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Gedric Serre
Home City Wayrest
Location Wayrest Sewers II
House Pellingare Manor
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Gedric Serre

Gedric Serre is a Breton private guard found in Wayrest. During the quest No Second Chances, he will appear in the Wayrest Sewers II along with Yahyif in search of his employer, Master Pellingare. He can also be found in Pellingare Manor.

He serves briefly as a follower during the related quest. If spoken to during this time, he says, "There are hundreds of places in Wayrest for a noble to loaf about, but he chooses the sewers. I bet all that privilege fosters eccentricity, after a time."

Related Quests[edit]


Gedric in Wayrest Sewers

He can first be spoken to at entrance to the sewers:

"What was it like to fight Master Pellingare's children? Don't tell my boss, but I never liked them."

As you start moving through the sewers, you can overhear Gerric and Yahyif's conversation.

Yahyif: "I have a good feeling about these tunnels. Perhaps we'll actually find Pellingare tonight."
Gedric Serre "That was your opinion last night, too."
Yahyif: "Yes. And one day some Divine will reward me for my unwavering optimism."

When you come across some unconscious civilians in the empty cisternverify.

Gedric Serre "Yahyif! These people are alive!"
Yahyif: "By the Divines! What are civilians doing down here?"
Gedric Serre "Drugged. I'm guessing kidnapped from the city."
Yahyif: "Damn it. Right, you stay here and help these people. I'll take our friends to find Pellingare."

When he is spoken with:


After the Pellingare siblings are put down again, Gerric will have caught up to confront Master Pellingare.

Gedric Serre "Pellingare!"
"He's dead, you bastard! Yahyif is dead!"
"Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you!"
Master Pellingare: "Do what you want. I have nothing left to live for."
Gedric Serre "It's just you and me now."

Gedric can then be spoken with about how to deal with with Master Pellingare.

"Get out of my way. I'm going to kill Pellingare myself. All you have to do is look the other way."
Yahyif was killed by Garron. Garron is dead. Pellingare's children are dead. Isn't that enough?
"Of course that's not enough! We thought Pellingare was in danger. We came down here to rescue him.
Every shambling corpse in this place he created! I can't begin to count the number who've died because of his selfishness. No, for this he pays. Now."
Pellingare deserves death. I will look the other way.
"I'm glad you see things my way. When I think about all the suffering caused by this man and his children ….
Never again. The Pellingare line ends today."
Pellingare deserves a chance. He goes to trial.
I need a minute to think about this.
"What is there to think about? He deserves death. But fine. Think about it. Talk to Pellingare if it will make you feel better. But you know I'm right."

If you decided to let Gerric take justice into his own hands, the following will happen.

Master Pellingare: "I had hoped otherwise, but I suppose it was always going to end this way. For all of us."
Gedric Serre "If only you had realized that before you let your undead children bury half the city down here. If your vanity had allowed you to alert the guards this—
I don't suppose that matters very much to you. Let's get on with this."
Master Pellingare: "Arkay, lord of the seasons, please forgive my children their trespasses, and forgive me mine for refusing to allow their departure from this world."
<Gerric cuts him down with his axe.>
Gedric Serre "It's done. Too late, but it's done."

If spoken to after this:

"If he makes one wrong move, just one misstep, I'll end him. You have my word." may be bug


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