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Image Name Cost Source Notes Description
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Auridon.jpg Antique Map of Auridon
Other: Lead
One of the Summerset Isles, Auridon is painstakingly rendered on this map to the exacting standard of the College of Sapiarchs.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Bangkorai.jpg Antique Map of Bangkorai
Other: Lead
The entire region of Bangkorai is shown on this antique map, though much of the detail is focused on the daunting Bangkorai pass.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Coldharbour.jpg Antique Map of Coldharbour
Other: Lead
One might question the sanity of the cartographer of this map, but according to experts in planar travel, it's remarkably accurate.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Craglorn.jpg Antique Map of Craglorn
Other: Lead
The cartographer who worked on this antique map detailed the dry wastelands of Lower Craglorn and mountainous regions of Upper Craglorn with a deft hand.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Deshaan.jpg Antique Map of Deshaan
Other: Lead
The fertile plain of Deshaan stretches out on this artful map.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Eastmarch.jpg Antique Map of Eastmarch
Other: Lead
A master cartographer lent their skills to the crafting of this map of Eastmarch untold years ago.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Glenumbra.jpg Antique Map of Glenumbra
Other: Lead
This detailed map highlights the complex topography of Glenumbra thanks to the artistry of the cartographer who crafted it.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Grahtwood.jpg Antique Map of Grahtwood
Other: Lead
Careful attention was paid to marking the well-trod footpaths through the old growth of Grahtwood.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Greenshade.jpg Antique Map of Greenshade
Other: Lead
Nearly a work of art in itself, this map of Greenshade provides some insight into what the region might have looked like in an earlier time.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Hew's Bane.jpg Antique Map of Hew's Bane
Other: Lead
This rare map depicts Hew's Bane, also once called Khefrem's Boot, a peninsula on the south coast of Hammerfell.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Malabal Tor.jpg Antique Map of Malabal Tor
Other: Lead
The cartographer paid special attention to the coast and waterways of Malabal Tor when rendering this map.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Murkmire.jpg Antique Map of Murkmire
Other: Lead
The surveyor who succeeded in mapping the impenetrable marshlands of Murkmire made certain to note the migration of swamp leviathans.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Northern Elsweyr.jpg Antique Map of Northern Elsweyr
Other: Lead
The lands of Anequina and its majestic aqueduct are the subject of this skillfully illustrated map.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Reaper's March.jpg Antique Map of Reaper's March
Other: Lead
Skillful strokes create the boundaries and landmarks of Reaper's March on this map.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Rivenspire.jpg Antique Map of Rivenspire
Other: Lead
Somehow the cartographer behind this map accurately rendered Rivenspire in great detail through all its gloom and fog.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Shadowfen.jpg Antique Map of Shadowfen
Other: Lead
On this aged map, someone took great pains to depict the common paths and hazardous areas of the mire called Shadowfen.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Southern Elsweyr.jpg Antique Map of Southern Elsweyr
Other: Lead
The kingdom of Pellitine stretches out like a lazing senche on this artistically rendered map.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Stonefalls.jpg Antique Map of Stonefalls
Other: Lead
Though the ashfall may obscure the features of Stonefalls, the clear lines of this map are an able guide.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Stormhaven.jpg Antique Map of Stormhaven
Other: Lead
Even early maps of Stormhaven like this one show population centers, making the map a window into the past.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Summerset.jpg Antique Map of Summerset
Other: Lead
While one wouldn't want to use this map for navigation, given its age, it makes for excellent wall art.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of The Alik'r Desert.jpg Antique Map of The Alik'r Desert
Other: Lead
This map maker's aesthetic depicts the vast desert of Alik'r in gentle flowing lines, representing dunes that have long since shifted.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of the Gold Coast.jpg Antique Map of the Gold Coast
Other: Lead
Though this antique map doesn't note it, the Gold Coast was once called the Strident Coast.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of The Rift.jpg Antique Map of The Rift
Other: Lead
Despite its name, the sweeping temperate zone called the Rift is a hospitable place for Nords to come together, and this map points the way.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Vvardenfell.jpg Antique Map of Vvardenfell
Other: Lead
The vastness of Red Mountain is truly apparent in this scale map of Vvardenfell.
ON-item-furnishing-Antique Map of Wrothgar.jpg Antique Map of Wrothgar
Other: Lead
The treacherous mountains of Wrothgar are expertly depicted on this map, though safe passage through them is anyone's guess.
ON-item-furnishing-Dwemer Star Chart.jpg Dwemer Star Chart
Other: Lead
Show off your love of Dwarven astronomical knowledge by placing this wondrous star chart in your home.
ON-item-furnishing-Hanging Map of Tamriel.jpg Hanging Map of Tamriel 0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Tamriel Trailblazer
A well-worn map, clearly used on many a Tamrielic journey.
ON-item-furnishing-Map of Elsweyr, Hanging.jpg Map of Elsweyr, Hanging 0001000010,000 Gold
Vendor: Lathahim in Rimmen
Achievement: Northern Elsweyr Master Explorer
This map of Elsweyr, when hung on the wall, can help you plan your next adventure. (Plus you can point to it if someone asks you if you're lost in your own home.)
ON-item-furnishing-Map of Southern Elsweyr, Hanging.jpg Map of Southern Elsweyr, Hanging 000050005,000 Gold Achievement: Southern Elsweyr Master Explorer
Also called Pellitine, Southern Elsweyr features a port city, several Khajiiti sacred places, an artist's retreat, locations of a scurrilous nature, an Imperial citadel, and plenty of stories both brilliant and dark.
ON-item-furnishing-Map of Western Skyrim, Hanging.jpg Map of Western Skyrim, Hanging 0001000010,000 Gold
Vendor: Netinndel in Solitude
Achievement: Western Skyrim Master Explorer
From impressive heights to treacherous waters, the lands of Western Skyrim depicted on this map show almost invisible political boundaries as well—almost. Someone tried to hide them by mimicking the artistry of the original cartographer.

Datamined items with no known source:


  • Furnishings listed without a Source may not yet have been found in-game; while some of these may be rewarded through certain activities, such as fishing, theft, or pickpocketing, many are simply not yet available.
  • Items sold at the luxury furnishing vendor are sold during the weekend only, and are then replaced with new items the following weekend.