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ON-icon-achievement-Pieces of History.png Pieces of History
Type Dragonhold Achievements
Points 50
Needed for Hero of the Dragonguard
Furnishing(s) Khajiit of the Moons Replica (page)
Khajiit of the Moons (annotated)
Gather pieces of the priceless Khajiit tapestry, Khajiit of the Moons, to honor its history and inspire the citizens of Senchal.

Pieces of History is awarded for finding all 12 pieces of the Khajiit of the Moons tapestry, stolen by Alfiq thieves and scattered across Southern Elsweyr. All but the first one can be found before starting the associated quest. Clues to their locations can be found in the book The Many Threads, found as part of that quest.

Relic Clue Location Map
Nishzo's Tapestry Piece In a cave north of Senchal
(Only appears as part of the quest)
Amaffi's Tapestry Piece I see sly Amaffi, pretends as a priest
Black is his heart, no Height he will reach.
Inside Khenarthi's Breath Temple, south of Black Heights (map)
Oranu's Tapestry Piece The water is sweet so Oranu will say
Under the Moon, she will safely stay.
In the southernmost cave in Moonlit Cove (map)
Magpie's Tapestry Piece Look for Magpie, a thief on her guard
South to find her death, I hope it was hard.
Atop the tower on the south side of South Guard Ruins. (map)
Bufasa's Tapestry Piece Bufasa, always boisterous and loud
Home he will go, swaggering and proud.
Hanging on a wall on the south side of Pridehome (map)
Seleiz's Tapestry Piece Doom is the fate of the beautiful Seleiz
A heart of stone, quiet now 'neath the trees.
On the back of a shrine outside Doomstone Keep (map)
Hiijar's Tapestry Piece Happy Hiijar I will always remember
Though his bright cheerful light is only an
On the top floor of the Grand Lecture Hall in Forsaken Citadel (map)
Grastia's Tapestry Piece Old Grastia is now silent, alone on a hill
No wind to disturb her, no grist for the mill.
In a burned windmill in the Southern Dragonscour (map)
Dancer's Tapestry Piece Dancer always looks for a thrill
hides with thieves, for good or for ill.
Behind Meeh-Zaw's counter upstairs in the Senchal Outlaws Refuge (map)
Farro's Tapestry Piece Farro found a lonesome sentinel, silent and tall
A view extraordinary, but that is not all.
At the top of Marzuk's Tower on the southern shore. (map)
Kesta's Tapestry Piece Kesta, so secretive, but always a spy
She watches over a tower, from afar and on
Attached to a tree on a spit of rock where the river splits northwest of Senchal,
overlooking the West Sentry Tower.
Jarro's Tapestry Piece Jarro surprised me, returned to the city
Cold in the scaffolds, I give him no pity.
On a cot in the scaffolding in southern Senchal. (map)


This clue is not very helpful unless you know that the Forgotten Citadel was previously known as the "House of Embers" prior to release.
Dancer herself is found nearby, notably the only one of the thieves you can encounter alive (though quite drunk).