am."
Thanks for the warning.