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Unused Content is content of any type that was intended to appear in the game at some point of development but remains unreleased, scrapped, or otherwise unavailable to the player in the final product. Many examples of this exist in the original game of the series.

Guard Quests[edit]

Guard Quests, a type of side quest involving guarding the Inn/Palace of the Quest Giver against enemies for a number of days, were apparently quite developed in text but were never implemented in the game.

Palace Guard Quests[edit]

Palace Guard Quest Rumors (Bartender)
  • "Listen, honey. My husband's a guard at the palace of good [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]. I shouldn't be telling you this, 'cause I'm not even supposed to know it, but they're preparing for a battle or something up there. I'm sure the [Ruler's Title] would be happy to pay you if you were willing to fight. I just want me man to be out alive."
  • "I don't care what anyone says, there's something going on at the palace, something we common folk ain't supposed to know. Preparations for war, if I ever seen [sic] it, and I fought in two campaigns against [Rival Settlement Name]. If you're smart you'll head up to the palace and see what [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s willing to pay a soldier."
  • "I'm only telling you this 'cause I like you. There were three of [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s soldiers in here a bit ago, having a drink, and I accidentally overheard them talking about an expected siege on the [Settlement Name] palace! They sounded like they expected to be outnumbered. I bet if you went to the palace, the [Ruler's Title]'d be willing to pay for your help."
  • "You look like you're accustomed to battle, [PC Race], so you're the type the captain of the guard told me to keep an eye out for. The [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name]'s looking for soldiers for some reason. I wasn't told why. I was only told to send any toughlooking [sic] characters up to the palace. If you're really looking for a job, head up that direction, [PC Race]."
  • "You ought to head up to the palace, kid. I'm friendly with a couple of the boys in [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s guard and I haven't seen them in a couple days. That usually means something's going on at the palace. And when's [sic] there's something going on, there's work. [Ruler's Title] [Ruler'sbName] ain't cheap, neither. You'll get paid good for whatever you do for [Him/Her]."
Quest Start
  • "I would be interested in hiring your services to supplement my militia. I fear that [Enemy Organization]'s forces are planning an attack in an effort to depose me from my rightful place. My spies have informed me that the attack could happen anytime within the next [Quest Duration] days. I would need you to guard my daughter's suite during this time, lending your aid to any attacks that may occur. If you successfully protect the area, I will reward you [Amount of Gold] gold for your time. Will you join me against this vile usurper?"
  • "For some time, I have had antagonistic relations with [Enemy Organization] and now my spies tell me an attack against my palace is planned to take place within [Quest Duration] days. I need reinforcements if I am to defend myself, but it will take my cousin at least [Quest Duration] days to send me militia. I am forced to hire mercenaries. I will reward you with [Amount of Gold] gold pieces at the end of [Quest Duration] days if you join my guard and on your own are able to defend the north-west wing of my palace. Do we have a deal?"
  • "If my spies are correct, my rival to the throne, [Enemy Organization], is planned a large scale invasion of this very palace. They are quite certain that a siege will occur in the next [Quest Duration] days, exactly how long it will take for my allies to arrive to rebuff the attacks. I need men desperately until then. If I can trust you to defend your post in the ambassador's hall, I promist to pay you [Amount of Gold] gold pieces. Please, for the sake of [Settlement Name], help me."
Guard Journal Entry (Palace)
  • "You have agreed to protect your post in the palace of [Ruler's Name], [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name] for [Number of Days] days. Today is day [Current Day of Watch] of your militia duty."
First Attack
