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Released on October 17 2016. It affects the following platforms: PC, Mac.

Hotfix 10/17/16 – Double Bloody Mara (PC/Mac Only)[edit]

We just completed a hotfix on the PC/Mac North American and European megaservers that solves an issue with the Witches Festival recipe, Double Bloody Mara. Werewolves who drank a Double Bloody Mara would be erroneously transformed into a Vampire, and would gain the negative effects without receiving the skill line. If you ran into this issue, please contact our Support Team and they can remove these unintended effects.

Moving forward, drinking the Double Bloody Mara as a Vampire will reduce your level of vampirism effect by one – similar to feeding off an NPC. In addition, all players who drink this will receive the normal food/drink buff and see an increase in maximum health and magicka.

You do not need to download a patch for this change to take effect. Thanks!