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Home City Lilmoth
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Noble

Norrareth is a Bosmer noble who can be found outside The Lusty Argonian Footman in Lilmoth, sitting at a table with Pengaenion. She has traveled all over Tamriel before arriving in Murkmire.


"The Argonians I've met are so wonderfully silent. Why, I can talk for hours and they never interrupt, never once! They just occasionally flick their tail or tilt their head.
Such a silly race, don't you think?"
"I've been all over Tamriel, you know.
Orsinium was nice, but a bit too … barbaric. Morrowind was lovely, if not for every other Dark Elf calling me a fetcher. And Summerset? Beautiful, but far too politically charged for my tastes."
"The Argonians here are just so droll. Insult one today, and they'll have forgotten by tomorrow. They're so … bestial in that way, don't you think?"
"Black Marsh has so many trinkets lying around, haven't you noticed? And the Argonians here don't seem to care about them one bit.
Ah, well. More souvenirs for the rest of us, I suppose."