  • "[Ruler Title] [Ruler Name]'s palace guards prepare for combat like true professionals, sharpening their sabres and polearms, sparring with one another. Veterans show old battle wounds to the neophytes who wish for glorious tales of their own. Known battle tactics of [Enemy Organization] are discussed and analysed at length before each soldier, including you, is sent to a different location to prepare to repel enemy troops. You wait, blood pounding in your head. Then, on day [Date], your vigilance is rewarded..."
  • "You are tired of waiting. The preparations to repel the soldiers of [Enemy Organization] have been thorough, professional, and tedious. Strategy has been discussed exhaustively. You know that the odds are against [Ruler Title] [Ruler Name]'s troops, and thirst for battle fills your every thought. Finally, [Date] days after receiving your assignment, your thirst can be quenched..."
  • "You know that all you can do is wait for the siege on the palace of [Ruler Name], [Ruler Title] of [Settlement Name] to begin. Impatiently, you scour every inch of your assigned position and fill your mind with thoughts of blood. The waiting is almost getting to be too much to bear when, on day [Date], you hear a cry..."
Second Attack
  • "You rest from the battle, but remain alert for fear of additional attacks on the [Ruler Title]'s palace. [Date] days into your guard duty, your fears are realized..."
  • "Wounds are tended to and the dead are buried. [Date] days pass since you first accepted this position. Suddenly, you hear the hideous battlecry of [Enemy Organization]'s men..."
  • "There is little time to recover from the last onslaught..On day [Date] of your guard duty, the alarm rings out. You realize that [Enemy Organization]'s men are attacking…"
Finishing Quest
  • "The odds were greatly stacked against us, but I believe [Enemy Organization] will think again before attacking this palace again. The debt I owe to you is tremendous. Please accept [Larger Gold Reward] gold pieces instead of the [Amount of Gold] I promised you for your valor was inspirational indeed. Fare you well, [PC Race]."
  • "In the annals of [Settlement Name], the names of many new heroes today will be writ. Against the overwhelming might of the wicked [Enemy Organization], you have prevailed and I am indeed grateful. You are worth more than the [Amount of Gold] gold I promised. Accept instead [Larger Gold Reward] gold and go in peace."
  • "I asked for a mercenary out of desperation, and I got instead a hero. You deserve more than the [Amount of Gold] gold originally promised. Take instead [Larger Gold Reward] gold pieces. I would be very surprised if [Enemy Organization] ever again menaces these lands. Go in peace, [PC Race]."
Post-Quest Rumors
  • "Did you hear our [Ruler's Title] had to fend off an attack from [Enemy Faction]. Thank God he had some mercenaries to help him or [Settlement Name] might have been lost."
  • "Most people are still talking about that attack by [Enemy Faction] on our [Ruler's Title]'s palace. We have that mysterious [PC Race] to thank for saving [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]."
  • "Everyone's still talking about how we almost were under [Enemy Faction]'s rule. If it weren't for.those mercenaries that came to [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s side in the hour of need, I shudder to think."
  • "The big news is the assault on [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s palace. They say if it weren't for a heroic [PC Race], we'd probably be under [Enemy Faction]'s rule now."
  • "You know [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] made public the siege on the palace. Apparently, we were very nearly taken over by [Enemy Faction]. Close call, eh, [PC Race]?"
Failing Palace Guard Quest
  • "Ah, you. I understand that you brought the concepts of cowardice and disloyalty to new depths during the recent skirmish with [Enemy Organization]. Surely you have come to beg my forgiveness and are not so moronic to expect payment. I will indeed forgive you. Now go. Your baseness stinks up the air of [Settlement Name]."
  • "You stun me. I have never seen someone who deserted [His/Her] guard duty return without wearing chains. You are either very brave or very stupid. Your action, or lack of action, during [Enemy Organization]'s siege on my palace prevents me from believing you to be brave. That's good, because I am not in the habit of having born idiots beheaded for disloyalty. You may leave in peace."
  • "I want you to know that if a member of my guard deserted me during a siege and showed up later demanding payment like you, I would have [His/Her] blood drained from [His/Her] body drop by drop. But I was warned against using mercenaries. Because I have been as foolish have been cowardly, I allow you to leave unharmed. But you must do it now."

