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Home City Wayrest
Location Wayrest Sewers II
House Pellingare Manor
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Yahyif is a Redguard private guard found in Wayrest. During the quest No Second Chances, he will appear in the Wayrest Sewers II along with Gedric Serre in search of his employer, Master Pellingare. He can also be found outside the Pellingare Manor prior to this.

He serves briefly as a follower during the related quest. If spoken to during this time, he says, "We need to find Master Pellingare—no telling what could happen to him down here. He's not the brightest noble."

Related Quests[edit]


Yahyif in Wayrest Sewers

If he is spoken with he will ask if you know the whereabouts of his employer.

"You're the one who defeated that army down here before, right? We're looking for someone, and could really use your expertise." (May appear if you completed Deception in the Dark beforehand.


"Have you, by chance, glimpsed an older gentleman wandering these tunnels?
Balding, paunchy, dressed too well to be gallivanting in the sewers?"
Why are you down here?
"Our patron, Master Pellingare, went missing nights ago. His children passed away recently, in these very sewers—we thought he came to mourn."
So he's somewhere in the sewers?
"He was last seen heading into these tunnels. The whole thing is a sordid affair. The poor bastard must be mad with grief. You'd have to be to stay down here.
We could use some help, if you're willing—there's a lot of ground to cover."

Dialogue from starting quest needed

As you start moving through the sewers, you can overhear Gerric and Yahyif's conversation.

Yahyif: "I have a good feeling about these tunnels. Perhaps we'll actually find Pellingare tonight."
Gedric Serre "That was your opinion last night, too."
Yahyif: "Yes. And one day some Divine will reward me for my unwavering optimism."

When you come across some unconscious civilians in the empty cisternverify.

Gedric Serre "Yahyif! These people are alive!"
Yahyif: "By the Divines! What are civilians doing down here?"
Gedric Serre "Drugged. I'm guessing kidnapped from the city."
Yahyif: "Damn it. Right, you stay here and help these people. I'll take our friends to find Pellingare."

Once Malubeth the Scourger is dead:

Yahyif: "Confound that beast. Let's get moving! Looks like someone opened the door ahead."

When catch up with him, he has come across Master Pellingare and a lich.

Yahyif: "There he is."
"By Zeht's tears—what's going on here?"
Master Pellingare: "They're here! They are not to proceed further, Garron! Do you hear me?"
Yahyif: "A lich! Hope you're ready for a second death, you undead bastard!"


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