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This version of the Champion system was in place until Update 29 was released

The Tower[edit]


Under the Thief's influence, the Tower raises your Stamina and makes you more efficient with Spells and Abilities.

Champion Abilities Effect
ON-champion-Star 01.png Bashing Focus Reduces the cost of Bash by [0-35]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Siphoner Reduces all resource restore effects of enemies you hit with Light or Heavy Attacks by [0-15]% for 3 seconds including potions, item sets and ability passives as well as Health/Magicka/Stamina regeneration. Only relevant in PvP.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Sprinter Reduces the cost of Sprinting by [0-35]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Warlord Reduces the cost of Break Free by [0-25]%.
Passive Unlocks Rank Effect
ON-champion-Star 02.png Ensnare 10 Grants a 33% chance to reduce an enemy's Movement Speed by 20% for 3 seconds any time you hit them with a bash attack.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Inspiration Boost 30 Increases Inspiration gains by 20%.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Mara's Gift 75 When killed heal all allies in a 8 meter radius for [x].
ON-champion-Star 02.png War Mount 120 Improves your mastery with mounts, removing all Stamina costs outside of combat.