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Location The Vile Manse
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Spinners

Melrethel is a Bosmer spinner trapped in the Vile Manse.

Related Quests[edit]


Missing dialogue inside the manse

"Lives that have passed from the planes only go on in the memory of the living—and their stories only live so long as there are those who tell them.
Inspect the relics if you wish—each contains a story I can tell."

Point to the Cracked Hourglass:

"Melrethel :
Thara lived her life by the hourglass. She scheduled everything. She had a place for everything. Her life was order—some jested she was switched with an Altmer child at birth. With order came happiness for her. Graccus ended both."

Point to the Family Lute:

"Melrethel :
Norvir loved this lute, but never played a note. Every day he came home from the market to stare lovingly at the lute. 'Some day,' he thought, 'When I retire, I will have all the time to play.' That day came—but so did Graccus."

Point to the Wooden Mug:

"Melrethel :
Fardel was never far from this mug. After the death of his wife to plague, he found comfort only in drink. He was loved and supported, but never escaped the darkness. He lived a life of quiet melancholy. Graccus ended that quiet. Ended everything."

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