Inn Guard Quest[edit]

Quest Rumors
  • "Doubt if you've had much experience in this, but I know a [Description] looking for a guard. I think [He/She]'s usually in one of the taverns [Direction] of here, if you're interested."
  • "I don't know if [He/She] would mind me mentioning it, but I know a [Description] who's having a little trouble and might need some protection. I'm pretty sure [He/She]'s to the [Direction] somewhere, I think."
  • "If you want to earn a few gold pieces and don't mind a little honest fighting, be on the lookout for a [Description] to the [Direction]. I'm pretty sure [He/She]'s looking for a few bodyguards."
  • "Ever heard of a [Description]? Well, if you had, you'd know [He/She]'s always having some trouble. This time I think it's pretty serious. I'm pretty sure [He/She]'s somewhere [Direction] of here, if you're looking for work."
  • "I don't know anything about this character, but apparently [He/She]'s looking for some protection in one of the taverns [Direction] of here. You could make a few gold pieces if you're willing to fight."
  • "The word from the [Tavern Name] - you know the tavern a bit [Direction] of here? - is that a [Description] is in some serious trouble and looking for protection. If you don't mind fighting, look into it."
  • "Listen, I have a friend, a [Description], who's in a little misunderstanding with some rough types, and is looking for someone to protect [Him/Her]. You can find [Him/Her] just [Direction] of here, at the [Tavern Name]."
  • "I've heard there's a [Description] at the [Tavern Name] who's anticipating some trouble from one of the rougher elements of [Settlement Name]. The inn's just [Direction] of here, if you think you're tough enough to defend [Him/Her]."
  • "Wanna fight for money? The word is that a couple tough characters are planning an attack on a [Description]. I'm pretty sure [He/She]'s looking for some defenders over at a tavern just [Direction] of here called the [Tavern Name]."
  • "I don't even know if this [Description] knows it, but a [Description] has made some big enemies in [Settlement Name]. If you go see [Him/Her] at the [Tavern Name], just a few steps [Direction] of here, I'm sure [He/She]'ll pay for some protection."
Quest Start
  • "I must keep my voice down, young [PC Race]. A few minutes before you walked in, there was a crowd of ruffians in here, members of [Faction], no doubt. Well, they were getting a little drunk and rambunctious and I asked them politely to leave. I got this look from them that's been making me very nervous. Do you think you could watch the street outside my business after hours tonight and make certain no damage is done? I'd be happy to pay [Amount of Gold] gold for your protection."
  • "Have you heard of [Faction], good [PC Race]? If you have, you know why I'm whispering. I owe them money, a lot of money. Their master has openly threatened to tear this inn of mine down around my ears this very night. Would you watch outside this inn tonight and protect it? I can offer you [Amount of Gold] gold for your services. Please, will you help me?"
  • "I called you over because you're the toughest looking [PC Race] in this place and I need your help. [Faction] contacted me last night and asked if I was interested in selling my business. I said no, which obviously wasn't the right answer. I'm sure they're going to send some of their people over tonight to ruin me. I'll give you [Amount of Gold] gold pieces if you'll stand guard outside the inn for me tonight. Agreed?"
Guard Journal Entry (Inn)
  • "You have agreed to stand guard and protect [Quest Giver]'s property from an attack by [Faction]."
  • "You ready yourself in preparation for [Faction]'s hordes, becoming so accustomed to the dark that you know every shadow, every noise around you intimately. It is the faintest noise, the scratch of steel against stone that alerts you. You are not taken by surprise by the attack minutes later…"
  • "Many hours have gone by since you agreed to [Quest Giver]'s request. Every shadow, every noise here has become so familiar to you that almost all the tension has melted away. Your eyes have just started to drop when you notice a slight movement just ahead of you. You ready yourself for battle…"
  • "You agreed to protect this place for [Quest Giver], but as the night grows deeper and darker, you begin to have second thoughts. Everyone knows what a powerful organization [Faction] is, to openly confront them may be considered suicide. You hear a cough that no one else would have heard. You prepare for a battle and seconds later, you have one…"
Finishing Quest
  • "I cannot thank you enough for protecting my place. If I could afford it, I would certainly pay you more than the [Amount of Gold] gold I promised, but here it is. I'm going to try and make amends with [Faction] today. I imagine after the beating they took tonight, [Faction] will be more open to my point of view. Thank you, friend."
  • "Here is the [Amount of Gold] gold I promised. I have to admit I'm stunned to look around and see what all [Faction] sent against me. They're more powerful than I thought if they can afford to waste such mighty warriors on a minor annoyance like me. Oh well, that's none of your concern. You fought bravely tonight, and for that I thank you."
  • "Never have I seen anyone fight members of [Faction] with such courage. You were outnumbered, but I never saw you pause and consider retreat. Here are the [Amount of Gold] gold pieces I promised, worthy [PC Race]. I'll meet with [Faction] today and allow them to apologize. Farewell."

