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Location Vineshade Lodge
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Mindileth is a Bosmer alchemist found at Vineshade Lodge in Grahtwood. Jee-Lar sends you to obtain ingredients that Mindileth can brew into anti-venom potions for Cyrodilic Collections' expeditions to Murkmire.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

"You're Jee-Lar's partner, right? Said he'd send somebody with guts, and that about sizes you up. Hope he's right.
Did you bring the stuff I need?"
I brought all your ingredients.
"Woah, that's an interesting collection of smells. This stuff is nasty. Let me mash it up a bit.'
Mash it up a bit?
"Yup. Helps it go down.
There you go. Just about ready. Take that over to the cauldron and get chugging. Bottoms up!"
You want me to drink this?
"Of course. You're the last ingredient. Mix it up a minute in your bubble, then heave it into my bubbler. I'll handle the rest."
I hope you're right about this.

If spoken to before she'll say "Go on. Drink up! Might want to hold your nose though. Friendly tip."

If you successfully heave into the cauldron, she will say "Done like a professional! Enjoy a little tipple now and again, eh? You did great. Tell Jee-Lar he'll have another batch soon."

If you fail to hurl into the cauldron and puke on the ground instead, Mindileth will go "Oh... missed it, did you? Fine, I'll find a bucket, I guess. Tell Jee-Lar he'll have this batch as soon as I've separated the sediment."

She can be asked about the long-term effects the mixture will have on your body.

"A bit like riding a shark through a cyclone isn't it? Little dizzy, little queasy, feeling lucky to be alive, and maybe considering another go.
Tell Jee-Lar I should have his anti-venom soon as I've strained out the chunky bits."
Am I going to be okay?
"Sure, sure. Once you rinse your mouth out, your teeth will never feel cleaner. Your breath'll still kill an ox at ten paces, but only for a day or so."
Why did you want me to drink that?
"All part of the process. Adding your juices to the mix helps the reagents dissolve into a solution. Been trying to recreate the effect in a flask, but it just curdles and ruins the whole batch.
Sometimes traditional methods are best."
Couldn't you have done this yourself?
"Oh, sure. I almost enjoy it at this point, but more than once a day would give you an ulcer. Not the best idea to be chugging venom with a hole in your gut.
Always in need of a spare stomach if you're up to it tomorrow."
I'll keep that in mind.