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Recover a merchant's wares and her favorite guar.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: Teegya
Location(s): West of Mud Tree Village
Reward: Boots of the Swampstrider
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 1758 XP
Teegya and Wades-In-Muck
Teegya, a traveling Argonian merchant, lost her guar and a valuable ruby to crocodiles in the swamp. She's too hurt to round them up, so she asked me to search for the ruby and her favorite guar, Wades-In-Muck.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Teegya.
  2. Check the Guar Pack Animals.
  3. Find Wades-In-Muck.
  4. Search crocodile bellies for the ruby.
  5. Return to Teegya.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The road that leads west out of Shadowfen's Mud Tree Village intersects with the road that leads southwest out of Stormhold. Just west of the intersection, you'll find Teegya, a wounded Argonian. Speak to her to begin the quest:

"Horrible things ... they've never done this before.
I'm ruined. I should just let myself be eaten."
What happened?
"Crocodiles! This route has always been safe before. I left the road to avoid wasps, and the crocodiles attacked. My favorite guar, Wades-In-Muck, fled into the swamp. The rest of my guar followed."
Did you lose much?
"Everything! I thought I was so clever, trading all my gold for a large ruby. So much easier to hide from thieves.
It's in one of the guar's bags and now it's gone. I beg you—find my guar and ruby, please!"
I'll find them for you.
"Please, that isn't all I need. I'm hurt. I won't make it out on my own.
Wades-In-Muck is out there somewhere. If you catch her, bring her back to me. I'm doomed without her."
How can I catch her?
"Take these berries. Wades-In-Muck loves them. Feed her a few and she'll follow you anywhere."
I'll bring her back, too.
"Thank you. I'll be here, waiting. Unless a crocodile gets me."

You'll need to search the swamp immediately to the west and locate the three pack guar besides Wades. Your map will indicate their locations with a waypoint; you'll find each one dead:

  • <This guar is very dead, torn apart by crocodiles. If the creature ever wore a pack, it's long gone.>
  • <Crocodiles tore this guar apart, along with any bags it was carrying.>
  • <From the savage bite marks along this guar's back, anything it once carried is most likely in a crocodile's stomach.>

Now that the pack guar are all confirmed dead, you'll need to locate Teegya's pet guar, Wades-In-Muck. You'll find Wades wandering the swamps, and upon approaching her, you'll get a button prompt to use the "guar berries" that Teegya gave you. Do so, and Wades will become a follower NPC. With her under your protection, you can begin slaughtering crocodiles and looting their bodies in search of Teegya's ruby.

Once you find the ruby, return to Teegya. Wades may ditch you along the way, but she'll run straight back to the Argonian. Once you catch up, speak to Teegya to complete the quest:

"Wades-In-Muck! And he's unhurt! The Hist guided you, as I knew it would.
But did it also guide you to my ruby? Please, tell me!"
Yes, in a crocodile's stomach.
"No details, please!
With Wades-In-Muck and my ruby back, I just may survive this trip. I kept a few coins for expenses. Here, take them with my thanks."


  • The three dead pack guar may be invisible. ?
    • Even though they're invisible, you will still get the button prompt to examine them. Each corpse is indicated on the map with a waypoint, so blunder around those areas and watch for the button prompt.

Quest Stages[edit]

Unbridled Wealth
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to help Teegya recover the ruby and guar. Perhaps she has a tip about how to capture the lost guar.
Objective: Talk to Teegya
The crocodiles likely made a short work of Teegya's pack guar. Perhaps her lost ruby is on one of their corpses.
Objective: Search Guar Pack Animals for Teegya's Ruby
Hidden Objective: Search Guar Pack Animal for Teegya's Ruby
The dead guar were torn apart. Perhaps Wades-In-Muck fared better. I'll use the berries to lure her close. If she has the ruby, we can head back to Teegya.
Objective: Capture Wades-In-Muck
Wades-in-Muck didn't have Teegya's ruby, she's now following me around, hoping for more berries. I need to keep looking for the ruby. Maybe a crocodile swallowed it.
Objective: Search Crocodile Bellies for Teegya's Ruby
☑Finishes quest A crocodile swallowed Teegya's ruby, and I got it back the hard way. I should head back to Teegya to let her know.
Objective: Talk to Teegya