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Discover what the Imperials are searching for at Razak's Wheel.
Zone: Bangkorai
Objective: Razak's Wheel — Investigate the Imperial presence at Razak's Wheel.
Quest Giver: Body of an Imperial Researcher
Location(s): Razak's Wheel
Concurrent Quest: The Covenant Infiltrator
Reward: Razak's Opus
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 3841
Razak's Machine has spit out a strange Dwarven spider construct
I discovered a battered Dwarven construct that seems to have killed its Imperial caretaker. The Imperial's notes imply that they are searching for something within the Dwemer ruin at Razak's Wheel.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Examine the Imperial Researcher's body outside Razak's Wheel.
  2. Enter Razak's Wheel.
  3. Find Imperial Journal.
  4. Find keys hidden throughout the ruins.
  5. Enter Razak's Vault and investigate.
  6. Find Cog Mold.
  7. Create Dwarven Cog.
  8. Install Cog in Razak's Machine.
  9. Talk to Razak's Opus.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

In southwestern Bangkorai, a little south of Howler's Nook, lies a dwarven ruin called Razak's Wheel. Outside lies a dead Imperial Researcher, who can be found either by the road or closer to the entrance, and who can be examined for more information.

"<A dead Imperial lies in the sand, his skin blistered as if struck by lightning.>"
<Search the dead Imperial.>
"<Beneath the corpse lies a bundle of notes.>
"Day Seven: Damned dark in that cave. Under the sun, I can see the construct shows signs of dormancy rather than total failure.""
<Continue reading.>
""Day Eight: No sign of additional inscriptions. I'll need to look elsewhere for clues as to how to open the vault in Razak's Wheel.
This construct must hold some clue. I should take it apart. There's a loud buzzing behind one of its compartments.""
I should investigate Razak's Wheel and find out what the Imperials are doing.

Having finished inspecting the man's corpse, now you must find an entrance to the ruin to the southwest. Three Imperials stand between the researcher's final resting place and the entrance to Razak's Wheel. Once they are defeated and you have entered, it's time to investigate. Following the eastern passage, you will have to fight through several groups of Imperials until you reach the first big room. If the quest The Covenant Infiltrator hasn't been accepted or completed, Damrina will call to you for help upon entering the room.

To the south lies a document called Notes on Razak, which reveals that a Dwemer named Razak was very close to creating a fully autonomous construct before he died, one able to operate without a control rod and outside of Dwemer cities. The Imperials intend to find and recreate this device for applications in war, but are unable to enter the vault without the necessary three keys. Their searches so far have been unsuccessful.

With a goal now in mind, you will have to find the keys. The Mundus Key can be found by taking the eastern passage, then turning right into a dead end. You can search the anvil to find it. Once retrieved, head north to the next big room in the ruin. It's an outdoor area. On the east side of the area, just below the passageway to the east, is a small orrery. Search it to find the Aetherius Key. To find the final key, take the passage just north of the orrery, across the rickety bridge and north into another dead end. You will have to search the fountain there to find the Aurbis Key.

Once the keys are all collected, it's time to unlock the vault. Razak's vault is down the easterly passage from the fountain, through another outdoor area. Heading north along the path through the scrub, a great set of Dwarven doors sit in an alcove in the cliff face. The broken scraps of a Dwarven spider lay outside, and the charred, petrified corpse of a man lies on the ground before the doors, smoke still rising from his remains. Beside him lies a small notebook titled Notes on the Vault Door, giving more information. It appears the door will not open to any spell, whether it be Destruction or an unlocking spell. The door also features pictograms describing how the universe was created, according to Elven beliefs.

You can interact with the door to attempt to solve the puzzle. Using the knowledge gained from the book, you can then put the keys in the locks in the correct order. Using the wrong key at any time will cause you to be stunned for around two seconds and booted out of the dialogue.

"<The Dwarven door is tightly shut. Three keyholes sit at eye level, each with a corresponding symbol below: Mundus, Aurbis, and Aetherius.>"
<Use Mundus Key>
(You are forcibly ejected from dialogue and stunned)
<Use Aurbis Key>
"<You meet no resistance as you turn the key. Gears quietly move in the door.>"
<Use Mundus Key>
"<The second key turns smoothly. More gears move.>"
<Use Aetherius Key>
"<The final key gives little resistance. A latch audibly unlocks inside the door.>"

Now that the door to Razak's Vault is unlocked, you can enter. Inside are several Dwarven Centurions and lots of machinery, worktables, and diagrams. On the northernmost workbench sits a Dwemer Journal, and you can attempt to read it.

"<This journal is written in the fierce strokes of the Dwemer language.>"
<Attempt to decipher journal.>
"<The text contains Dwemer writing and alchemical symbols. A detailed diagram of a Dwemer machine accompanies the text. The device needs a final cog to be fully functional, and the diagram shows a design for the cog mold.>"
<Study the diagram.>
"<The diagram includes a map of Razak's Wheel, and seems to indicate that, if you can find the cog mold, you could create a cog using nearby machinery. The cog can then be used to complete Razak's machine in a chamber farther south.>"

Directly south of the book, on the other side of the column, sits an Ancient Dwemer Coffer. Opening it, you can retrieve the cog mold and take it to create the needed cog. Exit the vault and take the pathway south to a room full of Dwarven constructs. Directly across from your entry point is the machine used to forge the cog. Put the mold in the machine, wait a few moments while the machine does its work, and collect the completed cog from the base of the stairs. Heading south again through the passageway, you will end up in another room with a strange contraption in the middle. This is Razak's Machine.

Finally, placing the cog into the machine, a bright flash of white light blinds you temporarily as you are flung back several feet. Razak's Opus, a Dwarven spider, sits in front of it, seemingly waiting for you. Speaking to it, it will turn to face you.

"<The construct tilts left and right, like it's considering which way to go.>"
What are you?
"<The construct sits still for a moment, and then its legs activate as if they're preparing for motion.>"

You can then complete the quest and Razak's Opus wanders around for a moment before breaking down.



Completing this quest will grant you the Razak's Opus pet.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Mystery of Razak
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to find a way into Razak's Wheel.
Objective: Enter Razak's Wheel
I have made it inside Razak's Wheel and must now search for evidence as to why the Imperials are here.
Objective: Discover the Imperials' Goal
The Imperial translation journal implies that they seek to create and control Dwarven constructs designed by the ancient Dwarven master Razak. They cannot, however, find the three keys to open the door to his vault.
Objective: Find Aurbis Key
Objective: Find Second Key
Objective: Find Mundus Key
I've found all three keys to Razak's vault. I should open the vault.
Objective: Unlock Razak's Vault
Objective Hint: Read Notes on the Vault Door
Razak's Vault is open! I should investigate the unsealed chamber.
Objective: Investigate Razak's Vault
The journal I found indicated there was some sort of cog mold required to complete Razak's device. With any luck it's still somewhere nearby, and intact.
Objective: Find Cog Mold
I've found the cog mold. The Dwemer Journal included a map of the Wheel that emphasized a room to the south. I should take the mold to that chamber.
Objective: Manufacture the Cog
The Dwemer contraption formed a cog for me, destroying the mold in the process. I should retrieve the completed cog.
Objective: Collect the Cog
I should locate Razak's Machine and install the cog to see what happens.
Objective: Install the Cog in Razak's Machine
Finishes quest☑ Razak's Machine has spit out a strange Dwarven spider construct. It appears to be waiting for something.
Objective: Talk to Razak's Opus
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