Unused Greetings[edit]

Many NPCs with unique greetings were intended for the game but ultimately didn't make it to the final game.


First Encounter
  • "Good to see some young blood in our [Settlement Type], [PC race]. Anything [NPC Name], esquire, can help you with? Information, perhaps?"
  • "Good child, [NPC Name] is my name, and if you want to know anything about [Settlement name], ask me. I've been here forever."
  • "You're new to [Settlement name], young [PC race]? You could not have picked a better [Settlement Type]. I, of course, am [NPC Name], Merchant Extraordinaire."
  • "You may call me [NPC Name]. Ignore the baubles on this table. You should visit [Store Name]. My finest wares are there."
  • "You're never going to believe this, but I sell stuff. I know this big table of things for sale probably confused you, but, yes, that's me: [NPC Name], the seller of stuff."
Further Encounters
  • "Presenting [NPC Name] the merchant. Most people remember my name the first time. Oh well…"
  • "We met before, not too long ago, young [PC race]. I'm the merchant [NPC Name]."
  • "Good to see you again, [PC race]. I'm [NPC Name], king of merchandise, if you forgot."
  • "Still strolling around [Settlement name], eh, [PC race]? Wish I had thy job but I gotta to eat."
  • "I can't believe you forgot my name, [NPC Name], supplier to [Settlement name]. I thought we had a relationship."

Street Cleaner[edit]

First Encounter
  • "Well, I sure ain't the [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement name]. I'm just [NPC Name], humble street cleaner. How can I help you?"
  • "My name is [NPC Name], the street-cleaner. What a mess, eh? Somebody has to clean up after all of you strangers."
  • "Me? Listen, I ain't looking for trouble. I'm only poor [NPC Name], a lowly employee of the [Settlement Type], doing my job, sweeping the streets. Do you need something?"
  • "You lost or something, kid? I'm [NPC Name]. Usually nobody talks to me. They think I'm crazy."
  • "I'm a street-cleaner. Big surprise, eh, [PC race]? I go by the name of [NPC Name]. You [sic] new to town or something?"
Further Encounters
  • "Little wonder you've forgotten my name, [PC race]. It's [NPC Name]. It's one of those forgettable names."
  • "You're still here, [PC race]? No surprise. The streets are still dirty, [NPC Name]'s back still hurts. Nothing ever changes in [Settlement name]."
  • "Few people talk to [NPC Name] more than once, [PC race]. Most thinks [sic] I'm crazy. Maybe you're crazy too."
  • "What do you want from [NPC Name] this time, [PC race]? Directions? Gossip? I'll tell you what I know... which isn't much."
  • "Hello again, [PC race]. How can [NPC Name] the street sweeper help a [PC race] like you?"


First Encounter
  • "Hello there, [PC race], I am [NPC Name], the finest personnel agent in [Province Name]. Are you interested in something male, female, non-human, what? You're looking for something else?"
  • "Who do you think I am, [PC race]? None other than [NPC Name], procurer of the most loyal, um, workers money can buy. You don't look much like a buyer, kid."
  • "I'm [NPC Name], and I'm a flesh peddler. It's not very noble, but somebody's gotta do it. So, what do you want?"
  • "Good day, [PC race], I'm [NPC Name], Slaver Extraordinaire. Please don't talk to the merchandise. Can I interest you in some goblins? Two for the price of one."
  • "The slaves can't talk, [PC race]. If you wanna do business, do it through me. I'm their, ah, agent, [NPC Name]. Pleased to meetcha."
Further Encounters
  • "Oh, it's you again, you. Please don't touch the merchandise. Remember the motto of [NPC Name], you break it, you bought it."
  • "Didn't I tell you before not to touch the slaves? If you want to talk to someone, talk to me, [NPC Name]. So what can I help you with, kid?"
  • "Hello again, [PC race]. Not too morally offended by my trade to come back, are you? Don't sweat about it. What can [NPC Name], esquire, do for you?"
  • "Listen, [PC race], you may not like what I do, but I'm [NPC Name], a businessman. I can't spend all my time talking with [PC race] kids like you."
  • "Interested in someone up there this time, kid? Or do you just wanna pump [NPC Name] for information? I guess I already knew that one"


