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Released on April 05 2017. It affects the following platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox.

Hotfix 4/5/17 - Anniversary Event Items[edit]

Hi everyone,

We just published a hotfix that has resolved two issues surrounding ESO's Anniversary Event:

  1. We fixed an issue where some of you were receiving an item that had no icon (it was simply a red box with a question mark). This is actually a recipe to craft a small furnishing item – specifically, either an Argonian or Redguard-themed box – that will be released in Update 14. We have since removed this item from the Anniversary Gift Boxes to avoid confusion. If you received one of these mysterious items, it will not be removed from your inventory, and you'll be able to utilize the recipe in June.
  2. We also fixed an issue where you would occasionally not receive an additional special item in the Anniversary Gift Box. Moving forward, you will now consistently receive crafting materials in addition to a second, rarer item. Note that rare, in this case, does not necessarily reflect the quality of the item, but is simply something that's not a basic material such as ore, bananas, etc. It could include a wide range of items including Nirncrux, Motif chapters, Style items, Furnishing materials, Alchemy reagents, and more.

This hotfix does not require a patch to download, and the changes have automatically been taken into effect.