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This article is about the quest. For the factotum, see The Precursor (NPC).

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Assist an Apostle in reassembling an ancient factotum with pieces from all across Tamriel.
Zone: The Clockwork City
Quest Giver: Assistance Needed for Factotum Experiment! outside the Clockwork Basilica;
Associate Zanon in his workshop
Location(s): Associate Zanon's Workshop, Mnemonic Planisphere
Next Quest: The Oscillating Son
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 6066
I read a bulletin from Associate Zanon asking for assistance with rebuilding a factotum. A reward has been promised in exchange for helping him collect a missing component.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Associate Zanon.
  2. Recover the Integral of Memory.
  3. Speak to the Precursor.
  4. Talk to Associate Zanon.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After speaking to Associate Zanon at his workshop, he will dispatch you to the Mnemonic Planisphere to recover the factotum's Integral of Memory. After recovering it and installing it into the frame, the Precursor will task you with locating the rest of its pieces that are scattered across the world. The Precursor will give a clue as to the location of a piece. These are somewhat vague, but do tell you the zone a piece is in.

Every single piece in Tamriel is located inside a Dwemer delve or quest location. They can be easily identified by the yellow sparkle aura surrounding them, which does generate a small amount of light too. They can be found anywhere within the ruins, so don't head straight to the boss room expecting it to be there.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Precursor
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should seek Associate Zanon in his workshop to inquire about the task.
Objective: Talk to Associate Zanon
The factotum's head contains a repeated message stating where to find its Integral of Memory. I should go to the Mnemonic Planisphere to find the missing component.
Objective: Obtain the Integral of Memory
I should bring the Integral of Memory back to Associate Zanon.
Objective: Talk to Associate Zanon
Associate Zanon has given me the honors of installing the Integral of Memory. I should do so.
Objective: Use the Framework to Install the Integral
I installed the Integral of Memory. I should see how the factotum head responds.
Objective: Talk to the Factotum Head
Finishes quest☑ I've spoken to the Precursor and have learned that the rest of the factotum's memory is contained in its other missing parts. I should speak to Associate Zanon about this development.
Objective: Talk to Associate Zanon
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