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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Escort a supply caravan to the Wrothgarian city of Orsinium.
Zone: Wrothgar
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Stuga, Orsinium Messenger
Next Quest: For King and Glory
Reward: High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
Invitation to Orsinium
I received an invitation to go to Wrothgar and present myself to Forge-Mother Alga in the city of Orsinium. It appears that the Orcs of Wrothgar need some sort of assistance.
Forge-Mother Alga, in the name of the mighty King Kurog, invites you to test your mettle in the wilds of Wrothgar. To begin your journey, find Ambassador Lazgara in one of the following cities: Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, or Vulkhel Guard.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Stuga or travel to Wrothgar directly or accept the quest via the Collections tab.
  2. Talk to Ambassador Lazgara and travel to Wrothgar.
  3. Speak with the caravan members near Merchant's Gate.
  4. Rescue the Orc peasants.
  5. Find the stolen supplies.
  6. Speak to Chief Bazrag.
  7. Visit The Greedy Gut in Orsinium and inquire about the traitor.
  8. Find the traitor and confront them.
  9. Report to the city keep.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Journey to Wrothgar[edit]

You can start the quest in one of several ways:

  • Speak to Stuga at the alliance capital city and she will give you a personalized invitation.
She will run up to you in the quest-starting locations, saying "Do you know how long I've been looking for you?" If you speak to her, she'll hand over a letter:
"Greetings to you!"
A messenger delivered a letter to me. I think she wants me to read the letter.
"<The letter, from Forge-Mother Alga, King Kurog gro-Orsinium's mother, invites me and adventurers like me to come visit Wrothgar and the new city of Orsinium. Ambassadors wait in Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, and Vulkhel Guard to provide transport.>"
I'll look for the Orc ambassador.
After accepting the quest, if you talk to her, she'll only repeat, "Greetings to you!"
  • Go directly to the Merchant's Gate in Wrothgar and examine the dead messenger, who will happen to have a letter addressed to you.
<<player name>>,
Accept this invitation, carried by one of my most-trusted messengers, in friendship and respect. In the name of the mighty King Kurog, I bid you welcome and invite you to test your mettle in the wilds of majestic Wrothgar.
The Orsimer care not where your loyalties lie. Come help us rebuild the city of Orsinium and squelch the Winterborn menace. Aid the king in his worthy endeavors and riches and honors will be bestowed upon you.
I have sent Ambassador Lazgara to meet you and offer you transportation to Wrothgar. You can find her in one of the following cities: Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, or Vulkhel Guard. Look for her when you arrive.
I look forward to meeting you in person, as I've heard such wonderful accounts of your adventures. Present yourself to me when you arrive in Orsinium.
Forge-Mother Alga,
Orsinium, Wrothgar"

Rendezvous with the caravan[edit]

Go to the burning caravan near the messenger. You will see the Winterborn soldiers attacking what is left of the caravan, though they are quickly defeated. You can then talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow, who will fill you in on the situation. Winterborn attacked the caravan and stole the supplies, the caravan peasants went after them. Eveli will send you off to help Chief Bazrag, who has gone after the marauders. You can also talk to Kemaz along your way from the Merchant's Gate to the ambushed supply caravan, or other caravan guards next to Eveli Sharp-Arrow: Relvic Vashi, Kashia, Danual Saklin, Aroz'lai, Flies-In-Wind and Talviah Aliaria.

Victims of Urfon

Rescue the Orc peasants[edit]

Follow the road east, fighting the Winterborn along the way. Once you arrive at yet more broken wagons, you'll see some of the peasons and Mazrah covering behind them. Your task is to defeat the waves of the marauders that will begin to spawn. Once you're done, the quest will prompt you to rescue the remaining peasants as well. Go up to the ice cave to rescue the rest, but you'll discover that they've all been frozen. Ulsha, one of Bazrag's warriors, will be waiting there. She says this was done by the Winteborn leader Ice-Heart. He's long gone by now but the clans need the supplies from the caravan.

Discover the location of the stolen supplies[edit]

There are multiple storage crates scattered across the area, guarded by harpies and Olarz the Cunning. Search three boxes for the stolen supplies. Read the note to Ice-Heart from "Vulture," then take the note to Chief Bazrag. You'll come upon him just as he sends Ulsha to escort the surviving peasants to Orsinium.

Speak to Chief Bazrag[edit]

Talk to Chief Bazrag, who will grudgingly thank you for saving the peasants. He thinks you're a nosy outsider (yes, even if you're an Orc!) But he needs to stay and protect the gate, so he'll ask you to go to Orsinium and track down the stolen supplies. He suggests you to start at the inn, and keep an eye out for either Khajiit or someone with a lot of gold to spend. (If you talk to Eveli after this, she'll tell you she felt guilty about sending you after the Winterborn and was waiting around to make sure you were all right.)

Visit the inn in Orsinium[edit]

Go to Orsinium, find The Greedy Gut inn, and talk to Shulthog on the ground floor, who will happily tell you that he was recently paid. He's shocked to hear the gold might be illegal and offers to tell you how to find Gulug if you'll agree to "forget" the conversation (in other words, let him keep the gold). Gulug has been working with Khajiiti traders, and you can find him on the south side of the Merchant District or follow the smell of his rather awful perfume.

