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Home Settlement Alten Meerhleel
Race Naga Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dead-Water Tribe

Sulosya is a Naga tracker of the Dead-Water tribe who currently lives in Alten Meerhleel and makes his living selling pelts and hides. He recently came across some of the victims of "The Skin Taker" and can be questioned for leads.

Related Quests[edit]


The Skin Taker[edit]

Depending on (?), Sulosya could greet you with:

"I've seen you. Yes, the friend of Xukas.
Beware. The roads surrounding Alten Meerhleel are no longer safe. I keep watch, but I am only one."


"You're a long way from home, ojel. Best tread carefully if you wish to return to it."

Either way, you can ask him:

Are you Sulosya? I was told I could find him here.
"My name carries far these days. Why do you seek me?"
I was told you found one of the Skin Taker's victims.
"More than one. Choglada, impaled on a pole near here. Zuti, hanging from a tree near Lilmoth. On display like dread warnings. They are pitiful trophies."
You don't seem impressed.
"There is no glory in killing a withered root and an unblooded child. This Skin Taker only preys on the weak and defenseless. Confronted by a warrior, they turned their tail in disgrace.
If we cross paths, I will not let them escape."
Someone got the better of the Skin Taker?
"Guhcin, one of my tribe, found the Skin Taker carrying another victim to display. The coward fled without a fight.
If this murderer interests you, speak to Guhcin in Dead-Water Village."
I was told you're a hunter. What do you make of the skinned bodies you found?
"Too clean, for one. Very little skin was left clinging to the muscle below. The Skin Taker works slowly. Their technique is one of cruelty, not efficiency. It could not be done safely in the field. This Skin Taker has a den."
Then there must be a trail that leads there. I'll continue my search.