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There are several landmarks from TES V: Skyrim that have been recreated in ESO: Greymoor, but are not normally accessible. They are shown on the map, but not named in-game, so they are listed here by their names from TES V.


Skyborn Altar

Skyborn Altar[edit]

Skyborn Altar is a mountain peak east of Labyrinthian. It consists of a central altar structure and some separate pieces of stonework. These pieces can sometimes be seen from the road crossing Hjaalmarch from west to east.

Eldersblood Peak

Eldersblood Peak[edit]

Eldersblood Peak is a mountain peak west of Labyrinthian. Only a few stone pillars and pieces of stonework are modelled here. They can also be seen from the road below.

Deep Folk Crossing

Deep Folk Crossing[edit]

Deep Folk Crossing is a small Dwarven bridge over a western tributary of the Karth River, upstream from Karthald Great Lift.

Bleakwind Bluff, with the twin Sundered Towers (visited during The Blood of Old Karth) in the background

Bleakwind Bluff[edit]

Bleakwind Bluff is a tower far south of Karthwatch, which can be seen from the the nearby hilltop (near the Red Eagle Tower).