First Encounter
  • "My name, [NPC Name]. I am proud to be a member of the [Ruler's Title]'s guard."
  • "You are addressing [NPC Name], an officer of [Ruler's Name]'s royal guard."
  • "I am [NPC Name], one of the [Settlement Type] guards. Conduct yourself while in [Settlement Name], [PC Race]."
Further Encounters
  • "You've asked me that before, feeble-minded [PC Race]. I am [NPC Name], [Settlement Type] guardsman."
  • "A poor memory for names, [PC Race]? I am still [NPC Name], guardsman of [Settlement Name]."
  • "Last time you asked I was [NPC Name], guardsman to [Ruler's Name]. Lo, I am still the same."

Imperial Province Dungeons[edit]

The unused dungeon icons of the Imperial Province

The Imperial Province was seemingly intended to hold many optional dungeons much like every other province. The icons for these dungeons on the map are still accesible but lead nowhere.

Monster Description[edit]

These descriptions were seemingly intended to be used when the player clicks on a foe to identify them. In the game itself this only results in the message "You see a [Monster Type]..."

Giant Rat
"You see a loathsome vermin looking at you with stupid cunning..."
"You see something has crawled out of the sewers, mindless with starvation and diseases ..."
"You see an enormous rodent, stinking of garbage and plague ..."
"You see a small, hideously deformed man..."
"You see something that looks like an insane, terribly disfigured child..."
"You see a cruelly twisted and shrunken little man..."
"You see a reptilian humanoid, its eyes revealing its cold-blooded nature..."
"You see a man-beast, scales glistening in the light..."
"You see a hybrid of a man and a dragon, reptilian in its claws, fangs, and eyes..."
"You see a large wild dog, its powerful jaws slavering..."
"You see something has come out of the timbers, a low growl rumbling in its snapping jaws..."
"You see a dark, matted beast, strands of bloody saliva dripping from its snapping canines..."
Snow Wolf
"You see an enormous snow-white dog, cool wind coming from its jaws in a mist..."
"You see something has come out of the timbers, a low growl deep in its throat, its teeth snapping..."
"You see a beast that looks like a cold marble statue, its canine teeth and eyes very much alive..."
"You see a tall, pig-faced man..."
"You see a pile of bones that somehow can move..."
"You see a giant, misshapened [sic] man with the head of a bull ..."
Giant Spider
"You see a huge arachnid, venom dripping from its fangs, eyes focusing on you..."
"You see a grotesque caricature of a man, stinking of carrion and lice..."
"You see an wolf-like animal with eyes that glow as red as new embers..."
"You see something that looks like a transparent man..."
"You see a man, eyes devoid of thought, flesh pale and covered with the rot of the grave..."
"You see a giant man, gruesomely proportioned and apparently hungry..."
"You see a skeletal apparition, eyes burning red..."
"You see a small, winged demonling, hissing and spitting at you..."
Ice Golem
"You see a strange, almost crystalline man, the air around him cold and dry..."
Stone Golem
"You see a man covered in a web of cracks, a fine shroud of dust disguising his features..."
Iron Golem
"You see a slate-colored man, the air around him crackling..."
Fire Demon
"You seem something that looks like the Devil itself..."
"You see a hybrid between woman and snake so horrible the blood in your veins begins to chill..."
"You see a very pale man with bright red eyes..."
"You see a robed figure with a white, skull-like face…"

Cut Dialogue and Messages[edit]

Ria Silmane's Last Vision[edit]

A last vision from Ria Silmane was cut from the game, during which she would have said:

