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Location Village of the Lost
Race Dremora Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Projection
Overseer Grexev

Grexev is a Dremora Lord in charge of the border realm known as the Village of the Lost. Through his various dealing with mortals on Nirn, he caused several villages to be dragged into his realm at the behest of Molag Bal.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Holes in the World[edit]

While you will not meet him in person, you will witness memories of the daedric deals which lead to the settlements being brought to Oblivion:

The Dunmer village of Silver Run:

Rararyn: "It's done. They're all dead."
Grexev: "It's not enough. For what you're asking, I need more."
Rararyn: "How can I possibly deliver the whole village?"
Grexev: "Your village sits below a volcano. Volcanoes erupt. With the right prodding."
<Both fade away.>
Mezha-dro: "So that elf is a traitor! He's turned on his own people for profit! Must have something to do with the Dunmer village getting pulled into Oblivion. This one is glad to see even elves can make poor life decisions."

The Khajiit village of Khaj'yahai:

Majdi: "The floodwaters rise! Our deal is good then, yes?"
Grexev: "Yes. The village will be ours, and you shall have your gold."
Majdi: "Excellent! Now, how do I get out of here?"
Grexev: "That was not part of our deal. Enjoy your gold."
Mezha-dro: "Did you hear that? That Khajiit doomed her own village—she's the reason it is here! Must have made a pact with the Daedra! How awkward. In future dealings with the Khajiit, try not to think about her. Think of helpful Mezha-dro! Or someone better."

The Orc stronghold of Dushnikh's Shadow:

Grexev: "It is done. Soon, your father will be dead."
Begnar: "Then at last, I will lead."
Grexev: "You will, indeed, rule at last. When the rockslide swallows the entire stronghold."
Mezha-dro: "That Orc must have made a deal with that Dremora Lord. He betrayed his village, doomed it to reside in Coldharbour! Stupid Orcs and their stupid fights over ugly rock huts. Not that this one has anything against Orcs. Just stupid Orcs."

Soul Survivors[edit]

If you refuse to be sacrificed to free Suronii, Ugorz and Zirani, Overseer Grexev will appear after you kill them. Speak with him to end the quest.

"I am Grexev, lord of this border realm of Coldharbour. How pleasant to meet a mortal of your caliber so willing to kill three tormented souls.
You would make an excellent Daedra."
What do you want?
"What I wanted from you, I already got. An evening's distraction."
Then why are you here?
"I just need to finish my business with Suronii.
Suronii had ambition, but ultimately lacked the ability to see it through. You, however, intrigue me. You may take your leave—you've earned it."

After making your decision to save yourself, Grexev will deal with Suronii.

Overseer Grexev: "And as for you, Suronii: Trying to escape? I'm so dissapointed [sic]. After the lovely home I provided for you."
Suronii: "Just kill me and be done with it. I will never stop defying you."
Overseer Grexev: "Tempting. But I think you'll be far more entertaining suffering for millennia."
<He sets Suronii alight in cold fire.>
Suronii: "Arrrrrg!"
Overseer Grexev: "What a pleasant sound."

He will walk over to the edge of the cliff behind the mirror and stand there. Speaking with him again:

"Do not linger here.
The living who wander in my realm tend to become … lost."
What will happen to Suronii and the others?
"You needn't trouble yourself with such trifles. Go. Be free. Not all have the luxury of walking away from me."

Unused dialogue[edit]

This dialogue has since been removed from the game files.

"Do not tempt the wrath of a Dremora Lord. Smash the sigil stone upon the lense [sic] yourself, leave this place and forget these villagers. Do this and I will not dedicate myself to your ruin."


  • As of Update 6, you no longer have the option to refuse to help Suronii. Therefore, it is currently impossible to speak with Overseer Grexev's projection during Soul Survivors.