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Create an anti-venom for Cyrodilic Collections' trips to Murkmire.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: Jee-Lar
Location(s): Stormhold, Grahtwood (Gil-Var-Delle, The Gray Mire, The Scuttle Pit)
Prerequisite Quest: The Cursed Skull
Reward: Cyrodilic Collections Daily Contract Recompense
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6255
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
"Luckily, I know a brilliant Wood Elf alchemist named Mindileth. She makes a really good-good anti-venom!"
Jee-Lar informed me that a Wood Elf named Mindileth knows the recipe for a particularly potent anti-venom. This brew may prove vital for the company's explorers in Murkmire. Apparently, the ingredients—and Mindileth—can be found in Grahtwood.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Gather the ingredients for the anti-venom.
  2. Help Mindileth make the anti-venom and return to Jee-Lar.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Your task is to obtain some ingredients for an anti-venom for Cyrodilic Collections to use on their expedition to Murkmire. Spider Venom Sacs can be found on the corpses of spiders in The Scuttle Pit, a delve in eastern Grahtwood. Gather 5 of them either by slaying spiders or finding them off the corpses of already dead spiders. Gloom Morel is found in Gil-Var-Delle, inside the dead Graht-Oak where the Dark Anchor is. You can find the mushrooms growing in the ash by the petrified trees. Barbleberry bushes, which you can obtain Barbleberry Juice from, are found on the coast south of the Gray Mire Wayshrine, near the sea.

Once you have all of the components, find Mindileth. She is located at Vineshade Lodge, near the cooking fire and the woodworking station. She will concoct an Anti-Venom Slurry, which she will instruct you to drink. Drink it, and vomit into Mindileth's cauldron, then make your way back over to Jee-Lar for your reward and to explore the bleak possibility of worker's compensation.


  • If you let enough time pass without vomiting into the cauldron, you will instead vomit onto the ground. Mindileth will be slightly displeased, but this will not change the outcome of the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

Anti-Venom Agitation
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I should track down the reagents Mindileth needs to create her anti-venom: gloom morel, barbleberries, and the venom of Scuttle Pit spiders.
Objective: Gather Spider Venom Sacs: 0/5
Objective: Gather Barbleberry Juice
Objective: Gather Gloom Morel: 0/2
I gathered the various reagents for Mindileth's anti-venom. I should deliver the items to her.
Objective: Talk to Mindileth
Mindileth insisted that I drink the noxious slurry she created. Bottoms up?
Objective: Drink the Anti-Venom Slurry
My guts are on fire! I need to make my way to the nearby cauldron and throw up into it.
Objective: Vomit Into the Cauldron
Finishes quest☑ I gave Mindileth the contents of my stomach to create the anti-venom. I should talk to Jee-Lar about payment for the services I provided.
Objective: Talk to Jee-Lar
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