Find the traitor and confront them[edit]

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When you exit the inn you'll see a trail of green smoke. Follow it to a building just west of Haggler's Bluff, where you'll come across three Khajiit talking about Gulug: Dazshi, Karina, and Arusha.

Karina will tell you that Gulug headed east to the Residential District. Follow the green mist back the way you came; it'll vanish when you reach Ufgel's Bathhouse and Laundry. Enter the bathhouse and you'll overhear Gulug boasting about his fortune to Ufgel.

Go downstairs and confront Gulug in the bath. He'll first deny everything and then tell you that the money let him sell the tonics cheaply so the poor can afford medicine. Eventually, he'll tells you the supplies are at Frostbreak Fortress. RED CHOICE: You can threaten to report him to the guard, or promise to keep quiet since he's helping the poor. Either way, you can change your mind afterwards when you talk to the high priestess.

I'll tell the Guard about this. Don't try to leave town.
"Do what you will. My tonics are out in the city now, getting to the people who need them.
Sure, I won't be able to enjoy the rest of my gold, but I accomplished what I set out to do
If you're truly doing this to help the city, I won't report you to the Guard.
"Ah, it's good to meet like-minded individuals! You have my thanks.
The poor of this city can take comfort in knowing they can afford the tonics they need. I'll find a way to repay you, don't you worry about that!

Report back to the keep[edit]

Go to the front steps of the keep and talk to High Priestess Solgra, who will welcome you to Orsinium. Tell her what happened on your way here and that you know where the supplies are. RED CHOICE: You can choose whether to implicate Gulug or not mention him. (If you don't report Gulug, he shows up later in The King's Gambit.)

Gulug betrayed the clans. He says the supplies were taken to Frostbreak Fortress.
"You located the stolen supplies and uncovered our betrayer? Trinimac surely sent you to us in our time of need! Take this reward for helping our people. And you must present yourself to Forge-Mother Alga.
Look, here she comes now."
The Winterborn took the supplies to Frostbreak Fortress.
"You located the stolen supplies? Trinimac surely has sent you to us in our time of need! Take this as a reward for helping our people. And you must present yourself to Forge-Mother Alga and tell her everything.
Oh look, here she comes now."

Either way, Solgra will reward you and tell you to talk to Forge-Mother Alga, who will arrive up the steps as soon as you complete the quest.


  • Ambient music stops playing when at the wrecked caravan and the watchtower area nearby.
  • The Orc peasants and warriors don't exist at the tower near the caravan wreckage before reaching the related objective.
  • The note "To Warlord Ice-Heart" lacks the typical golden glow on it.
  • While the letter to the warlord is removed from your quest items when you show it to Chief Bazrag, it is referred as if shown later when confronting Gulug in the city.
  • High Priestess Solgra won't exist in the city before reaching the related objective.


  • Upon exiting the cave full of frozen Orcs, Chief Bazrag can be heard interrogating some Winterborn Reachmen, despite not being near the cave at all. ?
  • No quest marker appears over Karina (abover her model or on the map/HUD) during the objective to speak with her. The objective marker will instead move straight to the next area of the city you must follow the scent to, despite the active hint related to Karina. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Invitation to Orsinium
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I received an invitation to Orsinium and have been instructed to visit the Wrothgar ambassador in the city of Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, or Vulkhel Guard. I should speak to the ambassador when I'm ready to go.
Objective: Talk to Wrothgar Ambassador
Latest start Once I enter Wrothgar, I need to find the caravan.
Objective: Rendezvous with the Caravan
I need to find Chief Bazrag and help rescue the Orc peasants from the Winterborn marauders.
Objective: Rescue the Orc Peasants
The group of Orc peasants I rescued said that there was another group of peasants hiding in the cave near the waterfall. I should go rescue them as well.
Objective: Rescue the Remaining Orc Peasants
The Orcs in the cave were frozen by the warlord Ice-Heart. Chief Bazrag is attempting to recover the stolen supplies, though. I should look around and try to help him pick up the trail.
Objective: Discover the Location of the Stolen Supplies
I should find Chief Bazrag and show him the note I found that talked about the stolen supplies.
Objective: Show the Note to Chief Bazrag
Chief Bazrag asked me to try uncover the traitor and track down the stolen supplies. He suggested I start my search at the inn in Orsinium.
Objective: Visit the Inn in Orsinium
I should ask around in the inn and see if anyone can lead me to the traitor.
Objective: Ask About the Traitor
It seems that a trader who's friendly with a group of Khajiit has recently come into possession of a good deal of gold. He wears a very distinctive fragrance that should help me find him.
Objective: Find Gulug
There's certainly an odd smell in the air. I should follow the scent and see if it leads me to Gulug.
Objective: Follow the Scent
Objective Hint: Talk to Karina
I found Gulug in a bath house in Orsinium. I should confront him and find out what he knows about the stolen supplies.
Objective: Confront the Traitor, Gulug
I should go to the keep and let them know what I found out. Besides, the letter I received said I should present myself to Forge-Mother Alga when I arrive in Orsinium.
Objective: Report to the Keep
I see a Priestess of Trinimac welcoming adventurers to Orsinium. I should speak to her and see if she can direct me to Forge-Mother Alga.
Objective: Talk to High Priestess Solgra
Finishes quest☑ I told High Priestess Solgra where to find the stolen supplies, but I left out Gulug's name as the traitor. Now I need to see if she can direct me to Forge-Mother Alga.
Objective: Talk to High Priestess Solgra
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