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Spinner Benieth
Home Settlement Windcatcher Plantation
Location Near the Great Tree
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Spinner Benieth

Spinner Benieth is a treeminder looking after the Great Tree at Windcatcher Plantation.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

The Root of the Problem[edit]

Spinner Benieth can initially be found beneath the sickly branches of the Great Tree. As you approach he you can overhear her speak to the tree, "I hear your pain, old one. I'm doing what I can."

You can then ask the Spinner what is wrong with the tree.

"Windcatcher Plantation depends on the Great Tree, yet it sickens before my eyes. Our fates are like leaves in its branches."
What's wrong with the Great Tree?
"Do you see that strange miasma? It appeared on the Great Tree after the hurricane, like a sickness. I've done what I can, but I fear it's not enough."
Is there anything I can do?
"There's a cave directly beneath us. I called a spirit there to heal the Great Tree's roots, but it hasn't returned. Would you see what holds the spirit back, and aid it if you can?"
I'll help the spirit if I can.
"I can feel the spirit's frustration. It wants to help the Great Tree, but something prevents it."
How can I help the spirit?
"The spirit is old and powerful. It seeks to move from root to root, aiding the Great Tree as it's able.
But it's a healing spirit, of singular purpose. It doesn't know how to defend itself."
Is the spirit in danger?
"I'm uncertain. If so, the spirit must be protected from harm while it heals the Great Tree's roots. It knows what it must do."
What's so important about the Great Tree?
"The Great Tree shields Windcatcher Plantation from the winter winds and keeps out settlement shaded from the heat of the summer. Its story entwines with ours."
But how is it different from any other tree?
"When the wind goddess Khenarthi first traveled across the heavens, legends say she grew tired and rested in the branches of a small sapling before resuming her journey.
That sapling became the Great Tree, and gave Windcatcher Plantation its name."

After you have helped the nature spirit, Spinnder Benieth can be found just outside the entrance of the cave.

"Praise Y'ffre! The miasma has cleared. Yet I sense this begins a new chapter for the Great Tree.
Though the creatures gorged themselves upon its roots, this was a passing instinct. They can be taught to strengthen the Great Tree."
Are you sure the kwama won't harm the Great Tree?
"The kwama will soon learn the cave is their nest and treat the spirit as their queen. Together, they'll guard the cave against intruders who seek to harm the Great Tree.
A new story can frighten any creature, until it realizes its role within."

You will then recive some gold and the Rootsplitter as a reward.

If you talk with her afterwards, she will say:

"A great wind blew, and many ships were dashed against Khenarthi's island. But you strengthened the Great Tree, despite her anger! Windcatcher Plantation thrives once more.
May your actions show Khenarthi our goal is righteous. May she bless us with favorable winds."

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