"I had expected that with all eight pieces together, the Staff of Chaos would activate and free the Emperor. None of this has occurred, and I finally know why. Held by Tharn is a gem of the rarest qualities. Legend has that it is a star fallen from the sky, for it glows with an inner flame. This is the Jewel of Fire, and the crucible of Tharn's life force. It is also the thing in which Tharn has suffused all of the energy of the Staff. If you can touch the Staff to this Jewel, the release of that combined energy may be enough to destroy the Staff of Chaos and open the gate between worlds. If you are successful, Tharn will no doubt be destroyed as well. There is only one way to get this Jewel. You must make your way into the Imperial Palace and find wherever Tharn has hidden it. Be warned, once inside Tharn will throw the full might of the Palace Guards and those creatures made to resemble the Imperial Guard against you. They are but puppets of Tharn's machinations. Have mercy on them, for they know not what they serve. With Tharn, however, such care need not be taken. If you are successful a dimensional door should open, freeing the Emperor. With the Jewel drained of energy Tharn should also perish. There is a problem however with this course of action. Tharn, in his fear, has made the Imperial Palace inaccessible. If you have been there you already know the Guards are under orders to turn all who approach back. I think that I can circumvent this with a Spell of Altering but it will mean the last of the energy holding me in this form. I will gladly sacrifice myself however, so that Tharn can pay for his betrayal. The spell I cast will alter other's perceptions of your appearance. The Guards posted outside the Imperial Palace should be fooled and allow you entry. I only hope it will be enough. You have done more than a hero could be asked. This is the final step of a long journey. Take heart and go forward with my blessings. I thank you, in the Emperor's name."

Quest-Related Rumors[edit]

Cut Quest Rumors
  • "Can you [Perform Quest Type]? I heard someone in the [Direction] was looking for someone to do that."
  • "Now, what was it that I heard? Someone in the [Direction] needed someone to, ah… I've forgotten. Listen, go [Direction] and ask around. Lots of people are talking about it."
  • "I heard that someone was looking for someone to [Perform Quest Type]. I don't know the details, but I think this character's [Direction] of here somewhere."
  • "Nothing much going on around here, to be honest. Over [Direction], I've heard, someone needs someone to [Perform Quest Type]. If you're interested, I'd head in that direction."
  • "Right. Here in [Settlement Name] but way off to the [Direction], I know there's someone looking for a [PC Race] like you to [Perform Quest Type]. I paid little attention when I heard, but you might want to look into it."
  • "Here's what you do. Go [Direction] and ask someone else what's going on. That's all I can say."
  • "If you're in the mood to walk, go [Direction] a ways. There's always something going on in one of the taverns up there. Maybe even something profitable."
  • "I wouldn't waste my time down here. If you want to make a few gold pieces, head [Direction] as far as you can go. There's always some deal being made over there."
  • "I haven't heard of much going on here. But you might want to try to the [Direction]. It seems like I heard someone was looking for an adventuring [PC Race] like you up there."
  • "I'd head [Direction] if I were looking for something to do. The taverns there are full of people looking to hire adventurers."
Cut Delivery Rumors
  • "Looking for work? Well, there's a tavern right to the [Direction] called the [Tavern Name] where a [Description] has been asking for someone to make a delivery. I'd look into it, if I were you."
  • "Here's what you do. Go to the [Tavern Name], that's just [Direction] of here, and ask for a [Description]. I'm pretty sure there's a job for a tough [PC Race] like you. There's no such thing as a simple delivery job though, you know?"
  • "I know for a fact there's a [Description] with a job doing a delivery that was made for you. Just [Direction] of here, at the [Tavern Name]. Don't say I sent you."
  • "Here's a sure thing* a delivery job for some [Description]. You can't miss this character. Over at the [Tavern Name], a few steps [Direction] of here."
  • "Now, you didn't hear it from me, but go check out the [Tavern Name] to the [Direction] if you think you might be interested in a delivery job. Ask for a [Description]."
Cut Retrieval Rumors
  • "Don't know if this'll interest you, but it's got income potential. Just [Direction] of here is the [Tavern Name]. Look for a [Description], checking out all the tough-looking characters who walk in."
  • "I've heard there's a [Description] over at the [Tavern Name], that's just [Direction] of here, looking for someone who can find some lost thing. From what I've heard, the job'll [sic] pay very well for whatever it is."
  • "How would like [sic] to recover something for a friend of mine, a [Description]? You can find this person at the [Tavern Name], you know the inn [Direction] of here? I'm sure you'll be paid nicely."
  • "There's a [Description] at the [Tavern Name] [Direction] of here who asked me to recover something. I don't have time to do it, you know, because of my career. But if you want to do it, I'm sure you'll be welcome."
  • "You might want to pay a visit a [sic] little [Direction] of here to the [Tavern Name]. A [Description] may still be there, looking for someone to get some kind of object. If you're looking for work, it's not bad."
Cut Escort Rumors
  • "You know the [Tavern Name], just [Direction] of here? Well, there's a [Description] there, talking to people about escorting some family member, right here in [Settlement Name]. I'd look into it."
  • "I don't know if this [Description] needs a chaperone or an escort or what, but if you go [Direction] a bit, you'll find a [Description] in the [Tavern Name] looking for someone like that. I guess willing to pay generously."
  • "Here's all I know. Just [Direction] of here there's a [sic] inn called the [Tavern Name] where you'll find a [Description]. Apparently, this character's looking for some sort of bodyguard or escort..."
  • "A friend of mine, this [Description], is looking for somebody tough to escort someone. I'm sure you'll get all the details over at the [Tavern Name]. That's the inn directly to the [Direction]."
  • "A good bet for a job is this [Description] [Direction] of here at the [Tavern Name], looking for someone to escort a relative or something. Oughta be desperate by now, so the price will be good."

