Online:Patch/Hotfix 2019/06/11

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Released on June 11 2019. It affects the following platforms: PC, Mac.

Hi everyone,

Many of you on PC EU have been running into issues over the past 24 hours, such as guild and friends lists not appearing, among other issues. This morning, we adjusted the guild history from 10 days to 5 days, and we also disabled the ability for addons to read guild history from the server. Note this will break some popular addons such as Master Merchant - we recommend turning off any addons that may utilize this feature. Both of these were done on PC NA and EU.

These changes should help the issues many of you have been running into, but we'll continue to monitor and make additional changes as necessary.

Just to update, the change we made to PC NA and EU earlier disabled all guild history, not just the addons utilizing it. This is not a permanent change, but a stopgap until we have a chance to identify and fix the core issue. Thanks for understanding, and apologies for any confusion this may have initially caused.

To update you on this issue, we're working on the in-game guild history and the guild history data utilized by addons. The current plan is to re-enable the in-game portion, but leave the addon functionality that use the guild history turned off for now. This is still a temporary solution until we are able to implement a better, more permanent fix. This change is planned for Monday's PC incremental patch.

Additionally, we want to clarify that although you aren't able to currently view guild history (such as gold deposits, which we understand is very important to many of you) we can confirm all deposits are still successfully going through, and you'll be able to view this history on Monday once we turn it back on. During this time, we'll also adjust the guild history back to 10 days. Thanks for your continued patience.