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Help the Vinedusk Rangers repel the Colovian invaders.
Zone: Reaper's March
Objective: Vinedusk Village — Help the Vinedusk Rangers fight off the Colovian invaders.
Quest Giver: Scout Mengaer
Location(s): Vinedusk Village
Next Quest: Down the Skeever Hole
Reward: Gloo's Primer
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
"It's going to be a fiery mess. It'll be glorious!"
The Vinedusk Rangers are under siege by an invading Colovian force. They've offered me a chance to join the fight.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Captain Odreth.
  2. Find and talk to Glooredel.
  3. Light the sap vents in the villagers' homes, and save the villagers if you want.
  4. Return to Glooredel, and light the roots.
  5. Report back to Captain Odreth.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Find Scout Mengaer just outside the village, not far from the Vinedusk Village Wayshrine. She tells you that the Colovians are invading and have sent an elite force to the village. She doesn't seem overly concerned about the situation, but offers you the chance to pitch in nevertheless. If you want to help, you need to speak to Captain Odreth.

Captain Odreth's quarters are on the upper level of the command tree in the center of the village. The ladder entrance is on the northeast side. When you enter the quarters you will overhear Scout Herdor and Captain Odreth discussing the situation at hand. Odreth says that the enemy is being held back, but that the defending Rangers need to move on with the counterattack. Herdor, however, claims that they are not ready yet because the villagers are still on the run and because preparations for the next step are not yet finished. Speak to Odreth who explains that they have planned a two-pronged counterattack against the invaders. Firstly, to burn the Colovians out of the village, and secondly, to surprise attack them back at the Colovian camp. Your first task will be to find and aid Glooredel, the alchemical engineer, who is preparing for the first part of the counterattack.

Glooredel's laboratory is to the northwest. She is experimenting with a shalk, and it lights her on fire. Speak to her to learn about the plan. Glooredel will explain that the Rangers want to burn the Colovians out of the village by starting fire in the village houses' common root system. She provides you with a powerful Inferno Admixture to start the fire. You need to pour it into the urns in the villagers' homes and then return to Glooredel's workshop to light the roots on fire.

There are four sap vents to light, each located in the village houses on the eastern side of the village. Once inside a villager's house, the sap vents are glowing green. While lighting the vents you can also choose to rescue some villagers by attacking the groups of Highland soldiers around the houses.

Back in Glooredel's Workshop, she gives you a torch to light the roots and then quickly steps back to be at a safe distance. Use the alchemical igniter to the right of Glooredel to start the fire. There is an explosion, knocking you back. You can now report back to Captain Odreth. He thanks you for the assistance, rewards you for your help, and says that now is the time to strike back.

Quest Stages[edit]

Oath of Excision
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should speak with Captain Odreth, the leader of the Vinedusk Rangers. He can tell me how I can help his unit out.
Objective: Talk to Captain Odreth
Objective Hint: Wait for Odreth and Herdor
Captain Odreth asked me to speak with Glooredel, his unit's alchemical engineer, about their plan to drive the Colovians out of the village.
Objective: Talk to Glooredel
Objective Hint: Wait for Glooredel
I should use Glooredel's admixture to ignite the sap in the Vinedusk houses.
Objective: Burn the Sap
Optional Step: Rescue Villagers from Colovians: 0/5
I have primed the houses in the village. Time to meet up with Glooredel and ignite the village. She told me to meet her at her workshop in one of the large bulb houses, near the northwest edge of the village.
Objective: Meet Glooredel
Glooredel gave me the honor of lighting the root network. I should use the torch to ignite it.
Objective: Ignite the Roots
Hidden Objective: Interact with Igniter
Objective Hint: Wait for the Explosion
I should report back to Captain Odreth about the success of the mission.
Objective: Report to Captain Odreth
Objective Hint: Wait for Odreth to Finish Conversation
☑Finishes quest I need to finish reporting to Captain Odreth about the mission.
Objective: Report to Captain Odreth