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Location Northwest of the Merchant's Gate
South of Fharun Stronghold
Race Orc Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fharun Clan

Ulsha is an Orc of the Fharun clan, and the wife of Chief Bazrag. Your first encounter with her is at the Winterborn ambush near the Merchant's Gate in Wrothgar. She'll be in the frozen cave where she'll say "Poor bastards never had a chance."

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Invitation to Orsinium[edit]

"I saw what you did out there. Thanks for helping the clan Orcs.
The ones in here? I think it's too late to help them. Ice-Heart … he froze them solid. The bastard's got magic the likes of which I've never seen."
You're one of Chief Bazrag's soldiers?
"Yes, I'm with Bazrag. We were out on patrol when we saw the Winterborn attack the caravan. By the time we reached the wagons, the marauders had already stolen the supplies and a group of Orc peasants were trying to chase them down.
Stupid peasants."
Who's Ice-Heart?
"Urfon Ice-Heart. He's the most powerful of the Winterborn warlords that have been raiding Wrothgar the past few years. Since he arrived from the Reach, the attacks have gotten worse.
Ice-Heart is strong, ambitious, and extremely dangerous."
I can deal with Ice-Heart.
"I like your courage, but I don't think you'll get to test it today. If Ice-Heart was still around, we'd be frozen solid by now.
My guess? He got what he wanted and high-tailed it out of here. A shame, really. The outlying clans need those supplies."
The supplies from the caravan?
"Enough food and supplies to get the outlying clans through the winter. Without those supplies, the clans are going to starve.
Chief Bazrag went to track down the marauders and find the supplies. If he fails, I don't know what we're going to do."
How can I help?
"Search the area and see if you can find anything that even hints as to where the marauders disappeared to.
If you happen to pick up their trail, find Chief Bazrag. He'll know what to do."

As you leave, she'll say:

Ulsha : "Leave no stone unturned. Anything you uncover could prove useful."

Approaching her and Bazrag, you'll hear the end of their conversation:

Chief Bazrag : "The clan peasants? Are they on their way to Orsinium?"
Ulsha : "The soldiers escorted them and the wounded outsiders. They should be safe enough."
Chief Bazrag : "Safe enough isn't good enough. Go after them. I'll continue to look for the Winterborn and the missing supplies."

She'll then take off after the peasants.