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Oblivion Damage is a type of magical damage. It cannot be resisted by any damage reduction effects. Fortunately, sources of Oblivion Damage are very rare, being found mostly as set bonuses. Note that Oblivion Damage is not subject to Critical Strikes, so it is less effective against lightly armored opponents but more effective against heavily armored enemies or enemies who are Blocking or using a Damage Shield.




The following sets either cause or synergize with Oblivion Damage:

Set Weight 5 piece bonus
Knight Slayer Light Armor Your fully-charged Heavy Attacks deal an additional 8% of an enemy's Max Health as Oblivion Damage. This can deal a maximum of 186-8000 Oblivion Damage.
Sload's Semblance All Damaging an enemy has a 10% chance to fire a Shadow Pearl at them, dealing 3% of the target's Max Health as Oblivion Damage every 1 second for 6 seconds. The Shadow Pearl cannot be reflected. Effect can occur every 6 seconds.

This can deal a maximum of 69-3000 Oblivion Damage per tick.

Champion Points[edit]

  • Occult Overload in the Warfare tree grants the following effect: "Whenever you kill an enemy under the effect of a status effect, they violently explode for 2000 Oblivion Damage per stage to all other enemies in a 4 meter radius."


There is no defense against Oblivion Damage.

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