Settlement Welcome Messages[edit]

These messages were apparently intended as greetings by NPCs when the player arrives at a new settlement.

  • "Welcome to our small and humble village of [Settlement Name]. Please feel free to visit our leader, [Ruler Title] [Ruler's Name] anytime. We hope you enjoy your stay."
  • "You are welcome in the small [Province] village of [Settlement Name], traveler. Visit our noble ruler, [Ruler Title] [Ruler's Name], always at your service. We advise against walking the streets unarmed at night."
  • "[Ruler Title] [Ruler's Name] entreats you to rest, gentle traveler, in the arms of [Settlement Name], one of the smallest villages in all [Province]. The [Ruler Title] welcomes visitors in [His/Her] audience chamber at the palace during daylight hours. No appointment is necessary."
  • "We don't care who you're running from here in the town of [Settlement Name]. Get in [Ruler Title] [Ruler's Name]'s way and we'll gut you like a pig. Have a fun time."
  • "There is no finer town in [Province] than [Settlement Name], ruled by the merciful [Ruler Title] [Ruler's Name]. We welcome travelers, but panderers, derelicts, and adventurers are advised not to enter. The [Ruler Title] welcomes all to [His/Her] palace audience chamber from mid morning until early evening."
  • "[Ruler's Name], [Ruler Title] of [Settlement Name] welcomes all to this town, whether your visit is inspired by business or pleasure. Most taverns and inns are open to all humanoids, and the [Ruler Title] is available at [His/Her] palace all day long. Enjoy your stay."
  • "Welcome to our small, and [sic] humble [Settlement Type] of [Settlement Name]. Please feel free to visit our leader, [Ruler Title] [Ruler's Name] anytime. We hope you enjoy your stay."
  • "We don't care who you're running from here in the [Settlement Type] of [Settlement Name]. Get in [Ruler Title] [Ruler's Name]'s way and we'll gut you like a pig. Have a fun time."
  • "This is the City-State of [Settlement Name]. [Ruler Title] [Ruler's Name] doesn't care what you do, as long as you don't get caught. We don't have time to give all offenders a trial, we just execute them."
  • "The Imperial City, the heart of the empire, welcomes you. The [Ruler Title] [Ruler's Name] asks you to feel free to look about and enjoy yourselves. We are at your disposal."

Extra Gold[edit]

When the player completed a quest successfully there could have been a chance that they would have received an extra reward for it, as is obvious in these lines.

  • "Wait, [PC Name]! Now that I hear all you have done, I insist that you take [Larger Gold Reward] gold instead of the [Amount of Gold] gold I promised."
  • "Hold, [PC Name]! Take [Extra Gold] more gold pieces. You have earned it by your toil."
  • "The council has ordered that the extraordinary difficult of your assignment merits you an extra [Extra Gold] gold, making your award [Larger Gold Reward] gold pieces instead."

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