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Released on May 31 2016. It affects the following platforms: PC, Mac.

Hotfix with Downtime 5/31/16 (PC/Mac Only)[edit]

Today, we brought down the North American and European PC/Mac megaservers for an unplanned maintenance to address an item-related issue that was introduced with the Dark Brotherhood update. The nature of this issue involved some players missing specific equippable items from their characters, inventories, and/or banks upon logging into that character.

We have rolled out a partial fix to address this issue, and are working on a more comprehensive fix that will go into the next patch. You may encounter the following with some items until we deploy the full fix:

  • Tooltip item sell values may be incorrect
  • Item stats may be incorrect
  • Item color may be incorrect
  • Item appearance may be incorrect, as far as the quality of the item

Here is an example of what an impacted item looks like (correct on the left, incorrect on the right):

ON-patch-Hotfix 2016-05-31 01.jpg ON-patch-Hotfix 2016-05-31 02.jpg

When we release the client patch to fully fix this issue, your items will display all the correct values, stats, colors, quality, and appearance.

If you are one of the players whose item(s) are no longer on your character or in your inventory/bank, please contact our Support team while in the game—we will be able to check item logs and see what you're missing.