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Image Name Cost Source Notes Description
ON-item-furnishing-Allaria Erwen the Exporter.jpg Allaria Erwen the Exporter This free-spirited merchant is happy to join your adventures and take excess loot off your hands; however, Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds are too bloody for her liking. When summoned, she will purchase any non-stolen goods you or your groupmates offer her.
ON-item-furnishing-Fezez the Merchant.jpg Fezez the Merchant 050005,000 Crowns This Alfiq merchant buys your non-stolen wares as often as you need him to—but not in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds, which Fezez avoids due to "considerations of extreme danger." When summoned, his services can be used by you and your groupmates.
ON-item-furnishing-Nuzhimeh the Merchant.jpg Nuzhimeh the Merchant 050005,000 Crowns This alert merchant is on hand whenever she's needed, and will buy any non-stolen goods you or your group offer her. She won't come to Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds, though—too dangerous. When summoned, her services can be used by you and your groupmates.
ON-item-furnishing-Pirharri the Smuggler.jpg Pirharri the Smuggler Achievement: Broken Wheel
(Thieves Guild)
This Baandari Pedlar is on hand whenever she's needed (except in Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds), and will fence any of your goods for you—but she'll take a cut of the profits. When summoned, her services can only be used by you.


  • Furnishings listed without a Source may not yet have been found in-game; while some of these may be rewarded through certain activities, such as fishing, theft, or pickpocketing, many are simply not yet available.
  • Items sold at the luxury furnishing vendor are sold during the weekend only, and are then replaced with new items the following weekend.