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Decide the fate of a moon sugar farming family.
Zone: Khenarthi's Roost
Objective: Speckled Shell Plantation — Aid the survivors of the plantation fire.
Quest Giver: Officer Lorin or Azbi-ra
Location(s): Speckled Shell Plantation
Reward: Sugar Jacket of the Trainee
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: (?)
Azbi-ra and Zaban-ma mourn their father
A moon-sugar plantation suffered a terrible fire. The family in charge of the plantation needs a hand to recover from their tragedy.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Officer Lorin as she inspects Speckled Shell Plantation.
  2. Talk to Azbi-ra.
  3. Attempt to retrieve the alchemical tools from the burnt sheds.
  4. Talk to Zaban-ma.
  5. Follow his directions to your quarry on the beach.
  6. Return to Zaban-ma.
  7. Decide the family's fate.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


There is one achievement associated with this quest:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-food-Beer.png Skooma Watch 5 Intervene in all instances of skooma abuse on Khenarthi's Roost.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Family Business
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
A moon-sugar plantation suffered a terrible fire.The family in charge of the plantation needs a hand to recover from their tragedy.
Officer Lorin of the Thralmor is looking into the fire. She said that the plantation's owners might know more about the matter. I should talk to Azbi-ra.
Objective: Talk to Azbr-ra
Latest start Azbi-ra asked me to salvage any alchemical tools from the wreckage of her family's moon-sugar storehouses. She hopes to trade them for healing magic to save her father.
Objective: Salvage alchemical tools
Optional Step: Talk to Officer Lorin
Hidden Objective: Scorched Workbench
Hidden Objective: Smoldering Alchemical Tools
Hidden Objective: Charred Workbench
While searching for alchemical tools in the burned moon-sugar storehouses, I encountered a Khajiit named Zaban-ma. I should ask if he knows what happened to the plantation.
Objective: Talk to Zaban-ma
Zaban-ma discovered his sister Azbi-ra brewing skooma, a dangerous drug. He set the fire to destroy her alchemical tools. He saw his sister bury skooma on the beach nearby, and asked me to collect it for him.
Objective: Find the Skooma
When I recovered the skooma from the beach, I was attacked by a Crosstree Bandit. I should return to Azbi-ra and determine what should be done with the skooma.
Objective: Talk to Zaban-ma
When I returned to Zaban-ma, I encountered Officer Lorin again. She wants to speak with me. I should do so before I do anything with the skooma.
Objective: Talk to Officer Lorin
Officer Lorin believes I'm involved in a skooma-brewing operation. I need to decide whether to hand over the skooma or refuse to say anything.
Objective: Decide the Fate of the Family
I gave the skooma to Officer Lorin. I should speak with her and see what's going to happen to Azbi-ra and Zaban-ma.
Objective: Talk to Officer Lorin

I kept the skooma from Officer Lorin. She had no evidence and decided to leave Azbi-ra and Zaban-ma to mourn. I should give the skooma to Zaban-ma for disposal.

Objective: Bring the skooma to Zaban-ma