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Home City Daggerfall
Location Daggerfall Cathedral
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Priest

Pitof is a Redguard priest who can be found in front of the altar in the Daggerfall Cathedral. He spends his days giving sermons on the Eight Divines.


The following sermons can be overheard from Pitof:

"Akatosh on high, first of the Eight, provides wisdom. He blesses the crown of King Casimir and lends his symbol to the Daggerfall crest."
"When you feel the wind, know that Kynareth's breath strokes your cheek. Let Kynareth bless the start of every journey."
"Remember that you are never the first to deal with a problem. Let history and the wisdom of Julianos bring you the clever answers you need. "
"Young men and women often come to the cathedral to sooth their aching hearts. Let them beware Dibella. The fire in her eyes has a way of attracting the lonely and the lover alike."
"Remember that Arkay steers the cycle of life and death. He appears at the sunset of your life and provides the direction you need as darkness finally falls upon your existence."
"Thank Zenithar for the gold in your purse, but remember he is also responsible for the holes in a beggar's pocket."
"Young wives should always pay deference to Mara, for no child comes into this world without the goddess's blessing."
"No society stands after Stendarr has deserted it. Make offerings to the god of righteous rule so that Daggerfall remains strong and pure."